Review movie Edge of Tomorrow – death as a means of survival

Review movie Edge of Tomorrow – death as a means of survival


The idea with the repetition of the same day is not very popular among big-budget films creators. Matter is thin, it is very easy to spoil. But the authors of the tape Edge of Tomorrow  took as a basis the Japanese novel about a soldier living night infinite number of times, and constructed on the basis of its outstanding fiction thriller.

Old Europe was dominated by similar mechanical cuttlefish aliens. To combat these ultra-fast and powerful creatures, called mimicry, people come up with exoskeletons and were able to turn the tide of the conflict. Left to do the last jump and smash enemy massive attack. In the decisive battle participates William Cage (played by Tom Cruise), a cowardly “rear rat.” He regularly killed in the first few minutes after landing, but resurrected the day before the attack and going through it all over again. Then again dies, is resurrected again and again.

History starts slowly. Authors let you know not the best character traits Cage, imbued with the importance of the upcoming events and severe rules in the future army. But all this lasts only as long as necessary, and replaced by a gorgeous variation of landing on Omaha Beach in “Saving Private Ryan.” Only here, in coming into people in the exoskeleton, and confront them frisky monsters. Convincingly demonstrated the horrors of war with aliens and helpless people in front of them.


Hero tries to break out of the vicious circle, finds an ally in the legendary warrior (the role went to Emily Blunt), and tries to save the world. And the banal, in general, the theme in the film transformed due to the fact that Cage remembers his actions, and many associates perceive it as a madman.

The film perfectly illustrates the process of development and change its Cage outlook. He begins his journey unsympathetic coward turns into a warrior to later become a leader ready to move to sacrifice people to achieve a common goal. Of course, without the heroine Blunt would have been impossible. This character appears as an ideal soldier who puts the success of the operation and above all over again with a straight face sends Cage “reset” – shot in the head.

– Drink coffee, and I’ll kill you.

More authors Edge of Tomorrow does not mind playing with the audience and make the most diverse one day. Some scenes at first behind the scenes, others are constantly changing. Sometimes the audience with William first encounter problems. Sometimes Cage already manages a hundred or relive some point (it is not displayed) and is aware of all the events in advance.

Not without humor with sudden death, irony on recurring situations and relationships hero to the world. Complementing the picture unobtrusive love line, but it looks like a mandatory attribute, as a positive ending.


Narration is gaining a furious pace and turns into a dynamic sequence of trial and error, with unpredictable results; then settles down and gives information about aliens or past heroes; that radically changes the rules of the game. Minor characters are written well into the ring system and to the final fate of their cause genuine interest. Especially failed sergeant played by Bill Paxton.

Scale battle is repeated here, but the hero is improving and changing conditions in their favor. So even unchanging scenery do not interfere with the characters in different ways to deal with facial expressions or die. Authors diluted action shooting trips and battles without exoskeletons.

Not least dignity Edge of Tomorrow is a style “on realism.” In the film, there is no bright colors, gray tones, muted. So what is happening like adult military thriller with a touch of futurism and not another staging of “comic book”.


Edge of Tomorrow is notable not only with the concept of multiple experience the same day, but also masterfully built narration, exciting battles, and at the same time successful jokes and attractive image of a woman warrior. Tape a little naive, but she definitely deserves a look. After all, one of the most successful sci-fi thriller in recent years.