Review JXD Singularity S192 – potential Killer Sony PS Vita

Review JXD Singularity S192 – potential Killer Sony PS Vita

Review JXD Singularity S192 - potential Killer Sony PS Vita
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Recently, Sony announced that possibly will not extend the life of portable consoles PS Vita for the reason that mobile devices (phones and tablets) selected market and demand has fallen dramatically. Against this background, the Chinese manufacturers immediately started to run their own “killer” of portable consoles. The most high-quality product we believe JXD Singularity S192 and now tell you about the potential of this device and its variants use in everyday life. This is not just a portable console, a full-fledged tablet computer with broad gaming features and lots of useful software. At the same time, there are no restrictions as to the PS Vita you will not be – an open operating system, a lot of games, content, the ability to update the operating system and configure for themselves. So let’s stop torturing their smartphones and calm will play on the tablet with hardware buttons and joysticks.

The case design JXD Singularity S192

In the central part of the front panel display is placed around the small frame. On top, above the display, it is the front camera of the tablet, and the bottom of the display mounted speakers with a pretty nice decorative lattice. To the left and right of the display are symmetrical holders where you lay down your hand. On the left is the holder joystick controller on the four arrow keys, return key and menu. The right holder is another joystick, four function buttons and two buttons settings. At the top end it is located just one key and one convector on the back of the tablet. It turns the tablet into a full-fledged housing gamepad. It is because of these keys the user can comfortably play all the mobile products, as the hardware control has always been much more comfortable on the sensor display.

Review JXD Singularity S192 - potential Killer Sony PS Vita

Specification JXD Singularity S192

The performance of the JXD Singularity S192 is based on the processor NVIDIA Tegra K1. This fifth-generation processor family NVIDIA Tegra, which is ground under heavy tasks in gaming products. This means that the process is ideal for entertainment purposes and nothing better for this product could not be set. Maintain the performance of the platform will be the RAM 2 GB – it’s enough to run all functions of the tablet, as well as programs and toys. The tablet supports memory expansion at the expense of memory cards up to 64 gigabytes, so the space under your favorite movies and games you will always have.

Rewards JXD Singularity S192

Display size tablet JXD Singularity S192 is 7 inches with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. The Matrix is ​​built on IPS technology with a high level of brightness. The picture we liked – the quality at a high level, image clarity, realistic color reproduction. Battery capacity plate is 10000 mAh, which is enough for 6 hours of active game in 3D-product. If the game is flat, the increased autonomy of up to 8 hours. Imagine – 8 hours of continuous shooter or runner. The operating system will be the Android 5.0.

Review JXD Singularity S192 - potential Killer Sony PS Vita

Conclusion JXD Singularity S192

Sell ​​tablet plan for $ 299, which seems a perfect price for such products. For the money you get a tablet with a powerful filling, high-quality display, all wireless modules, memory card slot, and a modern operating system. Add to that the possibility of the game, because with such a joystick and buttons will be comfortable to play almost anything you want. And all this for half of the new generation iPhone with 16 gigabytes of memory. We think it’s worth it.

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