Review headphones Sony MDR-XB920

Review headphones Sony MDR-XB920


Package Includes:

  • Headphones
  • Replacement cables (one with remote control)
  • Documentation

On the official website writes: “The Balanced bass regardless of your preferences in music: flexible front and rear of the diaphragm together create a smooth bass and clear.” In fact, the picture is not so happy …

Design, construction

I do not know exactly which model it is possible to start the count, but in the line of Sony now always have one model dedicated to low frequencies. And yet it is relatively inexpensive, I do not remember last series was called, but there was a price in the region of five thousand, maybe even a little cheaper. What do you remember? I remember very comfortable “cushion” – the ear cups, and remember that the bass was rife.I remember that it was a cheap and cheerful accessory for laptop, you can listen to at any time, especially encouraged to apply if needed music for background. Open the SoundCloud, launches the first track or mix work three hours in a row, then somehow come off and go drink coffee or a snack.

However, give more details about the Sony MDR-XB920. Headphones come in a regular box, wondering what in komlekte two cables, one regular and one with remote and mic, remote works with the Sony Xperia Z2 without any problems, you can communicate, you can put on pause tracks and run again, and worked not only with built-in player, but with SoundCloud. Appearance headphones can assess, look aggressive on the cups – the lining of metal on top of the headband – logo Sony, cups move, aim to make original. On the left cup – cable connector, insert it and turn. A bit unusual that such large headphones can be folded – do not become less, but carried in your bag much easier. By the way, here are flat cables, not confused, but if the cable suddenly turn into a ball, it is easy to lead to the initial state.

There are two versions: silver with black and silver with red. Both look quite good, the black ear pads completely black, and red lining in gray leatherette, on the inside of the headband – red material.

Construction in headphones is not easy, many details to someone they resemble ancient stereo Sony (!), A friend of mine told me that like a dog Aibo. I do not know what it was. In any case, sonystyle here is, the same model looks cool and with a proprietary smartphone and iPhone 5S, MacBook Pro 15 Retina. I only slightly confused silver finish, not faded like – and do not even put a set of cover fabric. It’s a shame.


As in the previous model, there is not even the ear cups, and “cushion”, completely cover the ears, passive noise isolation at a good level.Headband is not too tight and no pressure, wear model can be very long. One drawback, if the room is stuffy ears can sweat even though I no such effect was observed.


To start – Characteristics, took from the official website as it is:

  • 50 mm speaker
  • 3000 MW
  • Frequency 3 – 28 000 Hz
  • Sensitivity 106 dB / mW
  • The impedance at 1 kHz 24

A lot of bass, listening to the first 15 MBP Retina, had to immediately turn down the volume to half, otherwise bass clog everything else. Feeling like a party where very poorly tuned sound for endless “boom-boom” hiding everything else. On the iPhone 5S easy to play with the equalizer in the player, and then it turns out that the king is naked: the sound of the unassembled, some faded, lacking brightness and liveliness. This model is just to listen to music in the office, protection of colleagues here and really do not hear anything, even if you call loudly from a distance of three meters.

Okay, let’s go back to the low frequencies. Bringing equalizer place. What happens? Bass loose, with some metallic echo, which tracks have listened, in what capacity, or that only tried it – alas, these headphones do not help. You Sony MDR-XB920 like only if, prior to that there were no overhead models in general and ear came the huge bear.

Alas, iPhone 5S and Sony Xperia Z2 picture is about the same. Uninteresting.

Among others listened and now this mix.


Bright design, very comfortable fit, the headphones work fine with the iPhone and Sony Xperia Z2, probably, and other devices based on Android too. In the retail can be found for about 3600 rubles, there are cheaper and more expensive. I did not like the sound at all, alas, the story about the deep bass – only marketologicheskaya tale, and you will understand it immediately, if it is not your first “monitors.” Low frequencies are dirty here, not only at high volume, except the bass generally do not tell. Who needs such happiness, I’ll never know.

However, if you do not trust my opinion (and what reasons can be trusted when it comes to such an intimate matter as sound) – listen, well, and then decide to spend money or not.