Review JBL Everest Elite 700 headphone

Review JBL Everest Elite 700 headphone

Review JBL Everest Elite 700 headphone

Remember JBL Everest 700? Recent Company headphones, wireless, in general good, but with many reservations. Now imagine that the same headphones pushed all the latest developments and JBL called product JBL Everest Elite 700. What happened, tell the review…

Design, construction JBL Everest Elite 700

The box is big, a little surprised that the headphones are “fastened” to the paper substrate by means of a transparent tape, it had to work hard to lift them up and tear in the right place. Generally, only Apple and Sonos can do without packaging trolling, where everything is clear, transparent and simple: tear off there, tear off here, now you had the thing in his hand. At JBL is not so, you want to listen to headphones – first fight.

Externally, the Elite version does not differ from the younger version of conventional Everest 700 – the same “triggers” for device management, minimalistic design contours, as in many other headphones, matte plastic. In general, big headphones without pretensions to originality or material, mostly plastic, guides the risks are made of metal. Headphones fold, but still it is a great design for carrying in a bag in the kit has a cover. Channel designations within the cups, which is very correct, a large inscription on the headband JBL. This model is available in black and white, the black version of the blue headband (lower part).

Dimensions can appreciate in the photo, to the assembly no major complaints, some samples may extend tire on headband, check with the purchase (some percentage of defects is always there). Wearing headphones comfortable, I note that the ear pads from imitation leather here, too headband made of artificial material.

Review JBL Everest Elite 700 headphone

Management and layout is like JBL Everest 700. The main thing you need to know about the look – everything is very simple and austere. They sit well, but you want a holiday, right? When you pay for the headphones of 24 000 rubles, I want to salute, to joy, an incredible feeling! Alas, JBL Everest Elite 700 no fireworks and no Christmas, boring gray days, the designer thought so, his boss was on vacation and endorsed the work of the slave, the second eye watching the new series “Game of Thrones.”

Application JBL Everest Elite 700

The program for iOS / Android called My JBL Headphones, first you need to turn on the headphones, by pressing the button on the right in the center of the cup. Then as usual, you connect to the device, download the program (to be notified). Then, the utility offers personalized headphones in several steps, the first made some calibration, and then you move on to the Noise Reduction menu. There are several interesting points:

Sound Calibration inside the headphones, it should be done before use, the sound in the cups is optimized for your ears, and cool trick really works – the volume appears after calibration (easier to say so). That’s what I really liked it! Official description: “The main feature of JBL Everest Elite 700 and Everest Elite 300 – Trunote technology that is designed to make headphones sound the most personalized and give the opportunity to immerse themselves in the music. In each plate, two built-in microphones measure the frequency characteristics of the reflected sound waves, with the help of special software filter to neutralize any distortions in sound perception. This process occurs within a few seconds. ”

Awareness mode, as the eponymous perk in Call of Duty, headset microphones amplify ambient noise, allowing you to talk with someone, without taking off the headphones. That’s just not quite understand why it paid so much attention. Well the truth why there are three levels of adjustment – if I’m waiting for the flight announcement, let it be passed headphones human speech. Well, or even would be a separate button on the cup. In principle, it can be programmed, but in the real world Awareness is unlikely to be appreciated by customers – it seems to me difficult for people to explain such complicated things.

You can also adjust the noise reduction level for each channel – move the sliders to the left / right, the left cup of silence in the right hear the children in the street far below. Interesting. But I repeat once again, taking on arms every feature you need a hundred times to answer the question “Why?”, Then I can not answer why this is necessary.

Review JBL Everest Elite 700 headphone

You can turn off the system active noise cancellation at all – at the expense of device cups then a good passive noise reduction, you can hide from the noise, even if the battery ran out of charge.

The program has the ability to select a preset EQ, jazz, vocals, bass (I think this the best), create your own – please note that there is a subtle setting for high, medium and low frequencies. It is very good.

Among additional settings JBL Everest Elite 700

Updating the headset via the app, it comes with Bluetooth and takes a few minutes – but better that than to look for the cable. In my case, the update was interrupted for some reason, there was a message that the process is stopped and started again. After that, about half an hour the program is trying to do something, but then took off. When you try to start it again, it flew again. I recall it happened on the iPhone 6S Plus and a version of the utility for the iPhone. I remove programs, put back, plug in your headphones, but on the stage hung a calibration program. Not only that, when you turn on the music in the headphones was no sound, there was no reaction to buttons. To reset the headset, the instructions are not written, the strange thing is that even after they were off in pairing mode – Voice notifications too, was not it. Then in the application prompted to update immediately after the launch of version 0.5.6 software. At this time, the update is clearly went faster and was able without any problems – but as they say, osadochek remained. Apparently, so I got a sample. Then try other headphones, black (the color is excellent, matte), there was no update problems.

Selecting the smart button action – yet another feature, the button is on the right cup, it can be used to activate or Awareness mode to listen to some information, or noise reduction mode. I installed it on the inclusion of “shumodava”, so it seems logical to me.

You can disable the voice prompts and function Auto Off (the headset itself is turned off, if you do it do not do anything).

Please note that Awareness can be disabled completely, and then it will only work the system noise reduction. How does it work? Good. Sound pressure is felt a little bit, that’s just the sound quality varies very seriously when you turn on the ANC, the word crop top, which, of course, very frustrating. But then one or the other. And I recommend to include preset Bass.

Sound JBL Everest Elite 700

Few characteristics:

  • Frequency range 10 – 22 kHz
  • Speaker size: 40 mm
  • Weight 305 grams

Interestingly, in the JBL does not say in the characteristics of any power or sensitivity, or the impedance – I wonder why? Anyway, we must also look for detailed specifications in Russian – so if our market is good with sales could rasstaralis and paint everything as it should be? Russian man likes to be had all the information, rather than a colorful booklet with Marketing words.

So. About sound – if you know such a wonderful song like Breaking Down / Florence + The Machine, then you know that there is a stunning vocals of Florence Welch, and with good headphones or if you listen to a track on a good system, you probably will run shivers when the chorus begins. And it does not matter how many times you do it. As JBL Everest Elite 700? Yes, goose bumps – first turn off the squelch better enable preset EQ Bass (and it is better to move the sliders), then select another volume, wait. In general, it is better to remove the headphones and drive them a day or two with any device at full volume. Will sound better, believe me. Then we calibrate again, disable all equalizers, disable the ANC, voila, a different matter!

Review JBL Everest Elite 700 headphone

And I say important, in principle, almost everything you can do from the JBL Everest Elite 700 what you want. There are so many opportunities to enjoy the sound. Love the low – adjust the bass, the stock is, more than enough. Listen to pop music – then play with the top and the middle, select the preset. Do you want to sleep on the plane – turn the ANC and the lullaby. The same can be done in the underground, but instead of a lullaby better “Prodigy”.

Music captures. Not all headphones are talking about this, about the JBL Everest Elite 700 – will tell. Here you can get what you want, even if not immediately.

Power JBL Everest Elite 700

When the cable is connected to the inside of the right cup indicator light, so much hidden as hidden, you will not find. To charge using a regular microUSB. From USB-ports headset is charging somewhere for three hours. When the battery runs out, you can connect the supplied audio cable to the headphone jack of 3.5 mm normal. When connected to an iOS-based device, the battery indicator. Claimed battery life is about 15 hours with included noise reduction, respectively, this mode Bluetooth + ANC. There is another mode when you connect headphones via cable, but use the ANC, in which case they have worked for about 19 hours. At least, it is written in the documents. But how to activate and deactivate ANC Bluetooth, I did not understand. Of course, I kind of have to figure out – but put yourself in the place of a simple user and ask the question, but exactly what I should understand? Maybe JBL had to put in a box at the instructions clear? There is not even a signature which button does what!

There is an automatic system shutdown headphones when you take them off and not in use. Alas, I never realized how many headphones off – probably takes about 10 minutes.

Battery capacity – 850 mAh.

Voice quality JBL Everest Elite 700

Separately want to say about the voice quality, the headphones interlocutor hear very well, with all the natural notes, in this specification is not found, but it looks like HD-voice. And I also hear very well, noise reduction system works well, so even while walking down the street, you can communicate without raising his voice much.

Conclusions JBL Everest Elite 700

The headphones retail cost 23,990 rubles, companies rely on technology enthusiasts – although there is a strange moment, the US is now the headphones are $ 250 and $ 300 until then. Adjustment is likely associated with sales figures. In the case of the headphones is very important image factor, design, with this, JBL Everest Elite 700 is not too great. Here stuffing – yes, there is a lot of interesting things. But – there is a lot of “buts”. Awareness function is really cool, but that the procedure simply to explain to people why this is necessary. Good noise reduction – excellent, but there are in fact good headphones with the ANC cheaper thousand five or six (or even seven). Calibration? Wow. And the sound changes. And you feel it.

But (here is one “but”), let me give you just one competitor, is Parrot Zik 2.0, headphones already “old”, a year ago, but:

Materials – leather and metal, no plastic. And you can choose the skin and black, and all sorts of interesting colors. From a design standpoint it is generally one of the best headphones on the market.

Advanced application for iOS / Android, on the possibilities of an order of magnitude better than JBL program.

There are many adjustments you can upload custom presets for singers (!). This is generally a unique feature – and it’s really interesting for consumers, in contrast to the calibration.

Naturally, I did not insist on anything, and here the choice for consumers. My job – to tell us about your impressions. Appending review and JBL headphones sitting in the monitor, I have mixed feelings. Planting and sound very much like me. And the application is made sensibly. But I’m just writing the review, I did not buy this thing. How I behaved in a store, choosing headphones up to 25 000 rubles? Probably would have turned his “Everest”, listened, watched, admired – but would have gone further.

However, this does not mean that the JBL Everest Elite 700 have turned out bad. Niche Model, and you should definitely listen to her, even just out of curiosity. Looking for something with a simple design and an abundance of advanced features, good sound – then you need to listen to be sure. This is probably your headphones.