Review Lumia 550: budget Windows Phone smartphone

Review Lumia 550: budget Windows Phone smartphone

Review Lumia 550: budget Windows Phone smartphone

We suggest you to get acquainted with the most affordable phone with Windows 10 – Lumia 550. Even though it does not support Continuum functions and cannot replace the personal computer when connecting the dock, but he got a good complete set, like his older brothers Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. So, if you like plastic smartphones at an affordable price, you need to read our review Lumia 550.

Contents of delivery Lumia 550

  • Phone
  • Charger
  • Battery Li-Ion 2100 mAh

Positioning Lumia 550

In Microsoft in a hurry to launch a line of smartphones based on Windows 10 Mobile, it was planned for the 4th quarter of 2015. But the company was not able to establish its operating system in time, and the question arose, in what form and what models to produce, it was the cancellation of all planned devices. For many of them we have already been purchased components, and therefore refuse to release them meant incurring even greater losses. As a result, reversing most of the line, in Microsoft still left two flagship (Lumia 950/950 XL) and the most low-end phone in the lineup – the Lumia 550.

Unfortunately for the Microsoft, the rate of sales of the previous devices poor, the market many models on Windows Phone 8.x, some of them are easy to evade the characteristics Lumia 550, while the cost the same or less. Same Lumia 540 in this price segment looks attractive, there is no LTE support, but little more than a screen, two SIM-cards and stable version of the system.

Review Lumia 550: budget Windows Phone smartphone

The main problem for the Lumia 550 was precisely the operating system, she pushed Windows Phone fans who rightly consider it a very raw. And other customers in this platform almost and there is the occasional sale, which do not make the weather. It is interesting that Microsoft company store from the first day began to carry out the action when shopping flagship Lumia 950/950 XL to give a gift Lumia 550. Calling this action by something other than a liquidation warehouse of unnecessary goods, can not be two surplus stock at a price one.

It is safe to say that this model has failed in sales, although in terms of iron, it is different for its price segment.

Design, size, controls Lumia 550

Why reinvent the wheel, if buyers have become accustomed to the fact that the budget Windows Phone look the same plus or minus? Plastic housing, which is built on the principle of the shoe that is worn on the base. Two possible color options – black and white. Typically, Microsoft tries to offer the variety of colors, but understanding that the sales will not be made to confine the two colors.

Review Lumia 550: budget Windows Phone smartphone

The phone’s dimensions – 136.1h67.8h9.9 mm, weight – 142 grams. Compact, fits nicely in the hand. ordinary plastic quality, eventually appear worn, as it is matte (I had the device in black). Protection of an inexpensive glass screen, easily can appear deep scratches, it is the lack of the device.

At the top end is 3.5 mm, at the bottom – the usual microUSB-socket. On the right side – the volume rocker, immediately – on / off button. Speaker output – on the back surface, close to the camera and LED flash.

Open the device easily, the body pulled over, as it were cover. The design, approved on a variety of models are very reliable. Inside you will see a battery, and a connector for plus microSIM card slot.

The lattice dynamics quickly stuffed dust that looks untidy. But the problem with the playback of voice during a conversation that does not work.

Screen Lumia 550

Display 4.7-inch, 1280×720 pixels, 312 ppi, IPS. I like this budget screen, even though it is not amazing, but it does its job with enthusiasm. It has everything you need and a little more. Unfortunately, the sun glare and screen often unreadable. It refers to its weaknesses. Globally we can say that in its segment display Lumia 550 is typical, but no more.

Review Lumia 550: budget Windows Phone smartphone

Battery Lumia 550

Battery 2100 mAh Li-Ion, Standby time – up to 28 days and talk time – up to 16 hours (3G), music playback – up to 60 hours of work in Wi-Fi – up to 8 hours of video – up to 6.5 hours.

On average, the unit operates for 1-2 days under a load, but just say how much the phone will work, you can not, then everything depends on the operating system damp. Ideally, you get about two days, with exactly the same profile of consumption of the device can be discharged in half a day, and you do it I will not. Telephone lives its own life, and to be sure how much it will work, we can not, it’s a lottery. I have not remember to budget sets showed a variation in work time.

Full charging time – about 2 hours.

Review Lumia 550: budget Windows Phone smartphone

Сommunications Lumia 550

A standard set of protocols – Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, USB 2.0, Bluetooth 4.1 – a full range of standard profiles, WCDMA, LTE. As you can see, the device can not boast of something special or unusual.

Chipset, memory, performance Lumia 550

A typical solution from Microsoft, within 210 Snapdragon, 4 cores up to 1.1 GHz. The interface is fast enough, which is also typical for such decisions. But third-party applications and games seen slow work related to the chipset and memory. RAM – 1 GB built – 8 GB memory card – up to 200 GB. In synthetic tests, here are the results.

Review Lumia 550: budget Windows Phone smartphone

Camera Lumia 550

The front camera of 2 megapixels, there is nothing worthy of attention.

Review Lumia 550: budget Windows Phone smartphone

The main camera of 5 megapixels, rather commonplace, there is autofocus. Removes bad in the sun room has lathers. If we compare the camera with a number of 8-megapixel camera on Android, it is likely to win, it is better unit.

We went out a fairly detailed overview of the system on which this device is based. All you need to know about it, is that it is raw and runs worse than Windows Phone 8.x, which loses much the same Android and looked not so wonderful alternative. If everything was just bad, but now it became even worse. Repeat your claims system does not see the point, you can read about it in the review.

Conclusion the review Lumia 550

In terms of voice quality during a call, it is a standard solution from Nokia / Microsoft – not bad, but not good, normal. Use one microphone. Vibrate remained silent, it is guaranteed to miss.

Price Lumia 550 at the time of the start of sales was 10 000 and almost immediately fell to 9500 rubles. Not far off is the day when the price drops even more, because this device is no demand. Interestingly, even the Lumia 540 sold better than the novelty from Microsoft.

Review Lumia 550: budget Windows Phone smartphone

According to an old memory such devices are perceived as devices from the first-tier manufacturers, but Microsoft has never been so and it will not be. This B-brand with all its shortcomings, in this case – the terrible quality of the software that makes the phone not very applicable for something more than calls and SMS. But it is also inconvenient as the touch dialer, as the work is not clear, there is a hangup (which before had never been) and reboot. In short, this is a very crude machine, and dampness associated with 10 Windows Mobile. The market ended with people who are ready to buy even such cheap solutions, because there are plenty of Android-smartphone offering similar hardware for less money. They can be listed for a long time, remember offhand Jinga Basco M500 4G, which appears at a slightly lower cost in the coming weeks, or 3G-version, which is cheaper and that.

This kind of device a lot, and if before the budget Lumia won them on the iron for its value, but now these days are gone. They have no absolutely no advantage that immediately affected the sales, they are not. Apparently, so Lumia 550 provide the load, as for the money do not buy it. As I see it, this sentence for the platform and low cost devices on it. However, another device, namely the Lumia 650 will go on sale, it will review in April. Interestingly, in all the forces opposed to Microsoft ensure that the device reviews on Windows Mobile 10 appear anywhere device company, in contrast to previous years, it does not give anyone. Why? The answer is obvious – Windows Phone project came to an end in the current incarnation. Buying a dead system, in my opinion, is akin to necrophilia.