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Review Huawei P9 Plus (VIE-L29) smartphone

Recently, many manufacturers began to produce several variants of its flagship devices: LG G5 and LG G5se, HTC 10 and HTC 10 Lifestyle, Huawei P9 and Huawei P9 Plus and others. This is due not only to the economic prerequisites, but also from a marketing point of view: as a rule, at first appears, and is available for sale “stripped down” version of the phone, and then – “complete.” Thus, users can buy on the first wave of novelty, and the second – on the basis of a clever performance. However, I could be wrong.

Huawei P9 Plus Smartphone – a “pump” version of the conventional device P9. At first glance, there is practically no difference: the same processor, same screen resolution, shape and location of components, system, etc. Actually, so I thought, until the review is not sent P9 Plus. In practice, it turned out that this is a completely different gadget, if we are talking about the use of and the tactile sensations of the smartphone.

Official cost Huawei P9 online store – 39 990 rubles, and P9 Plus – 49 990 rubles. Is it worth it to pay 10,000 rubles for the version with a “plus”, will learn from this review.

Huawei P9 Plus: Design, size, controls

External differences in P9, and P9 Plus is practically no: the shape of the body is one, all elements except the IR transmitter on the top, are arranged equally. Therefore, the appearance of the detail will not stop.

Much more important, as the machines are felt in the hand. In my opinion, P9 Plus much nicer in your hand due to the fact that there is metal on top as though covered with a glossy layer. In similar situations, I would say that this cover is clearly to anything, but this model with a surface I like: First, metal, and second, playing the lovely light and resembles the glass. At least something new.

Review Huawei P9 Plus (VIE-L29) smartphone

Agree that smartphones with brushed metal cover and a chrome rim huge number among the top gadgets and among supercheap Chinese handicrafts.

Of course, it is best to take themselves to P9, and P9 Plus is hand, he borrowed at least a few minutes to figure out which option is closer to you. However, once again, the impression of P9 Plus more enjoyable in my opinion.

Dimensions of steel more than that it is no wonder – 152.3 x 75.3 x 6.98 mm and weighs as – 162 grams. The increased size and weight does not impact negatively on the design ergonomics.

Currently in Russia P9 Plus is only available in gold color. The network saw a gray and dark gray versions. When they are available, it is still unknown. Power button (including phone, activate the backlight) ribbed, according to Kant is marked in red.

Huawei P9 Plus: Display

This device uses a screen whose diagonal is 5.5 inches (in P9 – 5.2 inches). The physical size – 68h121 mm top frame – 14 mm, bottom – 15 mm left and right – of about 3 mm. There is anti-reflective coating, quite effective.

Review Huawei P9 Plus (VIE-L29) smartphone

P9 Plus Display Resolution of Huawei – FullHD, ie 1920×1080 pixels, aspect ratio – 16: 9, the density – 423 pixels per inch. AMOLED matrix – a significant difference from the normal version P9, since it is IPS.

The maximum brightness of white color – 400 cd / m2.

Matrix is not the best brightness, high contrast saves through the use of AMOLED-matrix. The viewing angles are maximum, the only gripe – at certain angles, the picture may green – the typical behavior of this type of screen. Structure PenTile virtually invisible.

The Huawei P9 Plus now has a Press Touch (in Meizu Pro 6 is called 3D Press), which is similar to 3D Touch from Apple. When you slide your finger over certain elements of the interface device detects the pressing force. Depending on that displays a variety of information. For example, if a force to press the icon “Phone”, will be an additional menu with a choice of a favorite contact. Moreover, you can elect to make a point by setting an asterisk. The bottom line is that when you press a strong start was the chosen item. Conveniently.

The chip is cool, but not much else. There is hardly a large number of programmers to develop applications just for this model.

Review Huawei P9 Plus (VIE-L29) smartphone

Huawei P9 Plus: Battery

This model uses a non-removable lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery capacity of 3400 mAh. It seemed to me, P9 Plus runs a little longer P9, but not much.

In my mode gadget functioned half day: an hour of calls, the constant synchronization with Wi-Fi (every day from 9.00 to 01.00, twitter, e-mail, Skype, votsapp), 4-6 hours of LTE. Glow screen in this mode – 4-4.5 hours.

With games the situation is slightly worse: battery lasts 4-5 hours of continuous “battle.” Video device “cool” up to 10 hours (HD).

Review Huawei P9 Plus (VIE-L29) smartphone

Huawei P9 Plus: Memory and memory card

If Huawei P9 modifications were already three pieces, the P9 Plus is sold only in one – 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB internal Flash-memory. In addition, it is possible to insert a microSD memory card up to 128 GB.

Huawei P9 Plus: Cams

Because here uses the same basic modules of cameras, I suggest to read about them in the material about P9.

The only difference is in the front unit. The P9 Plus, he has not only a high-aperture optics F1.9 (official data and various applications by EXIF say F2.4 aperture), and auto focus. It would be possible to give a detailed description of the shooting conditions, to talk about the detail of noise and artifacts. However, easier to express the impression of “frontalki” as follows: the best selfie camera at the moment!

Videos front camera records only in HD resolution at 30 FPS with autofocus.

Review Huawei P9 Plus (VIE-L29) smartphone

Huawei P9 Plus: Performance

As the “heart” of the device acts as a chipset of its own production – HUAWEI Kirin 955: 64-bit, 8 cores (4h2,5 GHz A72 + A53 4h1,8 GHz), graphics Mali-T880. I think we should not talk about what P9 Plus very fast and bug free. No problems with games and other applications on the phone no. When loaded metal body is heated slightly (up to 41 degrees and in toys to 36 – during normal use), but not in the oven transforms.

Huawei P9 Plus: Multimedia

It is worth mentioning that the Huawei P9 Plus is equipped with two stereo speakers. The first is located at the bottom of the device, and the second – a voice. If you hold the smartphone vertically, the sound comes out only from the lower to the speaker, and if you turn the phone on its side, the lower the speaker to be used as a subwoofer, the top – as a tweeter. In tandem they provide stereo sound. High volume, high quality – one of the best mobile devices in sound.

Review Huawei P9 Plus (VIE-L29) smartphone


If you are looking for a flagship smartphone, at the moment there are a few suggestions: Apple iPhone 6S Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, HTC 10, LG G5 and Huawei P9 Plus. When people ask me what the top-end smartphone to buy, I say – Galaxy S7. Why? Because it looks good, fast, better screen, better camera. However, most often get the opposite answer, they say, the Samsung does not want to for various reasons (from “Let continue to make washing machines” to “paid up response”). Then I suggest you look to the Apple iPhone. But here, in response to flying words like “this” apple “products annoys me.” The company Sony, unfortunately, I am personally not surprised by anything the last couple of years, with the LG unit G5 is also slightly missed the mark with the positioning device, and OnePlus, Xiaomi and Meizu – at a great lover, and the average consumer does not know anything about them. What remains? That’s right – HTC 10 and Huawei P9 Plus.

Are the gadgets equally – 50 000 rubles. About HTC I can not say anything nor bad nor good, because not used, but only on the characteristics to evaluate properly.

So, Huawei P9 Plus unit can be considered as an alternative to the flagship “in the ear”: do not like Samsung and Apple, do not trust HTC – then buy P9 Plus. cute smartphone has a good screen, high quality camera (selfie – the best), the pleasant sound of the stereo speakers, a full set of parameters: a memory card, two sim-cards, NFC, LTE Cat 6, IR transmitter, UBS Type-C, triple antenna, fingerprint sensor and finger function Press Touch.