Review movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier – a man of character

Review movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier – a man of character


Attention, spoilers! 

From a review of  Captain America: The Winter Soldier directors Anthonyand Joe Russo , you need to make a reservation immediately. First, will be spoilers. Talk about the film and not to touch the history makes no sense. Secondly, the inevitable comparison with the trilogy of ” Iron Man”and duologue of” Torah . ” And also with the ” Avengers “. 

To begin with it is worth noting that “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”– unequivocally one of the best films from Marvel in recent years. If only because the characters are characters here disclosed to a greater extent than the standard “realized his mistake, corrected,” as it was, for example, in the first “Torah.”

Captain America is not going to lie, is not among the most popular superheroes. But he does not belong to the world of comics outsiders. His ratings then grow, then fall. The answer to this lies in the instability of his name. Steve Rogers was conceived as the embodiment of the patriotic spirit of America, its ideal scout. And so his popularity at home varies depending on the ratio of the average American to the government, the degree of trust and admiration. Popularity outside America Cap is not reduced to such a simple equation. It is important that now, after the scandal with global surveillance and indifferent government’s position on this issue, Americans undermined confidence considerably. But if there is no trust, why Captain America is booming? In the movie, Steve Rogers is not the government’s position. Moreover, he confronts her, defending the American spirit of freedom. And this is a major step for the hero, not to mention the studio.

In the first part of the ” Avenger “, so let’s be honest, the character could not be revealed, and appeared before the audience awkward and flat, like its original stature. Only the fans understand what Steve inadequately positive, patriotic and sympathetic. He is even ready to jump on a grenade that does not threaten anyone. And fans saw excellence Cap throw his shield at unimaginable paths.But no one saw this man for masculine look and almost masochistic desire is not always reasonable to look for trouble. And how here uglyadite for such and such a pretentious costume!

The same thing happened in ” The Avengers . ” Yes, we have tried to show the psychology of the character in the episode with the death of Agent Colson (after all remember that tragic moment with cards?), But this plot device again did not disclose the nature of Rogers. Chris Evans was simply nothing to play in both films. Why, his Johnny Storm in another superhero franchise ” Fantastic Four “and then looks more colorful with all its fiery antics and jokes. But in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”, on the contrary, we finally talk about normal human qualities Rogers. He does not boast off their abilities.He is naive, but not devoid of worldly wisdom. He – people with certain beliefs that go far beyond the phrase: “I follow orders with a sense of delight.”

Moreover, Steve confronts the initiative to raise into the air three gelikarriera to follow people and to launch preemptive strikes against criminals, contrary to his desire to unconditionally obey and be obedient soldier. He comes into direct conflict with Nick Fury, urging him to at least postpone the execution of the plan. In this controversial episode, we observe not only revealed the character of Steve, but a person Fury. Of course, Samuel L. Jackson is cool in all the previous films from Marvel. But how many personnel were shown? Also savvy and professional tricks again nothing.And, frankly, coolness Fury has always been very coolness Jackson. And in “The Other War” him earlier than anywhere else, give around – he puts on a real gunfight on the streets with a stationary machine gun and a bit of a single lightsaber in order to escape. So the audience gets its share of top-notch action and character – a new, hitherto unknown, face self.

And what about the Black Widow? Again, we all love Scarlett Johansson , no doubt, but that she was playing ” Iron Man 2 “or” The Avengers “? Character went no further than harsh fights using aikido and bustle bustle. But one thing is that throughout the “Other War” Natasha tries to pickSteve Woman, much more real than in the two previous films. Even Sam Wilson ( Anthony Mackie), who is also Sokol (not to be confused with Hawkeye), suddenly appeared in the film, appeared more human than many of the characters that we see is not the first time. In general, over theRousseau brothers characters rasstaralis to fame.

As for the action, generously spiced with special effects, and everything here is quite decent. After all, let’s be honest, the audience did not come for the emotional drama in superhero movies on blockbusters. Special effects delight – explosive, beautiful and abundant. Besides, little Steve in flashbacks looks much better than in the first film. The physics traditionally spat in Marvel, but who cares? Leave it meticulous seekers blunders and inconsistencies. Staging fights also performed at a better level. In the first film caused confusion among many strange flying shield Cap. Trifle, seemingly, but important. Yes, in the comics, he throws them for no reason, but on the screen it looked stupid and inappropriate. Now, Rogers, first, shield throws less and often uses it to block and melee and, secondly, periodically fights do without him, showing off her “supersoldatovost.”

As for the plot, it pleases completeness, although sometimes illogical and predictable. From time to time have to wonder how such a high level agents caught in a trap, and that the child would be seen through, or how Steve can be naive. A couple of moments is puzzling why the creators pulled so hard time creating artificial intrigue before disclose the identity of the Winter Soldier ( Sebastian Stan ), whose name was even featured in the original title? Most comic fans know who is hiding behind the mask. On one of our promo shots dashing villain with bionic arm is perfectly visible without it. Because the plot to build on the secret identity of the antagonist, at least not deliberately.

And yet, the story of the “Captain America” is distinguished from previous films scenes Marvel, which together with the ordinary epic, has the potential to impact on the future of film and television projects. It laid the very foundation of the magnitude of this story. And so many crossovers can spawn thanks to this idea Rousseau brothers!

Well, the whole film was a success, despite the awkwardness, which will become food for the fan disputes. But one thing is certain: it seems that the first film adaptation of the Marvel comic book feels very real. No, we certainly at the heart of explosions, shootings and other entertaining mess.But in this case a double pleasure from the fact that when this extravaganza fit in my head is a veil more. Attention to the characters, their attempt disclosure makes familiar heroes finally outgrow itself cease to be the same paper as the pages of graphic novels from which they descended. History grows with us, and Captain America all the heroes of the first doing this step. Moreover, it is quite proves its worth and even leaves ambitious bid for future leadership in the group of the Avengers. One can only hope that in the next Marvel movies he does step back.