Review Oppo R7 Plus: Elegant but not brilliant

Review Oppo R7 Plus: Elegant but not brilliant

Review Oppo R7 Plus: Elegant but not brilliant

The Oppo R7 Plus is a creation of the Oppo Chinese brand, which became quite popular last year by the 7th Find Find7 and terminals. The Oppo R7 Plus is one of today’s smartphones Star Chinese company. Technically similar to its predeceseros but with a larger and more weak battery, intended to compete with the Nexus 6 or 7 Huawei Ascend Mate.

OPPO R7 Plus – Availability and Pricing

The OPPO R7 Plus is Avaliab on Oppo Style Shop with a starting price of 429 euros. Its price is very close to other devices with similar characteristics as the Nexus 6 (from 440 euros) or Huawei Ascend Mate 7 (from 507 euros).

OPPO R7 Plus – Design

With a six-inch screen, the Oppo R7 Plus is quite large. 192 grams do too heavy. Its finish in metal and glass give a very robust appearance.

The housing is made of a magnesium alloy and aluminum. Curiously, adding that the device that sent us to perform the test was decorated with the shield of FC Barcelona. Returning to the device itself, the alloy with which it is made is intended to make the toughest R7 and it seems to have done; as has been in our hands, the R7 has not suffered a scratch.

Review Oppo R7 Plus: Elegant but not brilliant

To generate the effect “in one piece” Oppo 2.5D used glass and it’s called the curvature in the glass screen that apparently is quite complicated to manufacture. His stick-on screen protector provides a higher level of protection against drops and scratches.

OPPO R7 Plus – Screen

Its huge screen is a modest resolution of 1920×1080. This is a 367 dpi, which sounds ridiculous when compared with the Galaxy S6 571 dpi or 493 dpi Nexus 6. Nevertheless, we should have very good eyesight to tell the difference. Even small letters are clearly visible on the screen Oppo R7.

Review Oppo R7 Plus: Elegant but not brilliant

Thanks to its AMOLED screen is vibrant colors. The black is black authentic because the LEDs are turned off completely. White is white but not overly shown correctly. The vision is not distorted angles.

OPPO R7 Plus – Special Functions

The Oppo R7 Plus has fingerprint is located in the rear sensor does not work well. He responds slowly and does not always recognize the fingerprint.

The Oppo R7 Plus is a dual-SIM smartphone. We can insert either two nano-SIM cards or nano-Sim and microSD.

OPPO R7 Plus – Software

Coloros is the universe Kitsch Android operating system. It is too colorful, too childish, really, too rare and receive the latest security updates. Shortcuts application is messy, as graceless dropped.

The notification bar is, however, very nice. Thanks to the Gaussian blur behind the application is appreciated. The effect is in principle the same as in IOS.

Oppo software is designed for the Chinese market in which there are no Google applications, so its software preinstalled APK’s safety analyzes from external sources for viruses. File Explorer makes installation and uninstallation of applications not from Google Play. But sometimes you can share data installing some applications of Google Play.

Oppo always produced interesting for those who like to try out other operating systems and devices, but it is now more difficult to make changes. CyanogenMod is still available for Oppo R7 Plus.

OPPO R7 Plus – Performance

Benchmarks in both normal use and the Oppo R7 Plus has optimal performance. The Edge Galaxy S6 + is faster but also much more expensive. The trouble is that a Motorola Moto G, which is cheaper, is also faster than the R7. The Oppo R7 Plus has a cumbersome management due to the weaknesses of their software and hardware.

Review Oppo R7 Plus: Elegant but not brilliant

Attention: Oppo has R7 LTE but does not support the 800 MHz band is the fastest data transmission.

OPPO R7 Plus – Audio

The front speaker is powerful but returns a clang. I miss an equalizer to adjust speaker. The headset sounds a lot better than it looks, what happens is that they are not very ergonomic and out easily.

OPPO R7 Plus – Camera

The camera works well, but still remains behind the competition. Our photographer colleague, Toni, confirmed that under light sources of different colors react above average. The color temperature is well represented.

In low light conditions has a poor performance with an aperture of f / 2.2 and f / 2.4 sensor is integrated 13 megapixel Sony IMX278 5.9 mm diagonal.

The camera application is as versatile as the rest of the software. Features funny and curious effects that do not exceed anéctota, such as double exposure. We have taken some photos you can see in the gallery

OPPO R7 Plus – Battery

The battery is, nothing more and nothing less than 4100 mAh and also thanks to 4 amps charger is charged in a jiffy. We only need half an hour so that it is fully charged and fully charged it will last about two days. In AnTuTu it has achieved 10,593 points. Typically in this case usually 6,000 or 7,000 points.


The truth is that there are significantly better at Oppo R7 Plus competitors in key areas such as camera and performance. But 429 euros is a bargain if you think your battery SUV enduring two days and charged in half an hour.

The downside is that its software is too outdated for my taste and the absence of LTE 800 MHz makes this a not very attractive device.

OPPO R7 Plus – Where to buy

The Oppo R7 Plus gold can buy in the store Oppo Style from 429 €.

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