Review MSI GS40 Phantom – thin gadget for gamers

Review MSI GS40 Phantom – thin gadget for gamers

Review MSI GS 40 Phantom - thin gadget for gamers

MSI has introduced a new solution for the type of users who do not like to play on the desktop and choose mobility. Once such gamers had to carry a computer cases unassembled around the world, and today we can put in the bag laptop weighing 1.6 kilograms and even go to Goa to play the latest shooters and strategy. The company’s engineers have given the most advanced electronic device, so that the user can play at a sufficient level of graphics and the number of frames per second in any modern games, but to pay for such happiness will have quite a lot. Judge for yourself – when the video card in a laptop worth $ 700, it will not be cheap at all desire of the developer. But gamers have always been such a class of people who are willing to give big money for the extra fps, and the level of graphics in your favorite product. It is time to evaluate a new gadget for games!

Specification MSI GS40 Phantom

Inside the laptop MSI GS40 Phantom is the processor Intel Core i7-7800HQ generation Skylake, so that nothing is more powerful at the moment in the mobile market, you will not be able to find. The processor has better performance than previous models and thus generates less heat, although the laptop still gets very hot. For notebook graphics card will meet the NVIDIA GTX 970M, will appear on the display image of the highest quality in any gaming product. Whether Witcher 3 or Halo latest release, you can play flawlessly on the quality and speed. RAM in the laptop 32 gigabytes, it is possible to self-upgrade in the future. Although someone may not have 32 gigabytes of RAM in the next couple of years? Even the coolest Star Ward last generation requires 16 to store personal content using SSD drive in the amount that you will choose the time of purchase.

The case design MSI GS40 Phantom

The developers tried to make the appearance of the device MSI GS40 Phantom most aggressive and at the same time subtle. Outside the verge of a material with a matte finish and texture of the metal, so you can comfortably carry it in their hands and are not afraid of scratches on the sidewalls are standard connectors for peripherals, and on the back of the edge has two radiator grille and the power supply connector. Keyboard island type has red illumination characteristic MSI, and the side faces are bevelled in certain areas to create the effect of a thin shell. The total weight of the device with the battery is 1.6 kg.

Review MSI GS 40 Phantom - thin gadget for gamers
Rewards MSI GS40 Phantom

The display is 14 inches with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. The Matrix is ​​built on IPS technology with wide viewing angles, but the screen is not touch-sensitive, as many had expected. In addition to standard connectors, the device also has a new port USB type-C, a full-size HDMI and other important for the gamer buns. You can image on a large screen display or charge a new generation of smart phones. In the battery life of laptop stand 2-3 hours a casual toy in 3D will be even less.

Conclusion MSI GS40 Phantom

The notebook MSI GS40 Phantom is all for true gamers – powerful processor, the new generation of graphics cards, RAM type DDR4, the ability to install at least 1 terabyte SSD drive, clear display and many outlets for peripherals. In addition, the weight of the new items is perfect for traveling or permanent transportation around the city. The manufacturer has not yet called the price, but clearly the minimum grade will cost between $ 1,500 and above. Is it worth it? Naturally.