Review Samsung C34H890: Incredibly Stylish Curved Monitor

Review Samsung C34H890: Incredibly Stylish Curved Monitor

Review Samsung C34H890: Incredibly Stylish Curved Monitor

The era of curved monitors has come! Manufacturers constantly realese something new and interesting from this segment, but not all users understand why they need monitor with a curved matrix.

New curved monitor called Samsung C34H890 also caused a lot of questions. Today we will try to answer all of these questions, so that you will understand an idea of ​​curved monitors and their purpose.

Immediately it is worth noting that it is not a gaming device. If you are a fan of shooters, strategies and other games, you should look at other options that are more suitable for these purposes.

Samsung C34H890 is for work and tasks in the office, at home, at some enterprise. It was created specifically to make your work easier and more efficient, so that you can open several windows and work with information at once. But, we will talk about the spheres of application later.

Review Samsung C34H890: Incredibly Stylish Curved Monitor

Samsung C34H890: Specifications

To begin with, Samsung C34H890 monitor diagonal is 34 inches and it’s honest inches, rather than 35.5 as many manufcaturers are now used to doing. The resolution is 3440×1440 pixels. The matrix is ​​based on VA technology, perfectly conveys the color gamut (the coverage of the sRGB color space is 99.5%). It has a high contrast (3000:1) and brightness (300 cd / m2).

Aspect ratio is 21:9, and it will allow you to stretch the desktop for more comfortable work with video, place all controls in the right places. In general, such a diagonal is well suited for working with video and photos, documents, email clients and other programs. But, the specifications clearly indicate that Samsung C34H890 is designed for design and inspiration.

Review Samsung C34H890: Incredibly Stylish Curved Monitor

Next, we want to talk about viewing nodes vertically and horizontally at 178 degrees. I would like to believe it, but the matrix is ​​arched and if you look at the side at 178 degrees, then you will notice only the frame of the case.

The response time for Samsung C34H890 is 4 ms. This is quite good for such a matrix. Declared support for AMD FreeSync technology, although I do not quite understand why it’s here. There is Flicker Free technology (without flicker) and the operating modes are a picture with a picture and a picture in the picture.

Review Samsung C34H890: Incredibly Stylish Curved Monitor

So, Samsung C34H890 has all necessary technologies, even more than necessary, and it will be comfortable to work, especially with picture-picture mode.

Samsung C34H890: Design

In terms of design, Samsung C34H890 monitor simply struck me, no doubt. Let’s start with the front panel. The frame on the right, left and top of the monitor is minimal. A large silver plate at the bottom of the display gives the device a style and seriousness.

The foot on which the monitor stands is thin enough, made of black material, but it is very reliable. We add here a stand in the form of a three-pointed star, and get a very stable design with exceptional elegance.

Review Samsung C34H890: Incredibly Stylish Curved Monitor

Samsung C34H890: Conclusion

Samsung C34H890 monitor is very classy, ​​no doubt. Design is gorgeous, this gadget will simply please your eye, even if you just turned it on. Of course, it can be bought for home use – for watching movies, Internet, games and other entertainment. But for work it will be more usefull. Here you can find several modes for work, and all sorts of features like a headphone jack and so on.

The price Samsung C34H890 so far remains a secret, but it’s not so scary, we’ll wait.