Review Pedometer Oregon Scientific Ssmart Dynamo Activity Tracker PE128

Review Pedometer Oregon Scientific Ssmart Dynamo Activity Tracker PE128


Most noticeable in the pedometer from Oregon Scientific is a name that did not just unpalatable, but huge – like behind many letters trying to hide quite familiar functionality bracelet-pedometer, which is not different from the competition and looks similar to the first generation of products, for example, Fitbit Flex. Bracelet Ssmart Dynamo is a typical product of the second wave, when all sorts of manufacturers have realized that there is a demand for such devices and began to create their own solutions – in the image and likeness of existing, without introducing any novelty or raisins.

For simplicity we will call bracelet Dynamo, give the full name can not be due to its size. So, this bracelet is available in one size – not on my small hand fit with ease, a baby arm dangles, while women are fit, have to pull it all division. Normal silicone bracelet, default black color, it easily remain dust particles, clothing and so on – covering such that shines. Perhaps this is the first and most conspicuous minus bracelet.

The design is such that the module vdevaetsya in silicone, we have seen this in a number of other products. Advantage of Dynamo worth noting the possibility to swim in the bracelet (up to 10 meters, so it is written), but the instructions are prohibited to dive, this module will not sustain. I confess that I did not swim in the bracelet, but his hands were washed repeatedly, filling it with water from the tap, at first glance, it did him no harm, no water gets inside.

Clasp plastic, the design is quite convenient, no problem – unlike FitBit Flex / Force everything works right from the start, no need to break in the buckle.

Includes charger, which is unique for this bracelet – which can be considered net of any such devices, failure of the normal charge is failing.

Anyone can buy for $ 20 set of two bracelets bright complementary colors – it is possible that someone they seem justified in terms of appearance, guess girls. Material bright bracelets exactly the same – to shine, plus on the light surface clearly visible scuff another color – dirt to them and sticks.

Unfortunately, there is no bracelet display only indicator that has 4 color backlight. When charging is red, fully charged bracelet changes on the blue backlighting. On the body there is a key, pressing it during the day, you can see you have fulfilled your purpose or not – there is no red, blue – yes. Not very informative, and the goal in terms of the number of steps in the program exhibited on iOS. There is also a yellow indicator (low activity), green (medium activity). But it is not too revealing, you do not realize how much you need to go without a companion device, the information is not very interesting. Use this bracelet apart from your smartphone or tablet is difficult.

In memory stores data for 14 days and can synchronize with Android-device OS version 4.3 and above, as well as iOS. Of the additional features include sleep tracker, which is activated by holding down long.

Program in which you can watch your results, very modest in its capabilities – nothing more. You can set an alarm (vibration), it almost does not notice. Configuration or no analysis, as well as opportunities to transfer data anywhere, any cloud service or social component – compete with your friends will not work.

At Oregon Scientific website offering this bracelet for $ 80 ($ 20 discount from the typical price in the U.S.). Even given the fact that most products of competing costs around $ 100, this solution has no obvious advantages and disadvantages in the presence of a plurality. In particular, we can say that the program on your phone very miserable and does not correspond to the level of such decisions (Withing Pulse or Fitbit Flex have immeasurably better software). This is a product that created based on a random, unconscious purchase – what is called, and the surrender and let’s have a bracelet. No reason not to choose Dynamo, as well as unique features, advantages over classmates. Typical products created based on sales within the growing market. I do not recommend to even consider it for a purchase, it is better to look at the FitBit Flex / Force.