Review Lenovo P90: gaming android smartphone

Review Lenovo P90: gaming android smartphone

Review Lenovo P90: gaming android smartphone

We have been watching the lineup of smart phones Lenovo, the benefit of the manufacturer, “burst” on this difficult market, good time to prove itself among users with different needs.

Among the successful and interesting devices can remember “cameraphone» Lenovo Vibe Shot, bright Lenovo K3 Music Lemonand, of course, “confectionary» Lenovo Vibe X2.

Now we can get acquainted with no less interesting model – Lenovo P90, referring to a series «Professional», because of what she has received letter “P” in the title.

The manufacturer positions this family of devices as “Professional smartphone with an incredibly long battery life,” but, as you might guess from the title of the article, we will look at Lenovo P90 slightly different perspective, and that is why – you can find out at the end of the article .

We have already tested the youngest model in the lineup – Lenovo P70, which was based on MediaTek MT6752 single-chip system, and is the de facto substitute for the honored “veteran» Lenovo P780. Recall that last a long time held the palm amongsmartphone-lived. And although the novelty failed to demonstrate an equally brilliant performance runtime, updated “iron” has brought increased productivity, which lacked predecessor.

Let’s see what we can offer the older model, and we’ll start with the traditional specifications.

The first thing that catches your eye – SoC Intel, instead of MediaTek, which we have long been accustomed to seeing in smartphones Lenovo. Other characteristics appear rational and balanced, even Full HD resolution looks quite appropriate for such a diagonal screen.

The only thing you can complain – one SIM card, but if we consider the smart phone as a game, not “office use”, no dissonance, this fact does not matter.

Packaging equipment Lenovo P90

Unfortunately, the smartphone came to us without package and supplied, but we know that in a box along with it the user will find the following accessories:

  • Charger;
  • Cord MicroUSB;
  • Stereo;
  • Documentation.

Unfortunately, no information concerning scope of cover is not, as well as the presence of the protective film in the set.

Review Lenovo P90: gaming android smartphone

Appearance and design of Lenovo P90

Externally, the Lenovo P90 is different design refinements or outlandish design. Before us is a strict, conservative layout.

In the manufacture of the housing is used only plastic back cover has received a matte finish, thereby improving the reliability of the grip. However, the fingerprints on the surface of a still remain visible.

Housing molded, assembled, it is very high quality. When twisting panel emit extraneous sounds, and body rigidity raises no objections.

In addition to the black color available red and white.

Location MicroUSB port and AUX-output very good – both are offset relative to the vertical axis of symmetry, so if you use Lenovo P90 in landscape mode, for example, in the game, the wire will not interfere with comfortable grip.

Volume keys and the screen lock button located on the right side of the device, which can be awkward when speaking. However, they are not located too close to each other so that a long time to get used to them is not necessary.

A set of sensors on the front of the standard – and proximity lighting. With the latest no problems, whereas the light sensor works in a strange algorithm. Although it is rather a problem of the firmware, rather than the sensor itself.

Front camera lens is quite modest, in addition you can see the small abrasion and spray some dust under the cover glass.

There is a LED-LED events. It has adequate brightness and capable of operating in monochrome mode. Viewing angles raises no objections.

Pro backlight touch keys manufacturer has not forgotten. The intensity of the emission is low, and the duration of its operation can be adjusted.

Review Lenovo P90: gaming android smartphone

On the reverse side is waiting for us very ordinary camera module, working together with the currently fashionable dual flash.

At the back of the camera lens similar to the quality of those on the front panel. Spray excelled light defects, and under the protective glass has got a little bit of fine dust.

But the design of the rear cover is not the most successful, it is that it will fall all the scratches on the protective glass of the camera. Here I would like to see the development of protection against scratches as edging or recessed protective glass, but alas.

There is a nominal protection mute ringer mono speaker, but significantly affect the audibility of course she can not.

SIM card and the memory card is inserted into the body using a classical tray.

The back panel is made from a single piece of plastic – certainly a good solution.

Hardware keys with a slight relief to reduce slipping. They are inserted into the body tight, no visible gap.

The boxes around the average thickness of the display, you can not say that in front of us an old model. Smartphone looks strictly and concisely.

Display test Lenovo P90

Lenovo P90 is equipped with a 5.5 “IPS screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The manufacturer does not specify the type and brand of used protective glass, however, the oleophobic coating is present.

It should be noted that its effectiveness is low for a gaming smartphone, but for everyday use such coverage will be enough. For those who like to play still I would recommend using matt film, if it can find on the market.

Viewing angles are typical for IPS-matrix.

Fading of dark shades is not very conspicuous.

Review Lenovo P90: gaming android smartphone

The shade of gray gradient is present, the intensity of the average.

The uniformity of illumination is very good.

Glow-effect is not strong.

The sensor supports up to ten simultaneous keystrokes.

It uses one of the variations of the technology budget OGS.

Now test the display using the calibrator X-Rite ColorMunki Display. Let’s start with the contrast of the table.

Of course, such figures contrast atypical solutions for mid-price segment. There is the use of dynamic contrast. We test the new Lenovo P90 by the method of ANSI.

It is quite another matter. Here it is necessary to draw attention to the fact that at 0% brightness level of contrast in the “fair” mode is even higher than in the application of dynamic contrast. And it says not very efficient algorithm of this system.

By the way, manually disable it will not work – it always works in tandem with a light sensor (!), Even if you explicitly disable the Auto Brightness menu. This is a clear disadvantage, which I hope will soon eliminate the manufacturer.

Gamma curves are well adjusted, with a clear visible correction.

Color channels are configured well.

Color temperature is within normal limits.

The color gamut is slightly different from the standard sRGB, especially in the green channel.

Nevertheless, it is possible with sufficient certainty to talk about the factory setting of the screen – in any case, the test sample is set up very well.

To its credit, the manufacturer, and mention of the possibility of fine-tuning of the display with the brand “cool” shade .

Hardware platform and performance Lenovo P90

SoC Intel Atom have always been famous for its stability work, let the chips in the series Z2xxx and had problems with peak performance and power consumption.

With the current generation of single-chip systems, we are already familiar, especially the example of models of ASUS. In general, they are well established but are in the market for a long time and is waiting for an ambulance replacement.

Lenovo P90 is on board SoC Intel Atom Z3560 – is the middle model in the family Moorefield, created by the 22-nm process technology. The operating frequency of the nuclei – to 1830 MHz, and is responsible for the graphics processing graphics accelerator PowerVR G6430.

Review Lenovo P90: gaming android smartphone

Alas, but the shell Vibe UI rather “heavy”, 2 GB of RAM available to the user about 800 MB on the “open” device without cached processes. Otherwise, the user will get a total of about 300 MB.

Software and firmware Lenovo P90

Lenovo P90 is based on an outdated version of the operating system Android, and more specifically – Android 4.4 KitKat. This is not surprising, since the model is not the most “first freshness.”

User waits for the familiar look and functionality.

The manufacturer calls its own shell Vibe UI, we are familiar with it, but the fact that updates to Android 5.x still do not have – sad.

It is puzzling blind system that offers easy adjustment of brightness in a vertical mode, but “loses” her for horizontal positioning gadget. Again, when the game is inconvenient.

For the rest, it is the most familiar to all owners of smart phones Lenovo system.

Mistakes, of course, sometimes there, but their number is not increased too.

Root-access “out of the box” is not open, but not locked boot loader, used Droidboot, so that problems should arise. There should be careful as to turn a smartphone into a “brick” is very simple.

Lenovo P90 Multimedia


Lenovo has never distinguished favor to music lovers, and the Lenovo P90 is no exception, unfortunately. Used a very weak amplifier, the output level at 1000 Hz calibration was only -18 dB, it is one of the worst results in my practice. And the subjective sound quality is far from perfect. Of course, the gaming smartphone is not so important, but still less significant.

CALL speaker provides high volume and quality, but also with its direct tasks copes fine. The earpiece is excellent, its volume enough even to talk in a noisy place. The power of the vibrating alert is average, which is typical for large smartphones.

Microphone turned out pretty quality, and it is good – right in front of your mouth.

Wireless interfaces and communications Lenovo P90

Lenovo P90 is able to work in the Wi-Fi network protocols b / g / n / ac. It supports both 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz bands..

GPS Receiver is not the best, but the task executes. Satellites detected the mass, but the “catch” for many of them without the help of the Internet is impossible.

GSM signal is received very well, the network does not spontaneously burst. LTE network are stable, supported by all domestic operators.

Filesystem Lenovo P90

Lenovo P90 comes with 32GB of on-board flash memory, expandable of volume due to memory card format MicroSD.

The speed of a sufficiently high so as not to become a “bottleneck” in the overall performance of your smartphone.

It supports connection to a PC via the following protocols: MTP and PTP. The data rate on the smartphone – 10-15 MB / s data transfer rate from the unit – ~ 25 MB / s.

Review Lenovo P90: gaming android smartphone

Battery life Lenovo P90

The main problem gaming smartphone, in addition to stability – the level of autonomy. At the time, a little disappointed in this respect, a very promising ASUS Zenfone 2, let’s see what we will present Lenovo P90.

Battery consumption in the gaming scenario is not so impressive, however, the level of a good, above most of the flagships of modernity.

Lenovo P90 provides a very good performance autonomy. Of course, if used more energy efficient platform, one would expect better results, but at the expense of slightly reduced performance autonomy user gets an excellent stability.


The main issue article – why we looked Lenovo P90 exclusively through the prism of gaming solution, not an office smartphone as it is positioned? Just the fact that it is not so important how the gadget wants to seem much more important – what it is.

Judge for yourself, the entire construction of the device just screams that this gaming smartphone: AUX-output port MicroUSB and shifted as far away from the center to the user to comfortably play in a horizontal orientation and at the same time to recharge the smart phone, or use headphones. The speaker is calling back rather than on the bottom, so that accidentally mute his hands problematic. Maybe it’s just a fluke, but, in my opinion, do not use this for advertising purposes was a mistake on the part of the manufacturer.

Furthermore, Lenovo P90 has a good performance, which does not fall as heating devices, and capacious battery will not walk “from the wall outlet to the” even if you are carried away by the game.

Of course, to something possible and carp. For example, the video quality is disappointing, and the ability to use only one SIM card against competitors looks at least strange. In addition, the built-in firmware Vibe UI in this case is rather “a fly” rather than “ointment” as very “ponderous”. And some strange moments in her spoil the picture, like nondisconnectable system of automatic adjustment of brightness / contrast and the inability to change the intensity of the backlight manually from horizontal mode use using curtains (important in games).

Pros Lenovo P90:

  • Not a bad gaming performance;
  • High-quality screen;
  • High stability and minimum throttling;
  • Intelligent casing design (with a few exceptions);
  • Low heating of the case;
  • Very good indicators of battery life;
  • Support for memory cards;
  • Support for LTE;
  • Price.

Cons smartphone:

  • Low quality video;
  • Very weak audio amplifier (-18 dB) and the highest sound quality;
  • Poor working system of automatic adjustment of the backlight / contrast (wait for software updates).

Can not arrange:

  • Needless to “hard” shell and a small selection of third-party firmware;
  • Lack of support for two SIM cards (the competition);
  • Old version of the OS and vague prospects for renewal.
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