Review of the movie “Grudge Match”

Review of the movie “Grudge Match”

review movie grudge match 02
review movie grudge match 02

Boy, that was worth the wait

“Grudge Match” has long aroused my interest in him. Naturally, the fight veterans Stallone and De Niro in the boxing ring. Rocky against a raging bull.

Naturally, the more attracted me, so it’s a genre, not a drama,  it’s a comedy.


The film begins with cuts reports devoted to “the two largest competitors,” about their previous fights, and those in the general account given draw eventually. Had held a long-awaited rematch, but decided to leave Raiser boxing career, and began to live a normal life. They both began to live it in principle, though the second, with his “normal life” much more fortunate. Problems surrounded the raiser, yet forcing him to return, and the investigator Kid …


These actors can not play bad. Of Sly and De Niro came out great acting duo, even though their characters do not represent the team. Although they are complete opposites: one-appreciates those around him, the other-only studies, one fair, and the other again, just learning. But it was interesting to watch them both, and as yet their malicious rivalry turned into a partnership.

Review of the movie "Grudge Match"

Kim Basinger, Sally Rose. Reiser’s former lover, but still loving and empathize with women trying to fix the mistakes of the past.

Alan Arkin, his every appearance on screen, the viewer is forced to laugh. “Lightning” – experienced athlete and coach, who has lived “a life of dignity,” and that is simply due to her anguish teasing his student.

Kevin Hart played here Dante Slate ml. He is the son once quite successful promoter. He’s a loser, who inherited all the notoriety of his father, and trying to break into the top, or at least somewhere. Whimsical, wacky and fun characters.

John Berntral BJ. Illegitimate son Kyd, which Kid did not know. He proved to be more useful than the audience might expect. And perhaps, he stimulated Kid train well, and actually trained him myself.


“Grudge Match”- a great comedy for the mood. Of course, not a standard comedy, but all you need on the spot, good humor (a joke on the joke, do not give respite), great cast, all of which have perhaps the viewer to imagine a more or less normal plot and a great soundtrack. Going there, I was not in a very good mood, coming out of the hall, I could not stop laughing. I recommend! “

9 out of 10