Review Nokia Lumia 2520

Review Nokia Lumia 2520

nokia lumia 2520 00
nokia lumia 2520 00

About this tablet rumors circulated for a long time, and after information that Nokia will soon become part of Microsoft, the output of this device was called into question. We have repeatedly recalled the first tablet Nokia video blog, wondered whether he will be released and will run on Windows 8 RT, from which not only refused lazy. Now, when the tablet visited us, I am ready to tell you what it represents.

Nokia has introduced its first tablet at the event Nokia World 2013, held in Abu Dhabi. At that time, the announcement was more or less obvious, but not all Windows RT bugging me. Obviously, the development of the device started a long time and change something fundamentally was impossible, so we saw this in the device OS. However, as it turned out, it’s not so sad. But let’s start with appearance.

As with all Nokia, 2520 is sold in its original blue packaging. This kotobka quality, extract plate nicely. But the most pleasant to get tablet itself – it is here that you realize how quality piece in hand! Tablets, particularly with screens 10 inches or more, often cause sensation brittleness and fragility, can call only some actually molded. Immediately we got almost perfect assembly and a very attractive design, consistency in the general style with other models Nokia Lumia. Plastic casing are available several colors, I got the red. How many colored tablets on the market today have? Basically, they are all reserved, although some, such as the new Nexus 7, would go very red, yellow, green. In the case of the 2520, you can choose from red, blue, white or black. As in other models Nokia, depending on the color, or plastic is glossy or mat. For example, black – matt and red as I have – glossy.

Generally, in my opinion, in the grayness of life, and so lacking, bright gadgets even a little diluted with this fact. By the way, I recently got a little yellow cover for iPhone – wanted bright. This pleases everyone else and that your Nokia device does not resemble any other one, they are completely unique.

Body not only feels solid and monolithic, so he is. No back cover, side edge, ribbons and any other nonsense – only one item, which are inserted all the innards, immured under the 10.1 “screen. This design I like it, do not see the point of the tablet shell different parts if the body is not folding.

Volume keys and locks are placed on the top edge, and MicroUSB connectors Micro HDMI right on the bottom – the dock connector for the keyboard and to the left – the connectors for the headset and charger. The top side also has a slot for a memory card and SIM card. By the way, supported LTE, working in Russia. Unfortunately, the charging is performed only through Port nokievsky, despite the fact that there MicroUSB. How would clear why this was done: a non-standard connector plate 80% charged in just one hour, through the MicroUSB this was not achieved. But why not keep at least the opportunity to charge slowly through the universal port?

But let’s think about the feasibility of such a device. Clearly, Nokia is not positioning it as a mobile computer, 2520 – exactly tablet. Only if you want the functionality can be expanded with keyboard sold separately, the cost of which in the U.S. is $ 150. This accessory turns Nokia Lumia 2520 laptop into a kind of – it will be possible more comfortable typing, the cursor can be controlled using the touchpad, and USB 2.0, you can connect something else, such as a USB flash drive. In addition, the docking keyboard also will recharge the tablet, adding to his 11 hours of work 5 more. Cost Nokia Lumia 2520 in the states is $ 500, excluding taxes. And without the keyboard. We have much greater price tag – about $ 700. And that’s a lot! For example, ASUS Transformer Book T100 will cost only $ 470, and is officially here! Moreover, since the keyboard. Yes, the keyboard without the battery, but with USB 3.0. Do ASUS has significant advantages in the form of value, said in a complete USB 3.0 keyboard, and most importantly – a full Windows 8.1, which greatly expands the number of stofta. On the other hand, Nokia cuter with a better display, and a better camera lives longer on a single charge. What do you think, is it worth such an overpayment?


He is the technology ClearBlack and has a resolution Full HD. Density of pixels at a diagonal 10.1 “is 218 dpi. Thanks to 650 nits brightness, the display must remain readable in the sun. At Nokia World in general said that there is the bright screen of the tablet. In fact, since 2520, you can easily work in the sunlight, and the display will remain informative. Covered with a protective glass screen Gorill Glass 2. Maximum viewing angles.


What to expect from Nokia is not necessary – a bad camera in the flagship device. Even if it is a tablet. The main camera has a plate optics Carl Ceiss sensor and 6.7 MP. It is a strong place the tablet, if the camera should be considered as any place on the plate. Nevertheless, I have seen people who are photographed on the plates. When not at hand would be nothing but a more or less high-quality picture or video clip to stay need be grateful developers. Camera application, as has already been taken in the devices Nokia, advanced. Front camera – 1.2 MP.

Software and specifications

My opinion would be better if 2520 was a modified version of Windows Phone, with the full support of the application from the mobile OS. Yet, Windows RT – not the most popular decision, it is unlikely developers will write software for this OS, and even games for WP normalno began to appear, there’s GTA San Andreas even started. And here and percents, and the graphics are steep, but for what they use? 800 Snapdragon, Adreno 300, 2 GB of RAM – all as it should be modern flagship device, but why? For growth? Neither strong graphic editors nor demanding games for Windows RT no, or there, but very deep, where I did not find them. In fairness, digging in the app store longer, I found there train simulator Trainz (who, incidentally, were rare HS), and even farm simulator Riptide GP first and second version (the latter looks really cool). But, in fact, is the only game that is more or less demanding on hardware, but it would be enough of the previous generation processor.

Designed exclusively for Nokia Dragons Adventure game also demanding on hardware, for FullHD-video such performance is also not needed.

  • Dimensions: 267 x 168 x 8.9 mm.
  • Weight: 615 g
  • Operating System: Windows 8.1 RT.
  • Processor: Quad, Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 (MSM8974), 2,2 GHz.
  • Graphics: Adreno 330.
  • Display: IPS, ClearBlack, 10,1 “, 1920 × 1080 pixels, 218 ppi.
  • Memory: 32 GB of flash, Micro SD.
  • RAM: 2 GB.
  • Camera: Basic – 6.7 MP, video recording 1080 p, 30 f / s, front – 1.2 MP.
  • Wireless Technology: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4,0, NFC.
  • Interface connectors: 3.5mm headphone jack, Micro USB, Micro HDMI.
  • Battery: Li-Pol battery 8120 mAh.

What can not deny – the tablet runs fast. The main complaints about the Surface tablet from Microsoft, who also worked on Windows RT, were small and quite useless autonomy speed. In 2520 Lumia either one or the other is no problem. Basically, the OS has basic applications that I need: Evernote, Dropbox and others. However, the absence of the Chrome browser upset me, Internet Explorer for touch screens really good (no kidding), but I no longer use other ecosystem where all tied to each other – ecosystem Google. If you’re ready to start from scratch and use the services of Microsoft, 2520 can easily arrange for you.


In the end, I liked the tablet. More precisely, left behind a pleasant experience. He quality, nice and fast. It is almost as if to Nokia came and said: “Take Windows RT and make something good out of this,” Nokia and coped well. Made the best of what has been. Basically, if you do not find fault, I’m sure many of such a device would be able to replace a laptop: then you and the office, and popular applications such as Evernote, but would have to look for an alternative guglovym services. Although far behind them do not need to – all can be found at Microsoft. Here are just a question of how much such a device should cost, because of the presence on the market players such as ASUS, producing plates on a full Windows 8.1 on a much more affordable price. On the other hand, a good tablet with 3G and 32 GB of expandable memory for 500 $ (in the states) – not bad. What do you think?