Home Hi-tech Review Oppo R7s – smartphone with 4 gigabytes of RAM

Review Oppo R7s – smartphone with 4 gigabytes of RAM

Review Oppo R7s - smartphone with 4 gigabytes of RAM

Rumours of mobile phone Oppo R7s walked for a long time – people angling for the crumbs from the network information about the hardware stolen from various sites and images presented them as the official photos of prototypes. Now the company Oppo showed its midrange device officially looking for something on the Internet is not necessary – it’s all there, you just need to see them, if anything other than the latest generation of iPhone you are interested at all. We liked the novelty not only for its filling, although it is, of course, ideal, but the appearance of the device. Yet this new fashion for monolithic body made of metal with a gold coating color we like – look at the gadget and involuntary jaw droops. Think only – five years ago, the body does not get the plastic lower level could only doroguschy flagship. But we will not go into too much nostalgia for the Nokia 1100 and look at the modern devices.

Specification Oppo R7s

The basis of the performance of the smartphone Oppo R7s is the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 615. This is a 64-bit model is constructed on the basis of eight cores, divided into two clusters in order to save battery power. The processor provides high performance and can handle virtually any game problems, but let’s not forget – it’s not even the flagship, and the product of the middle class. The big bonus is memory – it is as much as 4 gigabytes and this head will be enough for all that you are able to run on your phone. Yes this memory for a couple of years into the future with enough margin, if it comes to that. The internal memory of 32 GB smartphone, on them and you will be storing your personal content. Just do not forget about the possibility to set the memory card to expand the memory capacity by another 64 GB. I almost forgot – Oppo R7s is responsible for the graphics Adreno 405 graphics accelerator.

Review Oppo R7s - smartphone with 4 gigabytes of RAM
Design Oppo R7s

Smartphone Oppo R7s will be available in two colors – gold and silver. At the same time, the front panel is always white with a glossy finish. This manufacturer has set the standard for all – the display frame 2,2 mm on the right and left speaker grille, front camera and a set of sensors. Nothing else on this panel is located, all in a minimalist style. On the back side, too, all at a minimum – metal coating premium on top of the camera, there is a flash and a microphone. The gadget is quite thin, good in the hand and looks very cool.

Rewards Oppo R7s

Display Oppo R7s is built on a matrix AMOLED with a diagonal of 5.5 inches and a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. High pixel density, high-quality color and other bonuses AMOLED display is also present on this display is convenient to read and play games, and watch movies on the go. The main camera is 13 megapixels smartphone works with autofocus and LED flash, shoot video in FullHD. Front camera a little more modest, but also takes great content. Powered smartphone operating system Android 5.1 with a proprietary shell ColorOS 2.1. Updates are not yet promise.

Conclusion Oppo R7s

Smartphone Oppo R7s will come in December this year, but no information about the price of the device has not yet been given. It is understandable – are afraid to frighten off a potential buyer. Now, we fell in love with this device and gladly would have bought it for everyday use at an affordable price for the middle segment, but we have the impression that the gadget will be a bit more expensive standard. But guessing is not going to just wait and start of official sales.