Review Legend of Hercules: watch or not?

Review Legend of Hercules: watch or not?


This movie was very lucky with the premiere date – within six months from the ancient Greek myths and legends you want to relax. In March come out suspicious-looking latecomers time “300: Rise of an Empire” , and promised another summer movie about Hercules, shot no less controversial director Brett Ratner , who, before this gets only good comedy. But even if they are dull, ugly, looping patterns, they can not reach the level of the film by Renny Harlin. Level of Greek comedy.

 Legend of Hercules, 2014 

Director: Renny Harlin
Screenplay by: Renny Harlin, Sean Hood, Daniel jayate, Steve Giglio
Operator: Sam McCurdy
Composer: Tuomas Kantelinen
Produced by Renny Harlin, Boaz Davidson, Danny Lerner
Starring: Kellan Lutz, Gaia Weiss, Scott Adkins, Roxanne McKee, Liam Gerrigan and others.

The fact that the shoot and how Rennie seems long ago ceased to be soared. Absolutely. Last year, he came out of a horror Dyatlov Pass , who produced Rodnyanskii , and before that – a propaganda film about the 2008 events in South Ossetia, which, unfortunately, has not been seen, otherwise hide behind the words “from the director of “Die Hard 2” was would be more difficult. Now Rennie released 70,000,000th peplum instead to take a job as a cashier or at least back to the advertising business.

Because Rennie can not even read to the end just to the Wikipedia page. Apparently, it was him too hard. Working on the script, he recorded his notebook a few names, and the fact that Hercules – son of the god Zeus some steep, the rest invented himself. Alcides remained without feats and became cheerful Disney Simba , which deprived the throne and the woman he loved Hebe, of course, the princess. So much of the film is devoted to the campaign Alcides jauntily back home to fit all dictators on schscham with turntable and find marital happiness – for which Zeus was still sleeping with his mother, really.

Hercules himself – half-dead, but endlessly smiling male model with pink stained lips, which is not so much a game as posing. He has a special jumping ability, kills computer lions with his bare hands and wrestled with Greek gladiatorial arena against homeless people with funny hair styles of the ’80s. One of these fights, shot, by the way, in the spirit of “300” , ends beautiful, pathetic scenes falling to the ground obviously rubber weapons.

Twenty minutes later, Hercules also handed foam stones on chains – especially for one action scenes. And in the final draw the sword out of his lightning, cheap, almost cartoon like in the TV series “Highlander” . The last scene of all infernal – cardboard square, the sword of lightning psevdorimskie armor terrible downpour, which has a barrier of fire computer. Ahead – the king, who was asked to recite all the lines in the spirit of “This is Sparta!”. During one of these replicas in his beard comes unstuck. Shortly before this poor Greeks Heracles met with cries of “He’s back!” And “Son of God!”

Only women in the frame try that seems totally inappropriate. Crying in the middle of this circus. Only upon his filmography