30.03.2014 7:40

Review Logitech Powershell – Gamepad for iPhone with built-in battery

It’s no secret that Apple iOS is the most promising mobile platform for game developers. Solvency audience large variety of devices – no. For this reason, most graphically attractive game projects appears first on the iPhone and iPad, Android and some up and did not get.
The heyday of iOS as a gaming platform has attracted some well-known developers of gaming peripherals, submitted their analog controllers for devices Apple. Today we tell about Logitech Powershell.

Design and equipment

According to its form factor gamepad is a docking station, that is, iPhone is inserted into the controller and is connected via a Lightning-connector. Such a solution has a number of advantages compared with the wireless gamepad: smartphone battery is not consumed for an additional connection in the cradle, you can embed an extra battery, and indeed for the preservation of the iPhone is a more attractive solution.
The package includes only the essentials: an adapter for audio jack, Micro-USB cable for charging the internal battery, manual, warranty booklet. The photo is not got a thin blue lining needs to connect iPod Touch 5 (it is approximately 1.5 mm thinner than the iPhone 5/5S).
Externally Logitech Powershell recalls once we tested clones Sony PSP. Although the touch, of course, felt the difference immediately – well-known manufacturer on materials does not save.
Powershell front panel is made of plastic coated soft-touch reminiscent of, but not collecting fingerprints, allowing gamepad neat look. Location standard buttons: left cross, right – the four “letters”.
Near the crosspiece is a slider that allows you to press a key lock smartphone. Useful function, but realized she failed: to button pressed, the need to move the slider to the maximum, without the help of the nail can be done. On the other side there is a pause button and openings that redirect sound speakers in the user’s iPhone.
Rear panel tactile sensations similar to the front. The letter G in the center of the blue flickers while charging the internal battery. Along the edges of the panel nicely textured and has a small notch in the game to get exactly the middle fingers.
The upper corners are topped with long and narrow textured hammers, almost the same as on portable consoles.
Lower left corner seats to slide controller battery, Micro-USB port to charge it, and between them – the crossbar strap. It is made, by the way, of metal.
On the right side there is an opening for headphones through flexible and therefore very convenient bundled adapter.

Compatibility with games

With Logitech Powershell not all compatible iOS-games, but only those who are in the list on the manufacturer’s website. At the time of this writing, there were 169. Basically it is a platformer in which to control the spider and four buttons is enough. Among the less well-known titles to mention here Terraria, mobile Prince of Persia, Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project. Should pay attention to the Reaper – Tale of a Pale Swordsman, we discovered doing testing OUYA .
Besides platformer, is listed in many other genres, but the number of supported games are much less. Attention is drawn to GTA: San Andreas, but play it with a single cross inconvenient it can not meet for the movement, and the camera angle. Therefore, the disposal of gamers are either two-dimensional Action or original designs with simple gameplay. Most supported games, as is customary in iOS, are paid, but there are pleasant exceptions (Reaper or above, for example, a very decent racing Asphalt 8: Airborne).
In addition to restrictions on the games, there are requirements for the version of the operating system: iOS requires at least 7.


As a game controller Logitech Powershell does not produce the best possible experience. Style requirements here have a higher priority than the needs of the players.
Thanks grooved rear panel with a focus for the middle fingers, Powershell hard enough sitting in the hands, but unsophisticated form of the controller itself clearly does not make it easier. Powershell rhyme outlines outlines iPhone. Looks elegant, but not practical. Controller Moga Ace Power, which has the same form factor dock, from this angle seems more attractive.
With the controls are worse. Alphabetic keys are placed closely, and their size is too small. Same drawback and crosses, but he felt even more because the directions she is not well separated. Unlike Moga Ace Power, in Powershell no analog sticks, nor, more importantly, the hammers. This cuts off the controller from some genres, such as first-person shooters.
On the other hand, due to the absence of a straightforward shape and some controls Powershell has a modest weight – total 120 g – as well as the width and thickness – 63 and 21 mm, respectively. But due to the fact that, unlike again from Moga Ace Power, Logitech controller can not be folded, its length is approximately one and a half times greater than the length of the iPhone.
Logitech Powershell – it’s not just a gamepad, but also the external battery capacity of 1500 mA · hFully charging the iPhone 5 with it only takes a little over one and a half hours.


How gamepad Logitech Powershell looks undignified and likable even against analogues for the iPhone. But on his side – reputation of the manufacturer. Logitech keeps the bar high build quality and materials. In general, the controller is suitable for long-term use in games that do not require active use different buttons. In the mobile market are the majority. Do not forget about the built-in battery that can extend the life of iPhone two times.
Average price Logitech Powershell is about 4700 rubles. What is not particularly large for the Apple-accessory from the leading manufacturer of gaming peripherals.