Review player Sony NWZ-WH303

Review player Sony NWZ-WH303


Very interesting gadget of Sony – this player, overhead headphones and speaker, three in one. Trying to figure out who might be interested in such a device, and what there is features.

Package Includes:

  • Player
  • USB-cable
  • Audio
  • Documentation

Design, construction

Headphones are quite large, and constantly tempted to call this thing headphones, although in fact it is the player. Rather, it is three in one, except for the player, Sony NWZ-WH303 works as headphones and like a miniature column. Let me remind you, the company already has experience in producing similar models, it all started a few years ago with sports series NWZ-W. Headphones and player in one, ideal for the latest generation of those who engaged in swimming, there is protection from water. And for the gym is a very good solution – especially if you can afford to leave the smartphone in the locker room.

The model under consideration – junior model, there is a model WH505, but let’s talk about it in another review. All the time dealt with WH303, trying to figure out if I could become the purchaser of this product or not? Yes, I like the idea, but the more I like to use a smartphone and headphones. But the show was worth the Sony NWZ-WH303 nephew, and he is studying in high school, as immediately saw a positive reaction.Apparently, Sony is also counting on an audience.

Official photos teenager on a bicycle, they say, do not interfere with the movement of the wire. It’s true sports players W series I like more and why. On the left cup is a connector for the audio, it is complete. That is, WH303 can be used as usual “monitors.” The instruction offered another way to wear on the neck, when WH-303 works as a speaker. Good for young people, here again comes to mind bike. Many young people are now riding with the included in your pocket or backpack speakers, here’s another way. However, I would not for the company Sony invent scenarios for use of such hybrids as WH303, you need to take care of this in advance.

The headband is covered in kozhzamom, ear pads too. There is a small indicator light on the left cup, headband are speaker grilles. Immediately say about this mode, the sound quality can not be called good, the volume is not particularly high, but if you sit with someone on a bench in the park, the WH-303 will be able to do a service for you. Listen to something romantic, or, conversely, fast. Depending on my mood. Expect from a device of the same sound, like small speakers or Bose Jawbone, not worth it.

Player comes in two versions, black and white, the black have red accents, in general, the model looks good. Closed cup frosted plastic, prints are not visible. At the top of the headband – the inscription Sony, build decent.

When wearing I have not had any problems, cups almost completely cover the ears, even at sharp movements WH-303 does not fall down from the head. When worn for hours of fatigue, discomfort arose.


Government very much, but you need to get used to the only miniature joystick, he is responsible for reproduction – Rewind, Play / Pause. Is on the right cup immediately – volume control mode button is playlists or shuffle play. On the left cup – lever inclusion mode switching (headphones or speakers), a reset button. Button Sound / Illumination switches preset equalizers, only two, the sound quality varies, I recommend to try. There are voice prompts, made good.


Has 4 GB of internal memory, memory card slots is not (alas). In our time, this capacity is laughable. On the other hand, to store several hundred tracks in good quality suit. With the transfer of data was not a problem when connecting to a MacBook Pro device is detected as a removable disk.


Claimed battery life of 20 hours of playback sound in headphones 5 hours column. Is a function of fast charging, three minutes you get an hour of work, it has in some other Walkman. Use the connector microUSB, it’s good, nothing exotic. In general, with all the good work time. Full-charge time – about two hours.


This player is very easy to use, connect to a computer to download the files, or create playlists using proprietary software, start listening.Supported Zappin function to quickly locate music starts, if you press and hold the Play. I recall that Zappin – a proprietary technology that can help you quickly find the right melody. After activation headphones hear a pleasant female voice, phrase ZAPPIN IN, and playback starts passages. If you find the right song, simply press the ZAP again to exit this mode, the song playback starts from the beginning. Interestingly, the program takes excerpts from the middle of the song, that is, to find out who and what singing is fairly simple. With heavier mixes, well, here is the program in no way to blame.

Identification of right and left earpiece are at fixing cups to the headband, at first it was hard to find. Here are the characteristics of the model:

  • Capacity – 1000 MW
  • Speaker – 30 mm,
  • Frequency range – 30 to 20,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity – 107 dB / mW

You know, I do not expect anything special, but the sound is really good here, maybe even a good – especially when it comes to the target audience. Deep vocals, bass rich, but there swotting or metal sound velvety, very curious effect. Used without wincing. As before, players can fly safely Walkman, with the sound quality will be in order. Moreover, this applies just as the use of the player and use WH-303 as headphones.


In retail this player costs 4999 rubles probably adequate price – it would compare. And especially do not compare to anything. There are all sorts of crafts, nameless, but there is unlikely to be comparable sound quality headphones. Convenient operation, long battery life, fast charging feature, already mentioned sound. Gadget may well be of interest to young people. On the other hand, it is quite suitable for those looking for overhead headphones with extra features. One thing – buy five thousand just “ears”, and another thing – headphones and speakers with memory.