Review LG V10: improved G4 for lovers of big

Review LG V10: improved G4 for lovers of big

Review LG V10: improved G4 for lovers of big

The LG V10 with its 5.7-inch, LG’s answer to the generously sized smartphones of the year, the Note 5, the Galaxy S6 + Ege, Moto X and Nexus Style 6P. We are at the first “phablet” high-end LG, as its Stylus range previously had stayed in the middle range. The LG V10 is the entrance to the Korean market that niche, and is the third smartphone star of the company in 2015, after the G Flex 2 and G4. The terminal has encouraged the high end of a range of 2015 that seemed doomed to boredom. Is it worth the effort to get into the LG 5.7-inch high-end? We tell you in this analysis.

LG V10 – Availability and Pricing

The LG V10 is now available in the US and in some European countries presale. It is confirmed in the UK and Germany, and LG said to hit key European countries and that we take for granted that we will see in Spain (we are awaiting a response from LG in this regard). They also confirmed their arrival in Latin America.

Its starting price will approach 800 €, for now we can see it on Amazon Germany for LG sold 889 €. However it is not clear that this is the final price. There is only one model available, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage also microSD slot and removable battery. It will be available in white space black, beige, Blue Ocean and blue opal.

The design of the LG V10 does not leave indifferent. We are facing a big terminal, measuring 160mm x 79mm x 8.6mm (1 mm thinner than the G4), and something heavy with 192 grams. It has a very robust and nothing frail.

Review LG V10: improved G4 for lovers of big

Its front is dominated by the 5.7 inch screen and stainless steel rims to their flanks. The rest is made of polycarbonate. The upper and lower frames are matte plastic with a bright almost imperceptible particles (to my cost me three days to realize its existence). The back is made of polycarbonate, with a rugged and sporty finish, reminiscent of something Moto Maxx. To us it has come the black model, quite sober.

At the top, front, we also found the secondary display, and to his left the two front cameras to selfies (below I will tell the difference between them). At the top we find the speaker calls and the motion sensor and LED notification. The top frame above the double screen is really minimal, less than in G2, G3 and G4. In the lower part we are the symbol of LG, leaving the highlights and now etched in matt polycarbonate.

Its ratio screen / body is 70.8%. Maybe it’s because of this fact is exempt secondary display, or because the edges count as stainless steel body, the fact is that the feeling is minimal frames. LG has done an excellent job in this regard, and we had not been so small edges at its terminals from the G3.

The LG V10 is completely flat, both front and back (acts contrite, reassuring LG has been making slightly curved to G4?). Both G3 and G4 were quite curved in the back, leaving LG style in the new terminal. The back is completely flat, and she found the typical LG buttons that become round as a whole, as in the G3.

At the rear of the camera it is also surrounded by a metal circle and protruding slightly, nothing to do with the S6 + Edge. To his left the double LED flash and to his right the laser approach so successful is giving LG is housed. Below we find the terminal name, LG V10, recorded in polycarbonate.

As for the upper and lower edges, in the latter we find the microUSB port, the mono speaker and headphone jack. At the upper edge of the infrared sensor and noise-canceling speaker calls for staying.

In general, the LG V10 is a big but with a very elegant proportions and a premium smartphone but sporty look. It does not reach the Nexus elegance 6P or Edge S6 +, but LG has never been known for being the most elegant but more functional. Yes, I have pretty big hands that have struggled to get anywhere with one hand.

Review LG V10: improved G4 for lovers of big

Nor is a lightweight smartphone, because with its 192 weighs 46 grams more than the S6 + Edge. But weight is not necessarily bad, gives a sense of robustness and being a tough smartphone. My partner Shu has compared to the door of a Fiat Panda against a Mercedes E class: the Mercedes heavier, but no worse, rather the opposite.

LG V10 – Main screen

LG V10 screen is 5.7 inches qHD with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels and a pixel density of 515 ppi. If one thing can boast LG, it is their screens, which takes getting implemented with excellent results for several years already, and the LG V10 is no exception. We are facing a bright IPS LCD panel, with good viewing angles and clear beauty on all sides. The G4, however, has more brightness.

LG presents a curious and quite useful innovation. It is a secondary display on the top, right of the two front cameras part.

Review LG V10: improved G4 for lovers of big

This screen contains several shortcuts without having to use the main screen However, its location is not the best, and that is so high that to get to it you have to use two hands, would have been better on the bottom to arrive without problems, although the design could also be loaded. I will tell you more about this screen below.

LG V10 – Secondary Display

The secondary screen is a screen for shortcuts, with different functions depending on whether the main screen is on or off.

When turned off, the secondary display can be left permanently active (also turned off) and then receive all notifications phone, we can see the time and date, battery percentage, access the camera, turn on or off the WiFi, lighting flashlight or use the music player controls. It stays on all the time, with low brightness, but only if you want.

If the display is on the options multiply. Actually it is an improved QSlide and it really is a multitasking. The secondary display presents the latest applications that have opened, quite well thought out because in the end we always move 10-15 applications and is easy to keep on hand without resorting to multitasking.

In this screen you can also make frequent contacts of our agenda, so you can call directly from the screen. In addition, this screen serves as the camera menu where we changed from manual to automatic or Simple, that is, these options do not appear on the main screen of the terminal if not in high school.

In short, it is a risk you have taken LG and it works, but may have more functionality, especially when the main power is off. I would not mind that the LG G5 inherit this screen.

Review LG V10: improved G4 for lovers of big

LG V10 – Fingerprint scanner

LG brings us here the second fingerprint scanner of the brand after the Nexus 5X. However this is a problematic scanner in its implementation. And is that joins LG here, like Sony and Apple, with a scanner in the power button, which means to unlock the terminal have to press the button first and then let the finger to be unlocked, this is two steps, instead of one as in the Nexus 5X or Huawei Mate S (because they have side buttons).

For LG the end scanner is a whim, because with few exceptions, have the fantastic Knock Knock On Code or that seems to me more comfortable. To this terminal dimensions are added, and you have to take it right to get a finger and you can not get out of hand.

Once configured (in a somewhat tedious process) scanner works perfectly. On the other hand its functions are rather limited, and the scanner simply serves to unlock the terminal and to block or QuickMemo gallery. An extra functionality on the scanner would not have been bad, especially considering the Knock Code will remain our favorite place to unlock the LG when you are on a surface.

The lucky fingerprint scanner is becoming a “must” in the high range, but is useless. It is the war of specifications.

The LG V10 brings a military standard 810G shock resistance. Its edges also help this, and flanking the display as a good bumper. This is coupled with flexibility in the rear polycarbonate. Forget water resistance. LG does not want his smartphones dipping and then say they are not submersible (hello Sony) and opt for durability.

LG does not give up some options that have already brought their smartphones Star long. We NFC, infrared port with Quick Remote app, Knock On / Code, double glazing, and the ability to resize the keyboard, which is quite well in a terminal of this size. It is also compatible with Android Pay and brings the installed application, as well as in Google Drive 100GB gift.

LG V10 – Software

The LG V10 comes with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop series, although LG has already promised that actualirá to Marshmallow before year end. It is also very positive to see that LG is increasingly diminishing the amount of preinstalled applications, here are limited to Quick Remote Backup, LG Health, QuickMemo and little else. The bloatware decreased considerably compared to the LG G4 let alone when compared with LG smartphones 2 years.

LG layer, UX 4.0+, is identical to that of G4. It is not the world’s most beautiful Android but if one of the most useful and intuitive. We’ll see if the G5 brand LG finally decided to turn in this sense, because you need it.

LG V10 – Performance

The LG V10 brings a Snapdragon 808 at a clock speed of 1,82GHz. Its GPU is the Adreno 418. All this seasoned with 4GB of RAM (the first smartphone from LG to bring them). We are faced with similar specifications to LG G4 his brother, but with more than 1GB RAM. In fact, for some time we met as G4 Pro V10.

There will be no complaints about his performance, although our tests is not among the most advanced of its competitors, such as S6 + Edge. We have not observed any problems or heating using 4K or video games.

Both Vellamo, and AnTuTu, and Basemark Geekbench 3 and is somewhat above the LG G4, though far from competitors like the Nexus 6P and Edge, but near the Moto X Style. You will not have complaints or problems in executing complicated tasks, but not the most powerful smartphone of his generation.

LG V10 – Audio

The LG V10 takes the position of the speaker on the bottom edge, unlike the G4, it was in his back. There are not many differences between the speaker G4 and the V10, apart from their position. Perhaps the LG V10 suffer more with the bass and produces more noise. We also noticed an increased volume in the LG V10, which contributes to noise, but overall the quality is good and not much noise if you can use your smartphone as a speaker without complaints.

The speaker edge is, however, a little nuisance for multimedia playback as when a video will cover the speaker with your hand, as I constantly about the G2.

The LG V10 plays music in 32-bit format and HD, of course only with headphones. One advantage to take into account especially in a time when we hear this quality through Spotify or Google Play and course in MP3 format. If you have good headphones, you’ll notice the difference. The LG V10 does not include headphones, something that LG had always included in their last star smartphones.

LG V10 – Camera

LG V10 camera gives to write another separate analysis, or other two, as it did the G4. We are faced with an impressive camera, and a camera interface copy.

Review LG V10: improved G4 for lovers of big

The primary sensor is the same as the G4, with an aperture of f / 1.8 and no one has driven as 2015 brings better camera and its optical stabilizer trademark laser focus and a manual mode with all that we saw in the G4 (although now the main menu appears on the secondary display). We can change the ISO, shutter time, white balance, manual focus, focal opening … well, everything. You can also save files in RAW if you’re a handyman to play with them later.

The photos are great but suffers somewhat in low light, but that we have the manual mode. Sharp images, in great detail, but I still think something LG shows off colors.

LG does not bring a front camera, but two seem to give them away. Nothing to do with 3D. These two sensors are to offer selfies 5MP with different amplitude field, one for selfies group (if going to the Oscars) and one for selfies of a person (if you are rather self-centered). The first has a field width of 120 degrees and the second 80. In my neighborhood they call this a ‘pijada “I would have bet on a single sensor as widely and more resolution, but as a curiosity is not evil.

Madness. There comes a time with LG V10 camera you would miss if it were not for the interface helps you meet. LG brings manual control in video. Of course 4K and also it records up to 60 frames per second, or 24, if you’re a movie buff.

Among the variables that can change in the video are the ISO, and different values ​​of the image. But one of the most surprising things is that you can adjust the audio input Front noise canceling or enhancing the front microphone, or cancel wind noise. Options can only be modified in the manual mode, and unless you’re a professional, give little use. Of course, they are never over.

It is also curious that in this section, options Manual, Automatic or Simple not appear on this capture, because they are on the secondary display. One bright spot for the secondary display.

LG V10 – Battery

We arrived at the weakest point of the LG V10. It is a pity that LG has not gotten up 3000 mAh in a terminal of 5.7 inches, although it is quite thinner than the G4. However, we see the same thing in all its smartphones Star since 2013. In the bad, at least they have not reduced other.

Review LG V10: improved G4 for lovers of big

If we use a standard LG V10 reach the end of the day without problems. But if you give a moderate use you will reach the end of the day miracle. In AnTuTu test battery reaches 6366 points, an almost exact score at the Edge of the Galaxy S6 +, which reaches 6659.

If there is something positive in this regard it is his burden, and the LG V10 is able to load to 100% in 1 hour, and 50% in 30 minutes. It’s not a lie. Its battery is removable, the only thing keeping her from all its competitors.


The LG V10 has it all, but then do not use it. You can not blame the lack of something, it has everything that calls for industry (scanner, stunning display, outstanding camera) but also what they ask users (microSD, removable battery). Also it brings few extras but no one has asked that make it unique: its dual screen, dual front camera.

Its battery is improved, its performance is not the best, and the price could reach 800 €, but it’s still a great option to consider as advanced terminal which once were happy with the LG experience. Yes, I would expect a few months its price down, which certainly will.

The LG V10 is a smartphone thought big. At this point in 2015, LG remains true to himself and does not give up content to users or a metal unibody design. How many manufacturers can say this? Anyway, this is the ultimate smartphone, which has not renouncing anything, the most complete, so the LG V10 deserves a good applause.

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