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Review Nikon KeyMission 170 action camera: Better than GoPro?

When GoPro action camera appeared on the market, many users began to buy it simply because of good marketing. A lot of athletes skated with such cameras, so the device became associated with professional equipment. Although, in fact, some cameras from the same segment were even better in terms of recording quality, and accessories are cheaper. However, new players in the market are quite small, but Nikon KeyMission 170 camera has become a real breath of fresh air.

New action camera is quite interesting, stylish, and there are a lot of great features like protective accessories in the delivery package. In general, Nikon KeyMission 170 is a good product and if you want some kind of diversity or plan to get the maximum quality for your money.

Review Nikon KeyMission 170 action camera: Better than GoPro?

Nikon KeyMission 170: Specifications

Nikon KeyMission 170 image sensor is CMOS 1/2.3″ with 12.71 megapixels. This is enough to shoot a photo or video in excellent quality, without artifacts. Of course, we cannot judge the quality of video only on specifications. But now cameras are shot approximately the same, since they are built on the same matrixes. Only professionals will notice the difference.

Review Nikon KeyMission 170 action camera: Better than GoPro?

Nikon KeyMission 170 shoots in 4K resolution at 30 frames per second. Also it’s also possible to shoot at 1080p and 720p, where the frame rate is noticeably higher.

The camera’s viewing angle is 170 degrees, so there is a certain fish-eye effect. The aperture is F2.8, and the focal length f=2.4 mm.

If you look only at specs, then the camera is not much different from the competitors, but in fact the difference is palpable.

Nikon KeyMission 170: Design

Most modern action cameras look like a brick. They have a form of parallelepiped, rarely – with small deviations. Nikon KeyMission 170 has almost the same form, only here there is still a noticeably bulging lens, which makes one of the corners round.

Review Nikon KeyMission 170 action camera: Better than GoPro?

It is convenient to keep the gadget in your hand, or mount on some holders, too. The weight of the camera with a protective cap and battery is 134 grams. It is an excellent result for such a powerful solution.

Nikon KeyMission 170: Features

Let’s start with the fact that Nikon KeyMission 170 includes a remote control in the delivery set, which is quite convenient and understandable. Further, there are mountings of different types, there is a protective nozzle for underwater shooting.

The camera itself is protected by the certificate IP68. So, it can be immersed under water and thrown on the stones, but in order not to damage the lens, you need to use the nozzle. We are pleased with 1.5-inch display and Wi-Fi module. It gives you the ability to work with data remotely.

Review Nikon KeyMission 170 action camera: Better than GoPro?

Nikon KeyMission 170: Conclusion

At the moment the price of Nikon KeyMission 170 is about $399.99. It is quite expensive, but GoPro costs no less. Moreover, Nikon action camera offers better picture, accessories in the kit, the control panel. In general accessories for Nikon camera is a little cheaper, which will save your money in the future. So you should look at both cameras, decide which one you like best and then take it for your own needs.

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