Review Philips Fidelio F1 headphones

Review Philips Fidelio F1 headphones

Review Philips Fidelio F1 headphones

Philips Fidelio F1 is headphones with aluminum and leather, remote control with microphone, support for music Hi-Res, very cool and pleasing sound sit.

Contents of delivery Philips Fidelio F1

  • Headphones
  • cover
  • Audio cable

Design, construction Philips Fidelio F1

Recall that Fidelio – is top of the range audio equipment company, and you can always find here for yourself something at a good price. For example, Philips has a good set of headphones with the Lightning connector, you can prepare for the seventh “iPhone” already.

In addition, the line has earphones different form factors, Philips Fidelio F1 – overhead, and I would not advise anyone to buy them blindly, try first try. To me, they approached the ideal, and in general, the first impression was not deceptive, like the headphones from the first seconds and did not disappoint in the future.

But let’s about design. The Fidelio often used natural materials, these headphones – not the exception, a nice thick leather fits headband, ear cups, nice to pick up. Interestingly, the folding cups, headband but this does not become less, carrying still need a bag – but if you have a large pocket, you can do without it. Adjusting the headband is made in the usual manner guides made wonder of the metal base hidden in a sandwich of plastic. In the guide there are tags, you can always choose the same distance. The outer side of the metal plates, in the official materials say it’s aluminum. Yet it is worth noting in the foam ear pads, it remembers the shape of the ear, but also very comfortable to wear Philips Fidelio F1, they are evenly around the ears, it is not necessary to correct from the start – but then all individually. Therefore, I recommend to try the headphones before buying.

Review Philips Fidelio F1 headphones

Generally, the form factor and the sound of headphones reminiscent Bowers & Wilkins P3, small consignment model with a good sound, versatile – suitable for the most different techniques you can use with your smartphone. The cable is detachable, on the left cup – 3.5mm, well located on the cable remote control with one button and microphone. Works with iPhone, and smartphones based on Android, plus, if you do not like this cable, you can use any other.

To design and build no major complaints, except that on the inside of the plastic parts have particles of flash, High Definition label can be removed completely, and leave Philips Fidelio on one ear or do embroidery on the headband. I think that’s such inscriptions – is a greeting from the nineties, when tape recorders were a bunch of stickers with the names of technologies. Those days are gone, but not for Philips.


As you can see, looking at the cups, there is sound support Hi-Res (frequency range 7 – 40 000 Hz), which is immediately suggestive – it is necessary then it was put in a reminder set for the user, which use the files which programs that generally it means it is the High Definition. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a task for journalists, and for the producer – since big words come from talking, so please explain to users what it means.

I will say this – it means nothing but good, and if you are really interested in the smartphone FLAC, can consider Philips Fidelio F1 as a possible contender to buy, especially considering the price of the headphones. But, of course, the store is worth a listen and decide on their own – if there is a FLAC files, it is better to listen and check with them, but not with Internet radio. Why do I say this? Because observed here in the store Doctorhead thousandth audiophile level, a person walks on the headphones to the headphone, and chooses the advanced models – and so, walking around and listening, but look what’s out there playing. And it plays radio TuneIn. On iPhone. Radio “Jazz”. So much for audiophiles! Do people ask for such schedules in the reviews and more, tell us more about the sound – it is very important to know more about it, buying headphones with Hi-Res, to listen to Internet radio.

Anyway. Other features:

  • Resistance – 16 ohms
  • Sensitivity – 107 dB
  • Maximum input capacity – 150 MW
  • Aperture – PET
  • Magnet type – Neodymium
  • Diameter emitter – 40 mm

All this tells us that the headphones can be used with music players, smart phones, laptops and other similar equipment, dispensing with additional units and tweaks.

I listened to the iPhone 6S Plus, use VOX player for FLAC files, the equalizer is off (there is a possibility to put manually and about twenty presets, and some unusual – Soft, Intelli, Dim Cymbals, and so on). The stock volume with a huge smartphone, well, get on the headphones positive emotions, you can accurately. Firstly, you can if you want to distinguish between any instrument, effect or some Circuits, relatively speaking, to look at frontman and guitarist. Second, when used without uluchshayzerov some tracks feel a lack of bass. The advice is simple, drive headphones at full volume for a week, and all will appear. Will the bass, but such as it is necessary – not booming, accurate, want to do a little quieter. Vocals air, with the details, but it seemed to me that at times he seemed a little blurred, and this effect is observed on the tracks of different artists of different genres. Third, although this overhead headphones, it has little effect on the amount and kind of lack of effect – when the music starts, you no longer hear outside noises, we can only track. That’s cool! To achieve such a few people could, ears-that in fact, consider open.

Finally, the overall impression of the music is very positive. There is emotion, there is a stock, there is a universality that a good result can be expected, listening to all the tracks in the library. Tips on using the Philips Fidelio F1 easy, do not hesitate to listen to FLAC, to drive headphones at a high volume, well and still they may save you in flight, passive noise isolation at a good level.

Review Philips Fidelio F1 headphones

Finally a little official word:

Headphones feature Bass Reflex system – special holes located at specific locations on the plates. They regulate the pressure in the inner chamber by controlling the air environment in which the diaphragm is placed, which ensures optimum acoustic response.

The Fidelio headphones provides acoustic insulation, which is a specially designed sound insulation tape, the camera’s built-in speaker. It not only prevents sound leakage, but also supports high quality music transfer details.

Note that these two options above does not seem to have met with headphones Philips – in Philips Fidelio F1 and many were unique to the brand, and among other similar models.


The headphones retail cost of about 11 500 rubles, the model was successful and I’m very pleased. I note materials (leather, aluminum), Philips Fidelio F1 sit on the head like a glove, not a bit under pressure. It seems that all this sounds ordinary, simple, but to achieve this it turns out not all, Philips Fidelio F1 is simply a pleasure to use. The remote control with microphone and button works as expected, the parties do not complain, while walking in the heat, you can fully appreciate the advantages of the open design, the sound paired with VOX is simply a pleasure. In my opinion, you should definitely pay attention to the Philips Fidelio F1, if you are looking for earphones in a similar form factor.