Review headphones Sol Republic AMPS HD

Review headphones Sol Republic AMPS HD


In the U.S., these headphones are worth $ 99 , we have – about 5000 rubles. Should I buy such a substitution for technology EarPods Apple, or look at something else? Worth it! This is the second review of Sol Republic on our site, and brand products make me more and more interest .

Design, construction

Headphones come in a cardboard box with a flap valve , in general, everything is standard . Of non-standard – pouch included with clip , can be attached to a backpack or bag (or jeans ) . Case packing and look quite normal, nothing to complain about . Even the headphones also made ​​qualitatively . This model comes in two flavors , regular and AMPS AMPS HD, first used in other Sound Engines ( in the terminology of the company ) , they cost thirty dollars cheaper . I liked the design , the sound is decent, but the HD version of it better if willing to pay , it is better to choose viewed headphones.

The model comes in three colors : gray, black and blue , as can be seen , there is a transparent insert, it revitalizes appearance. On the inside, matte plastic is used , the tracks here are left. Conventional nozzle , you can find these in any store . I recommend spending a little time and find the right tips to not get lost and not pressed – it significantly affects the sound quality . For convenience of wearing no claims, miniature cups fit well and do not fall out , even during sharp movements.

Cable – noodles, not confused , even if headphones crumple and stick in your pocket . Lots same cable , throw on the neck does not work, just below the jumper is remote.

remote Control

On the block with a microphone has three buttons , they are pretty big , very convenient to use blindly . Multi-function button (marked Sol) sticks out a little . Sophisticated design – very convenient to control playback. Control unit works with any device Apple, whether iPhone or MacBook, tried with all his gadgets , no problems . Headphones suitable for other equipment (Android, notebooks based on Windows), but it is better to buy such devices for Apple, that functionality is not wasted.

sound quality

Right now I’m listening to this one track with headphones AMPS HD paired with the iPhone 5S, caught first

A little soap vocals , good treble, bass lacks clarity , but overall the picture is good , music is a sort of layers , which is not particularly noticeable in EarPods. Volume level too high , the model is quite versatile.

I remembered an ulterior motive here EarPods, even in the conclusions to this return. Here’s another track

And again the same nitpicking , but very cool to feel those same layers – and this is a small plug-in headphones. Indeed, Sol Republic did a great job , deserves praise. Most importantly , the music captures this effect is highly dependent on “ears” .

In the U.S. model costs $ 99 on the official website , the price is decent , and just as Sol Republic AMPS HD and should cost . That’s straight to the point . Unfortunately, the Russian model for asking about 5000 rubles, and the money is not the best buy . Especially considering the fact that the brand is familiar to few people . Again, in the U.S. Sol Republic are found in nearly every store where they sell audio – overhead and in-ear headphones , speakers , limited version. And in Europe too. Maybe you should not bully the price ? It will scare many , and not try to make . Especially for the money you can buy a plug-in Beats, not to mention the fact that for five thousand , you can select interesting AKG, Sony or something.

So, why is it good for a hundred dollars ? I see a very clear scenario man bought iPhone, uses EarPods, wants to move on. Or broke / lost complete headphones. Can probably buy something a little more expensive . But slightly more expensive . And if he tries Sol Republic AMPS HD, then immediately understand – they are much better the sound , it is convenient to control ( more stupid ) , the cable is not confused , complete a normal case , and even with a clip . That is, it is a great buy. But not for five thousand and one hundred dollars . Although I always forget that the rate has grown and now is not such a serious difference – so if you are looking for good in-ear headphones for technology Apple, note the Sol Republic AMPS HD. Do not regret.