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Review of smartwatch Huawei Watch

Review of smartwatch Huawei Watch

Huawei has had the experience of creating wearable devices even before the release of Huawei Watch. The first fitness wristband TalkBand B1 was sold more than a year ago, and actually smart watches were first shown at the beginning of 2015 the MWC in Barcelona. Since then, Huawei had to demonstrate their clocks on several shows, including IFA 2015, but the timing of the start of sales constantly shifted, and as a result users new accessory has become available only recently, at the end of the year. Does Huawei Watch worth such a long wait, and how those hours are interesting from the competition? Let’s see together.

Huawei Watch: Design, materials

The highlight of Huawei Watch it can be considered design. Even during the first demonstrations of hours or even earlier, when there were only official renderings, it looks Huawei Watch struck first. What did the company to this effect? Nothing special, just took a design typical of classic watches and used it. It turned out well first of all, because none of the competitors have not yet done this. Watches from Samsung – futuristic, watches from Asus – quiet, but a bit impersonal, Motorola was the closest, but the first version of Moto 360 All ports cut in the bottom of the screen, because of which formed the image was not in a circle, and a low-cut, and the second generation of hours left for about the same time as Huawei Watch, when the latter have drawn their share of attention.

There are three versions of the enclosures for Huawei Watch. Just a steel hull, steel, painted in gold and steel, painted black. The golden bezel execution risks on the edge of a black – a massive and inscribed in it signs. There are also several types of straps – block of metal, a mesh (of metal) of the smooth texture of the skin and skin. Watches in steel black colors look a little more massive due to the large bezel, steel and gold version of the visually seem a bit smaller.

Review of smartwatch Huawei Watch

For the watch uses stainless steel (316L), and the screen is covered with a sapphire crystal that protects it from scratches and other damage. Wherein the glass has a good oleophobic coating, and the pin slides without problems on the surface.

The straps can be changed by their attachment to the body of a simple but at the same time reliable. If you decide to take the version of the Huawei Watch with block metal strap, keep in mind that to adjust the length of the strap will need to remove the blocks with the help of available tools or watch shop. In this regard, Huawei’s smart watches are no different from the classical mechanical and quartz watches with straps of this type.

In terms of appearance, Huawei Watch – best smart watches to date, if you like the classic watch. In terms of performance, it is also a very high level: high-quality stainless steel, sapphire crystal, a great assembly, not just complain about what.

Huawei Watch: Dimensions, weight

Case diameter Huawei Watch – 42 mm thickness – a little more than 11 millimeters. The size of the clock to get a universal, they will look appropriate on a thin wrist, and mighty. This is the case when the color and type of strap play a more important role. To some extent the clock can even be called a unisex model, a variant of the gold color will suit girls, but the weight of over 130 grams, it seems to me, makes a purely masculine accessory.

Review of smartwatch Huawei Watch

Huawei Watch: Display

Watches are equipped with a round AMOLED-display with a diagonal of 1.4 ” and a resolution of 400×400 pixels. As I noted above, the screen is covered with a sapphire crystal and has a good oleophobic coating. There is an automatic adjustment of brightness, as well as manual, where you can select one of the ten divisions of the backlight.

Review of smartwatch Huawei Watch

Perhaps because of the use of AMOLED-matrix display has not the most spectacular viewing angles, rejecting the picture a bit distorted, but it is still perfectly readable, so I do not think it’s a disadvantage. The rest of the AMOLED are some pluses – a huge stock of brightness, which is enough even for screen reading hours on a bright sunny day, juicy picture that is important to the small screen, and overall balanced performance.

Of course, while screens in smart watches are not good enough to when any of the dial you and others seemed to have on hand the real clock. But in the case of Huawei Watch collection of watch design and a bright AMOLED-display with the correct selection of the dial allows you to select a good face and get almost indistinguishable from classic watch.

Huawei Watch: Control

Almost all control clock is done by touch screen. Also on the case is one mechanical key, it is used to turn on silent mode or open the application menu.

Huawei Watch: Platform performance

From a performance standpoint, Huawei Watch is no different from most other current smart watches on the market, it uses Qualcomm Snapdragon platform 400 with processor 1.2 GHz, 512 MB RAM and 4 GB of internal memory for storing applications and dials, as well as other user information. I used to watch for a month almost every day and during that time did not notice any problems as regards speed. Yes, sometimes there is a delay or lag, but these are isolated cases, in general, Huawei Watch run smoothly and quickly.

Review of smartwatch Huawei Watch

Huawei Watch: Features, work with your smartphone

Buying any smart watches, you need to understand exactly why you take them. This is incredibly important because the market for wearable electronics is still being formed, and many people take the device simply because it is fashionable or cheap. Among my friends of many of those who ask to bring them Xiaomi Mi Band, only to measure sleep, for example, or even to leave his home on the shelf.With clever clock situation is exactly the same – many buy this accessory, and then do not understand why they need it. All this results in a negative feedback and stories that smart watches are useless.But it is not.

In terms of features Huawei Watch – typical of the current generation of smart watches based on Android Wear. Their first “skill” – actually, watches showing time. With this you can choose from several hundred (basic availability 30-40) face, to see not only the time in analog or digital format, but other data on the day of the week and the weather to news reports and so on. There are different themed dials make the watch like terminal from Fallout, toys and so on. The options are many and the choice is really great.

Second – here you can set up a notification vibration for different customers text messages (Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.), vibration for incoming calls, e-mail, calendar events, and so on. That is, to use Huawei Watch how the notification system, so as not to get the smartphone out of your pocket every time you have a new message or somebody wrote in “Telegram”.

Third – Sports Tracker. Watch “know how” is passed steps, distance, approximate calories burned, and heart rate is measured, as well as, of course, cherish and sort this information by displaying the latest in the form of graphs or diagrams.

The clock operates on Android Wear, compatible with smartphones on Android and iOS, and there is a set of standard applications, as well as the ability to install additional software. With Huawei Watch can watch the weather, read news, to play music on your phone and do many other things. Also for Android Wear There are various simple toys and utilities.

Review of smartwatch Huawei Watch

Huawei Watch: Working hours

The watch has a removable battery capacity of 300 mAh. Full battery I missed an average of six to eight working Huawei Watch. I used to watch all day, from morning until evening to give them notice with constant vibrations, driving music and sometimes looking message. Screen hours has always been active, that is not completely disconnected, simply goes to sleep when I was not looking at the clock, but continuing to show the face with age.


Wacth is only available in two versions. Huawei Watch Classic in unpainted steel case with leather strap 30 000 and Huawei Watch Active – painted black steel strap and metal blocks in 38 000 rubles. In the future, the company plans to start selling version golden color, no further information on this matter yet.

Very high cost – in my opinion, the main and the only drawback Huawei Watch. If desired, the cons can be written too strict, classic design, but in fact the person to whom such a design does not like it, no one is obliged to choose the watch from Huawei. For the rest, there are no downsides – great quality, stunning looks hours, choice of color body color and material of the strap, adequate time at other hours, round display quality, smoothness menu. If you like classic watches and until recently you pay attention only to the Moto 360, but they seemed not strict enough, look at Huawei Watch. In my opinion, it’s best to date intelligent clock on the platform Android Wear and some of the best in principle.