Review: Need for Speed Rivals (Xbox 360)

Review: Need for Speed Rivals (Xbox 360)

Need for Speed Rivavls 05
Need for Speed Rivavls 05

Need for Speed ​​series has a reputation for prudent commercial product, new parts are produced annually without significant innovations, like FIFA or Call of Duty. In fact, it’s weird. During the 20 years of its existence, Need for Speed ​​has replaced a lot of concepts in search of the perfect formula or almost completely arcade simulyatornoy physical models, the presence or absence of the police, and the tuning of the financial system, city, country or sports setting. Clear outline of the “ideal formula” began to take somewhere in 2005, with the release of the first Most Wanted: racers against cops, open world, insane speed. Rivals not only makes all prescription, but also adds its own touches.

Developers:Ghost Games and Criterion Games
Electronic Arts
Genres:Arcade / Racing ( Cars ) / 3D
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Speeders and police confrontation takes place in a fictional county Redvers. The resort town, forests, deserts, snow-capped mountains, gray motorways – landscapes are changing, like a kaleidoscope. Of course, in such a landscape diversity of life found only in significantly bólshih territories, but Rivals spits on reality and creates his own universe, racing paradise. Local roads are designed as a sport route – in any route you’ll meet, and high-speed sections, and steep turns. The authors carefully avoid right angles: intersections are a rare sight, even in urban areas. Redvers – is a fantasy world of racing, a huge track with alternating scenery.

This fantasy world wants you to do only one thing – that you were driving as fast as possible. Game Total incite: click on the gas! Put the speed record on this site! Jump into the farthest from this springboard! Even the most banal move from point A to point B and then turn into adventures – along the way you will meet another rider and challenged him (“Hmm, its more powerful Lamborghini, Ferrari but my well primed.’s See who wins!” ). And in the midst of a duel to you surely join the police.

In last year’s Most Wanted Brief information about the game cops believed player game and hit-to-kill – had to retreat, seek shelter and lie on the bottom, waiting for the roundup. Rivals disclaims pryatok: the only way to get rid of the police – to put it down. Local cops too aggressive and pushy, but now they are not just trying to destroy you the most effective way. Their mission – to spur you to remind you that you can go faster.

Group races assign an important role “technologies chase” – fighting gadgets that slows enemies. Opponents can scatter the shock wave hit brake electromagnetic pulse and so on. But competitors and relieve themselves in the mines and push bumpers. Oil painting: the back – the police, next – rivals, and everyone wants to destroy you. Here again Rivals pedaliruet main theme Overdrive! Relative rest is just ahead, but to break away from the opponents, you need to go even faster.

In his racing career “earnings” under constant attack – money servants speed points credited to your account only when you get safely to the shelter. The higher the level of the chase, the higher “fees” for traffic chaos, but to get into the hands of the police is to lose all points earned per session. This mechanic makes Rivals incredible gamble. Speeding, you risk breaking or miss a turn – but too neat pilots come to the finish line with a half-empty pockets. Had to control myself, I pull another race or not? Do handle with even more pursuers? Is it time to go back to the shelter – or worth the risk and increase the rates? Game encourages crazy driving, but it requires a sober assessment of their strength before press on gas.

A. C. A. B.

If career speeder in perfect harmony with the mechanics of Rivals, then on the side of the police game loses focus. Racers – the center of the new Need for Speed, and the cops – only a part of their game. Translating the player on the other side of the conflict, the developers do not offer a viable alternative to the same entertainment. Despite the dozens of conflicts (with rivals, police or highway with its own arrogance), the purpose of the riders one – cross the finish line / access to asylum. All the mechanics Rivals built around in order to motivate the rider, he sought to achieve its goal as quickly as possible. These are ideal conditions for creating mass wow moments.

The police is different. They do not need so desperately to push on the gas. They are required to keep offenders in sight and regularly remind myself to side and rear impacts. Overtaking road adventurers need only to lose them under the wheels of spikes – and again to slow down. Yes, the game is for the cops, too, creates tension, but for other purposes. This is not a reckless passion and focus, but a kind of occupational stress – to be missed sight of the opponent, the chances of catching him plummet.

Game Mode for punishing drivers for high stakes, but turns a blind eye on the little things – why it is so fascinating. In a career cop Rivals and then puts the player spoke in the wheel, requiring diligent follow goals – and it is simply boring. Want fascinating persecution? Run Grand Theft Auto V Brief information about the game . Why are there – even mode “Cinderella Man” in mobile Asphalt 8 Brief information about the game and it is better.

Not much and the system saves the All-Drive, to connect to other players games. There is a problem of scale: the server can accommodate only six pilots alive, and in the vast Redvers (a much larger area of Feyrhevena Most Wanted Brief information about the game ) It is difficult to cross. Police have to wind the many kilometers to get really interesting pursuit of living opponent. Racers All-Drive is also not particularly relevant – they are easy to find adventure and without other players. Local boats surprisingly actively chase each other – you can go about his business, and as a result in the dismantling barge, which started a virtual pilots. And while every minute riders are finding new things to do, cops frankly sad – this celebration of life was not created for them.

The essence of the new Need for Speed ​​is well expressed in the title of the series. Ghost Games made ​​the game speed – and only her. All the basic mechanics Rivals exist for one thing – to make a fast ride as much interesting. Developers realized that common sense and believability clamped format “racers against cops” too narrow limits, and threw them away.

Rivals – this crazy racing utopia: a regular change of scenery, submunitions, police-stunt. Suppose for the moment the game of cops are not too fit into this fast idyll, and server limitations do not allow to reveal potential All-Drive, these questions may decide in the next game. However, if today Need for Speed ​​does not suffer from fierce competition, soon she will challenge Driveclub Brief information about the game And then The Crew Brief information about the game . See who wins.