Review nettop Acer Revo RL85: close to “Apple”

Review nettop Acer Revo RL85: close to “Apple”

Review nettop Acer Revo RL85: close to
Review nettop Acer Revo RL85: close to "Apple"

Acer Revo RL85 proves that minimalist and beautiful design can do not only to Apple. Moreover, we take the liberty, and say that at least two parameters mini-computer from Acer is better than the Mac mini.

We will not weary: These two parameters – the size and grade. Let’s start with the first. Of course, Mac mini can boast of low height – it’s good, but not always true. As a rule, the desktop is much more important footprint. And the area of ​​the Acer Revo RL85 significantly less computer from Apple. Moreover, the Taiwanese even less than the router Apple Time Capsule.

As for the second – we were initially annoyed rather big box, which comes Revo RL85, but then gave way to disappointment pleasant surprise – complete keyboard and mouse were found. Of course, wireless. However, for them we have a couple complaints, but more on that below.

What’s more Revo RL85 convenient mini-poppy – a memory card slot at the top of him (not to be clogged with dust, he covered the inside shutter flip), and not from behind. It is more convenient, you know – no need to reach for every time the back part.

But, of course, something Mac mini (unless we are talking exclusively about the structural features) and exceeds the Taiwanese – for example, power supply from Apple computer built, while the Revo RL85 – appearance, although small, the size of a notebook.

Ports and connectors

In terms of available ports and connectors Acer Revo RL85 also quite reminiscent of Mac mini. There are four USB-ports, but only two of them – USB 3.0 (in the last two generations of Mac mini – All four ports are ports USB 3.0).

Review nettop Acer Revo RL85: close to "Apple"

Ports and connectors Acer Revo RL85. One USB port is a transmitter for the keyboard and mouse.

To connect a monitor (or TV) is provided as an HDMI port and DisplayPort (miniDP configuration).

Of course, there is a Gigabit Ethernet-port and a combined audio jack (mic input and line output – in one “bottle”).

And a bonus – Kensington lock (by the way, is absent from the Mac mini). He uses few, to be honest, but it’s better when it is, it’s not necessary (suddenly will ever need) than they need, but it is not.

Keyboard and mouse

As we have said, complete with Acer Revo RL85 present wireless keyboard and mouse. However, for them we have two claims.

Claim first – Handling work with the help of USB-transmitter. Well, of course, that both the transmitter device is only one, but the bad that he is here because there is just limiting the number of USB-ports available to three instead of four.

Review nettop Acer Revo RL85: close to "Apple"

How could we do? The first option – to make a Bluetooth connection, as in the same Apple. The second option – to build a transmitter inside the housing, it is soldered directly to the motherboard. If the user wanted to connect your mouse / keyboard – it would not hurt, but the USB-port would not have to borrow.

The claim the second – not very comfortable keyboard. By modern standards, the keys are too high and unusual work with them. However, if the Acer Revo RL85 will become your primary computer, it will not be a big problem – get used to it.

But, in any case, the Acer is worth praise for the fact that your computer is already equipped with the necessary input devices. Recall bundled with Mac mini keyboard and mouse are not supplied.

Operating system

Initially Acer Revo RL85 delivered on Windows 8.1, but to us he had come with the installed Windows 10. But even if you will fall Windows 8.1, a free upgrade to the 10 Winwows Home – business hours maximum.

Works with Windows 10 on Acer Revo RL85 convenient. Really convenient. The author of these lines a few years ago moved on OS X, and tend to return to the Windows world perceives as torture. However, in this case, no particular problems with the “back habituation” arose.

System Information

Indeed, if we reject the claims about privacy, Windows 10 – a good and intelligent operating system. Much more comfortable than it was Windows 7 and, especially, Windows 8.

Review nettop Acer Revo RL85: close to "Apple"


Revo RL85 – not a computer game, and engage in, for example, by treatment with a photo or video on it is not particularly work. It is necessary to understand and not require the “baby” more than what it was designed. As an office computer is a perfect solution. However, choosing between the configuration with the Intel Celeron and Intel Core i3, we strongly recommend the second option. It is because of performance.

We tried Minecraft (without fashion OptiFine uncomfortable with it – quite as fit), World Of Tanks (on low settings 30-45 FPS – this is enough for the game), Asphalt 8.

Incidentally, for Windows 10, more and more coming out “mobile” projects of the same type Asphalt 8. They have no problem Revo RL85. However, “special» Minecraft (Windows 10 Edition) for some reason, refused to run, we played in the “normal”. Well, when we mention here World Of Tanks, we mean it is a full version, not the Blitz.

Well, it should be noted that as the computer runs quietly. It literally can not hear. I can not hear the fan, do not hear the hard drive, Acer Revo RL85 does not manifest itself outwardly, except diode backlight. Note also that the maximum power consumption and lower than the Mac mini, despite the fact that the “apple” nettop very, very cost-effective (for a laptop is an important parameter).

In general, if you decide to take the Revo RL85 with a, let’s say, to the country, in the office or on the presentation – it takes up very little space in your bag. Just do not forget the external power supply! Without in any way.


Mini PC Acer Revo RL85 leaves a good impression. Typically, the technique Acer often in doubt – they have both excellent products, and frankly bad. But Revo RL85 – definitely a good product. All the testing we did not see any hardware failure, problems with ergonomics or even what some “sudden”, usually hiding at first sight.

At the same time, for his “iron” the computer is bright enough, and loaded as quickly as though inside him instead of HDD is the SSD. And even in some games you can play – just a bonus again.

Competitors had little. Because of the dollar, now even nettops are prohibitively expensive. Mac mini, which was once the author bought for the same 30 thousand rubles, and now a similar configuration is 50-60. Moreover, the new version of its netbook was the analogue performance, while previously it was a full-fledged workstation.

Other nettops – a very cheap solution on Intel Atom is not the most reliable of the producers, or good, but expensive. And Acer Revo RL85 – he is a good and inexpensive. With that, a very compact, quiet and incredibly beautiful.