Review LEGO Movie – a piece of childhood

Review LEGO Movie – a piece of childhood


Painting The LEGO Movie childishly naive, but may be of interest, and those adults who stare at a toy store on the model of the “Millennium Falcon.” Also cheers cartoon jokes performed by comic book characters, and the skillful use of different LEGO-universes.

Builder Emmett lived an ordinary life in LEGO-metropolis. Hero every morning rush to work to the accompaniment of songs of encouragement, and in your spare time watching stupid TV shows. One evening he noticed a suspicious figure in construction. Trying to deal with the acquisition of the status of the offender turned Favorites in the war between the forces of Good and Lord Business.

The plot, which is not surprising, is aimed primarily at young viewers. In the cartoon reveals the plain and simple truth about reincarnation gray man into a leader, that within ordinary type, such as a builder Emmett lives capable of extraordinary acts of a hero. But the authors are not engaged in tedious instruction. Scenes do not suffer from excessive moralizing and exude kindness.

But a positive message – is not the only component of The LEGO Movie. Here Batman helps Emmett and did not scruple to deceive visitors from “Star Wars.” Superman is not outside, but with unconcealed irritation refers to the Green Lantern. Flashed on the screen, and other figures, particularly NBA star and Gandalf. However, the film is not bursting at the seams from so many celebrities. Writer-director Phil Lord and Chris Miller have built the universe with its unpretentious mythology and humor to explain the appearance of certain characters.


Authors masterful accents. Some of the characters appear on a matter of seconds, forced laugh and immediately disappear. Other travel hand in hand with Emmett, in the process releasing jokes with reference to the popular movie. All this alternates with derision “good and bad cop” banter over the names of historical figures and religious wizards, particularly Dumbledore. Not without jokes on toy origin of local residents.


– He is the hero you deserve.

Battles are fascinating not so much setting and the destruction of entire worlds as unexpected metamorphosis. Heroes here are able to create any designs on the fly from scrap parts. So make a motorcycle with a machine gun and smash to pieces a dozen other police for them is not a problem, as well as to use their body parts as parts for wagons.


Adjusted to the smallest detail visual style is the decoration of The LEGO Movie. But this was not enough reviewers. All actors move without computer cartoons inherent smoothness, if removed from the picture frame animation technology. This approach, coupled with great design and 3D-effects creates a sense of animated figures, which are indistinguishable from the real thing.


The LEGO Movie authors undertook creation of complex design with many different components.However, they are not just piled up in the form of familiar heroes LEGO-toys mockery of popular films and sermons. Adventure Emmett conquer fast and relevant change serious conversations, hilarious sayings, spectacular battles with a pinch of madness, as well as stay in different worlds. If you have a genuine interest peek at LEGO designers and enthusiastically collecting model (alone or with the child), then skip this cartoon should not in any case.

The gaming industry LEGO-men have registered for a long time. Came to light a whole galaxy of projects in this style of LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Indiana Jones, LEGO Marvel and to LEGO Batman (two parts). Also to the output The LEGO Movie was timed game of the same name.