Review LG Max X155 smartphone: a minimum capacity for maximum money

Review LG Max X155 smartphone: a minimum capacity for maximum money

Review LG Max X155 smartphone: a minimum capacity for maximum money
Review LG Max X155 smartphone: a minimum capacity for maximum money

LG recently with enviable persistence churning out the same type of mobile device, changing only their names and some of the technical components. Depending on the sales region, the new smartphone from LG, which appeared in 2015, has received different names: LG Prime II, LG Bello II, or LG Max. In the CIS countries, it appears as LG Max X155. Despite the grandiose name «Max» device is equipped with a minimum of capacity to modern standards. When created this review, smartphone cost ranged from 126 to 154 USD. The average price in the majority of stores – 130 dollars.

Housing plastic back cover contains a fine relief pattern. This is quite a practical solution, the lid does not remain stains and fingerprints, the device is also confident in the hand and does not tend to slip. The model is available in three colors: white, gold and titanium. Dimensions: 140.8 mm in length, 71.6 mm in width, 9.6 mm thickness of the case, the weight is 155 g

Features LG Max X155

Processor LG Max

The manufacturer chose to hide the name of the processor – originally known only that he was a 4-core, the operating frequency of 1.3 GHz. Type of integrated graphics chip is also not advertised. At the end of a synthetic benchmark, it is clear that as the processor uses MT6582, and GPU – Mali-400 MP. However, iron provides good performance when browsing the web and running applications. The 3D game play is also possible, but if you plan to run something “heavy”, you must be prepared to subsidence FPS and the need to reduce the graphics quality, and give up some of the visual effects.

Memory LG Max

Of the 8 GB of internal memory is available for a little more than 4 GB. The ability to install applications to the memory card is not available, so before purchase is recommended to weigh what the smartphone will be used. If the memory is used mainly for applications, and, for example, one game, the storage capacity will suffice. The amount of RAM – 1 GB. This is enough to simultaneously run multiple applications, and an acceptable rate of the device. It supports memory cards up to 32 GB.

Autonomy LG Max

The battery capacity of 2540 mAh is enough for this smartphone because it uses an economical iron: display with a lower resolution, the processor 1.3 GHz. You can periodically throughout the day to use the LG Max to access the Internet, and not worry about the battery level. If you do not play games, and occasionally make calls, sometimes to correspond via SMS or through other messengers, periodically check your mail and social networks – in this mode, the battery will need to be charged no more than once in three days. A more intensive loads, it will last 1.5-2 days.

Review LG Max X155 smartphone: a minimum capacity for maximum money

Display LG Max

The LG Max set 5 “FWVGA display with a resolution of 854×480. Matrix is ​​not IPS, the resolution is quite low, but for an inexperienced user it is not critical. Color reproduction is good, the brightness is sufficient, but the viewing angles are limping noticeably. Oleophobic coating is not provided, as well as scratch-resistant glass.

Network communications LG Max

LG Max supports 2 SIM-card MicroSim format. Ability to work on 2G and 3G networks. There is support for GPS navigation with A-GPS, wireless modules Wi-Fi (802.11 b / g / n) and Bluetooth 4.0.

Camera LG Max

Focus can boast trip up: to get a more or less acceptable results, it is necessary to make a few shots in a row. On a good image detail and even speech can not be. at least – very poor, the camera settings interface. However, to make photo note, or scan the QR-code, features a 5-megapixel camera is just enough.

The front camera is 2 MP is equipped with a “virtual outbreak,” and the possibility of shooting gesture. The role played by the white flash screen with backlight. The image is narrowed in the central part of the screen area and on the sides is used as the backlight. Snapshot can be on the tin: to reveal his hand, and then squeeze into a fist. However, frontalka more suited for video than for portraiture.

Review LG Max X155 smartphone: a minimum capacity for maximum money

Additional Features LG Max

You can unlock and lock the screen smartphone double tap the screen with support for Knock Code technology.

Sound LG Max

Sound of the main conventional speaker, not very loud, but not quiet. The earpiece in order, without extraneous noise. The headphones sound quite normal, no complaints.

Software LG Max

Software version – Android 5.0. This “pure” Android, without membranes and lotions. That is, the smartphone is not some proprietary software capabilities from LG, but “clean” operating system includes more nimble interface work.

Pros and Cons LG Max X155


Smartphone stands out with something special. Usual dual-sim 5-inch dialer with normal autonomy.


  • High cost does not allow to objectively highlight the positive side of the device;
  • Bad main camera.

Review LG Max X155 smartphone

If it were not inflated price tag, I would have been the normal state employees from LG. A Max console in the device name suggests some thought – the maximum high price for the most stripped-down stuffing. If the goal is to acquire branded, not Chinese dvuhsimochny smartphone with 5-inch display and a good autonomy, the LG Max may be a good choice. Provided that the buyer will agree to pay a premium for the brand, and will not feel any need for large amounts of memory, a good camera, high performance and screen resolution.