13.04.2016 12:29

Review Bluetooth-headset Plantronics BackBeat Pro +

Slightly updated version of the Plantronics BackBeat Pro – the new color, although it is not as important as the supplied adapter to connect to your laptop or computer. The little gizmo is very much easier life …

I’ll start from afar. Pro headset Plantronics BackBeat Pro I have heard different opinions are generally very positive. The fact that I love to communicate with people, asking about the technique, and for this I have all possibilities – many familiar vendors, consultants, shopkeepers. Many familiar gadget lovers (we call them so). A typical review about Plantronics BackBeat Pro: «I do not know anything about this brand, I heard somewhere that you should try, listen, buy, very good.” People like to be 16 000 rubles they buy the whole complex, because Pro can work via Bluetooth or cable, there are sensors, sensitive microphone, noise reduction system works, you can update the firmware can be used with any technique. And reliability BackBeat Pro is better than some of the advanced headset – stone in the garden of the Parrot, one friend complained that the owners Zik not leave him alone, bring broken headsets. I love all Zik model, but that’s about BackBeat Pro have not heard. Those who do not like leather and all these bourgeois delights Starck design, is clearly vote rubles for BackBeat Pro – in fact, it is happening. American design in Russia love more.

Review  Bluetooth-headset Plantronics BackBeat Pro +

The Pro + has changed little. Grey pleasing to the eye color is not a corporate, as it may seem, it is smart, fresh. Steel rails with labels audiotkan with channel designations (convenient), the Pro label, the lower part of the headband with the points, good build quality – “krutilki” left and right do not hang out, go tight. It is clear to me that the headset is released in great quantities. But not lost the feeling that BackBeat Pro + made specifically for me, there was too many different amenities. Luxury packaging and stand – sound wave, intuitive control without sensors that Russian winter is a big plus operating sensors in the cups, stopping play if you have removed the headset. Old friend in a new guise. I think many will be a similar feeling, mass product, but there is Pro + holiday.

Review  Bluetooth-headset Plantronics BackBeat Pro +

As I begin to write about, and change the color of the cable, the headphones can hear a sound – as if someone is talking. The headset is turned on, it plays cheerful music and a man said in English. Listen, I understand, that included an overview of the new Audi TT on a laptop and forgot all about it. When the Pro + has had time to connect? Then I remember something else. The updated model used the most primitive and the most effective interface circuit with a laptop. You put in the USB-port of “whistle”, choose in OS X audio settings, Plantronics BT600 device, called an adapter. Inserted? All headphones are connected. To re-connect the AC adapter has a little button, if you press and hold, you can connect the device again. Do not forget to activate the sensors in the headset, you just need to hold the Mute button and answer the call, until you hear Smart Sensors On / Off. When headphones around his neck, the music is turned off when the ears – the music is playing. The function works fine and the smartphone, and with an adapter.

Review  Bluetooth-headset Plantronics BackBeat Pro +Review  Bluetooth-headset Plantronics BackBeat Pro +

All complete cables gray, the color of the device. Plain Black Pro, Pro + made of gray that owners understand their newest product. Autumn show BackBeat Pro 2 and Pro / Pro + for a long time will be relevant. For me it is one of the most favorite headphones, or rather, even so – one of the favorite tools. If you work in an office or somewhere in the cafe, BackBeat Pro help to escape from the noise, they are using a cable or by connecting via Bluetooth. If the battery of the village, you can get cable, the remote control works. Pro owners may have noticed, there have changed the remote control – single button, volume buttons were missing. Why, I do not quite understand, but with the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact cable runs without any problems, you can rewind tracks in different applications, start and stop playback. Adjust the volume using the “jog” in the right cup works fine, you hear a notification (in Russian) at the maximum level. The microphone is here, too, there can be talk. As is the case with the Pro usual, your possibilities are endless, and sat down the battery – have got cable, continue to listen to music. Is that the ANC will not work, but then without “shumodava” ear pads protect against unnecessary sounds.

Since that time, since the release of the usual Pro, much has changed, that I tested with the iPhone 6 Plus is, now it 6S, but like most of all something else. Headphones worked fine with the new Apple TV – a good way to watch TV shows at night without disturbing anyone while getting a good sound. In principle, this can be done with any headset connection method described here, but the Pro + for very long runs on battery (remember, this is about 23 hours) and well protected from the ambient noise.

Review  Bluetooth-headset Plantronics BackBeat Pro +

Let me remind you about another important thing, and for BackBeat BackBeat Pro + is available MyHeadsetUpdater program, it can help to update the headset – for example, for my sample was available firmware for the number 27.0. Something new, which is nice. When you update the program asked to remove from a USB adapter, in general, everything happened very quickly and deftly. In the settings you can set the signal to open the audio channel before incoming and outgoing calls, you will hear three beeps, apparently, it is necessary for an understanding of what works in microphone. Yet there is a notification of switching on / off the microphone notification interval selection of the sound is turned off, the choice of language. Russian in the menu there, download and installation is very fast. Smart sensors can also be turned off in the settings, but it’s easier to do it with the buttons. All changes to the firmware can be read here, please note, in addition to the usual bug fixes, there are also new features. Support the Pro, apparently, will be at least another couple of years, for the user it is a pleasant moment.


And on that positive note, I’m done. The rest you can read in the review of the usual Pro – excellent sound quality, the system of active noise cancellation works, management is organized well, “multipoint” works. Retail price will be about 18 000 rubles, expensive, but remember, competitors Plantronics BackBeat Pro is very small. Well Pro + will appeal to those who have a lot of work on a laptop, plug the adapter, immediately began to listen to music. And you can even talk to FaceTime or other services – for “makovodov” is the perfect solution.

We are waiting for the fall and announcements Plantronics, while also advise you to pay very close attention to Plantronics BackBeat Pro +, for the money very interesting product.