17.02.2014 8:38

Review Rayman: Legends (PS4, Xbox One)

One of the best games of last year managed to get out on almost all platforms (except weak 3DS), but for some reason brought into sharp focus the next generation console. Ubisoft finally decided to remedy this shortcoming. Here are just Rayman Legends for PS4 and Xbox One way, nothing nor even how many are not different from the versions for PS3 and Xbox 360. Schedule remains the same (no wonder, because the game is drawn), new features appeared.
Developer Ubisoft Montpellier
Publisher Ubisoft
Official Site http://rayman.ubi.com/legends/en-gb/home/index.aspx
Platforms PCXbox 360PS3PS VitaWii UPS4Xbox One
Genres Platform
Released Games August 30, 2013
However, the owners of PS4 and Xbox One for a long time not be able to have as much fun with the campaign, under the cheerful music, run and jump. Platformer on new consoles, and not in the near future is not expected.
Rayman: Legends affects not only the quality of much of content, offers tests and mini-games (football forever!) Long and varied campaign plus altered levels of the previous part of Rayman Origins . To add interest, can be a collection of small animals, look for secrets, discover stylish costumes for the characters.
Unfortunately, unlike the version for the Wii U, which ran Mario and Luigi, the authors did not draw for competing platforms thematic characters (Krastosa for PS4 or Master Chief for Xbox One, for example). On PS4 «exclusive» assassin suit is of Assissin’s Creed, and on Xbox One – Vaasa from FarCry 3.
Developers have been applied to the touchpad on the PS4. It is used to wash the protective layer from lottery tickets, as well as to scale the image, if there is a desire to take a picture of a single element of the screen. Unfortunately, the last opportunity in this particular game does not make sense. Hand-drawn when approaching becomes a soap, clarity is lost. And make beautiful screenshots can do without this function through the button Share.


Best version of Rayman Legends as was and remained on Wii U, which is not surprising, since the game was originally developed for the platform, taking into account the touchscreen.
On PS4 and Xbox One came the same game we’ve seen on the PS3, Xbox 360, PS Vita and PC.Visually, it has not changed, interesting new content does not appear. Only more expensive.
  • Rayman Legends now on PS4 and Xbox One
  • If the game is on any other platform, there is no reason to buy it today at the PS4 or Xbox One