Review Monitor Acer S7

Review Monitor Acer S7

Review Monitor Acer S7

We seldom test the monitors, I would say, almost never, the only exception was the Apple Thunderbolt Display, and then only because he is not only a monitor, and a great accessory for the MacBook.

Acer S7 came to me to the test with the Revo One, originally I planned to write about the two devices in one article, but realized that really hurt me like this monitor, and wanted to talk about it separately.

I shall warn that we should not expect this review to a bunch of charts and data colorimeter, I will not give them, but just tell you about the monitor in simple words for ordinary users.

First of all it is important to understand that this is a beautiful image model, so any little things are important here. And should you have on such a beautiful display with an excellent combination of white and silver, and from there extend two black wires, one from the power supply, the second from the HDMI-cable.

Review Monitor Acer S7

Appearance, materials, controls assembly Acer S7

How do you imagine a typical monitor? For me, this display, framed by a black rim, on one leg. Like TV, only smaller. It is an impersonal thing. In the best case, the manufacturer may release a white version of the monitor, but this all end design refinements.

But not in the Acer S7. Here, as in other devices line, design and materials paid particular attention to housing. Most of the front side covers 27-inch display, off you get the feeling that he frameless, but in fact the frame is simply not seen.

The lower part of the rim of the logo is made of aluminum, but ends though look the same, but made of conventional plastic.

The back of the monitor is white and covered with glass, and looks very similar to the lid of the laptop Acer Aspire S7.

Behind you can see the basic ins and outs of the monitor, as well as mesh stereo. Personally I did not like their sound, it is, in general, is good, but inferior to the iMac, and this despite the support for Dolby sound, and other technologies.

Review Monitor Acer S7

The manufacturer has established the following ports: DVI-D (HDCP), HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort, miniDisplayPort. As a Mac user I cannot mention the absence of MiniDP-cable is included, it seems to me, not worth saving on this.

In the lower right corner of the lower end of a number of buttons to control the settings of the monitor. To discuss in detail the settings in the relevant section.

The original design gives S7 unusual leg on which the monitor. It is asymmetric and shifted slightly to the right. Initially, this decision looks strange, but then you get used to it and notice it its charm. Incidentally, the leg, in contrast to the ends of the monitor is made of aluminum.

Frankly, I am delighted with the design of this monitor. This is one of those devices whose appearance will delight and a month, and a year later. Plus, S7 perfect the technique of Apple, so if you want a beautiful, ultra-high-resolution monitor, then necessarily to wait until the new Thunderbolt Display.

Dimensions Acer S7

I would like to separately draw your attention to the size of the monitor, but rather on its weight. Dimensions S7 – 614x451x154 mm, and weight – only 5.4 kg. For comparison, here is the size of Thunderbolt Display: 650x491x207 mm 10.80 kg. It’s not the most important parameter, but I immediately drew attention to the ease of Acer S7, when the carry and install it on the table.


Characteristics Value Screen size 27-inch Display resolution 3840×2160 points Value Type 163 PPI IPS panel Plastic Sheeting Brightness 300 cd / m2 Response time 4 ms.

Review Monitor Acer S7

Honestly, I watch the monitor market is not very active, but noted that unlike smartphones, this race is not so strong permissions, most manufacturers have stopped on FullHD and 2k-resolutions. When I was looking for S7 competitors with the same resolution, I noticed that they, in general, not very much. The reasons for this, in my opinion, two. First, most users such a high resolution display is not necessary. This is due to the second reason: poor scaling on Windows, which runs 4/5 of all computers. No, of course, built-in applications and Microsoft Edge works perfectly with 4k, but a step towards the kind of installing Skype, and you’re leaving the world of neat icons and crystal clear fonts.

Of course, the situation in OS X scaling is much better, so only Apple users rarely need additional monitors. Typically, they lack embedded displays, in the worst case they dokupal Thunderbolt Display. Once a reservation is definitely a niche user OS X, wishing to have a monitor with 4k is, it just is not that big.

But let us return to the resolution. Who would not say that, but 4k 27 inches looks great (in those applications, which it normally is maintained). Perfectly smooth picture very clear fonts, if the drawn thin marker.

The monitor is installed high-quality IPS-matrix, viewing angles close to the maximum, natural color reproduction.

The off seems as if the monitor and all frameless, but the first impression is deceptive, and when you turn, you still see even small, but the frame. When used, it is not particularly annoying.

But the angle of inclination is very small, in the region of 15 degrees. However, despite this, I can not say that experiencing any discomfort when using the monitor.

I should note that after Acer S7 back on my old iMac with FHD was, to put it mildly, sad. For such ultra-high resolution monitors with true words of Sergei Kuzmin, said even in the review of the first MacBook Pro Retina:

My point is that the Retina – a very cool and wonderful, original admiration quickly evaporates like the morning mist. However, there is another symptom Retina after sitting at a laptop screen the other sad. You know how good it was there, want to go back. Then comes the realization that you can solve problems with the computer, that is. But the seed of doubt is already sprouting through all the arguments of reason, and ends the matter removing the light of day cash or credit card.

Review Monitor Acer S7

You will enjoy this screen, I say quite seriously – with full responsibility I can state that there is nothing better in the laptop had never seen. But to be logical, the need for such a display is not at all.

According to Sergei, you can easily translate and Acer S7. You quickly get used to such a high resolution, and the admiration of the original is lost, but, as I wrote above, after the change to a regular monitor with a lower resolution is not so desirable.

Another advantage of the monitor is a matte finish. In theory, it should be slightly lower image quality and image, but in fact the difference is not very large. But no glare and the sun bleknuschey pictures.

Settings Acer S7

The Acer S7 has a number of settings allows you to adjust the monitor to fit your usage scenarios. Let’s start with the reading mode. When using it, all the colors on the screen start to leave in warm shades, and the same white becomes like a light beige. I specifically worked a couple of hours in this mode, and I should note that the load on the eye does become smaller.

In the settings have different color profiles, including sRGB. It also adjusted the brightness, contrast, and even the speaker volume.

In fact, the setting is not intuitive enough. For example, to change the volume and brightness would be nice to set separate rocker, each time not to climb into the settings to change the settings.

Review Monitor Acer S7

Conclusion Acer S7

I’m not a professional designer or photo editor, but it must be noted that the work on such a monitor is pleasant even for a simple user, you will definitely see the difference in the clarity of fonts and image quality.

In addition, as I mentioned above, Acer S7 simply gorgeous design, it is one of those devices, whose appearance will delight you, and after a week and a year later.

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