Review Samsung Galaxy J1 mini (SM-J105H): compact smartphone

Review Samsung Galaxy J1 mini (SM-J105H): compact smartphone

Review Samsung Galaxy J1 mini (SM-J105H): compact smartphone

In 2016, the company Samsung has released one of the most compact devices in the smartphone market: 4-inch Samsung Galaxy J1 mini. In addition, Galaxy J1 mini is the cheapest smartphone from the manufacturer, the price at the time of writing is about 80 USD.

This model has one more name – Galaxy J1 mini, but it appears mainly in other countries. In this review, we try to understand what is this device.

Design Galaxy J1 mini

Appearance of the device is very simple, no frills. With high probability it can be argued that the basis of design were taken earlier low-end models. Available 3 colors: black, white, gold. The product is made of matte plastic, the frame is made of metal, which is very pleasing and features a series of J in 2016 from last year. We had a golden color and pearlescent plastic has. Collapsible design, the battery can also extract. The height of the housing is 121.6 mm, width 63.1 mm and thickness – 8.10 mm. Such a “chubby” device, but thanks to this it is more comfortable in the hand, considering the small width and vysotu.Obzor compact smartphone Samsung Galaxy J1 mini SM-J105H

CPU Galaxy J1 mini

The device is a 4-core Spreadtrum SC8830 (1.2 GHz). Graphics processing chip Mali-400 MP2. The decision of the budget, but to work, in general, sufficient. The interface noticeable problems with the speed of work is not observed, as well as delays in the application.

On your Galaxy J1 mini, you can run demanding 3D games, but as a gaming solution available it is not appropriate, because of the small screen. Demanding games like Asphalt 8, and Modern Combat 5, surprisingly, come loose, but very small graphics settings. Even on a small screen in the games visible pixels, straight lines become a ladder.

Memory Galaxy J1 mini

The internal memory is 8 GB, of which the user can use a little less than 4 GB. To install the standalone applications such volume is sufficient. Interestingly, in the card slot, you can install MicroSD capacity of up to 128 GB: As a rule, in the state employees is not yet found. Thanks to this feature Samsung Galaxy J1 mini – excellent candidate to replace the MP3-player and recorder. After all, this volume is more than enough to store a solid collection of music tracks.

But with RAM not all that fun. Its volume is only 768 MB, while the accepted standard in the current budgetary system is considered to be 1 GB OZU.Torets smartphone Samsung J1 Mini J105H

Battery Galaxy J1 mini

The battery in this smartphone modest: only 1500 mAh. But taking into account the specifics of such devices, they are not normally used for games, watching movies and surfing the net. Therefore, the power consumption is more gentle. The classic scenario of using this smart phone – calls, SMS, social networks occasionally, listening to music from time to time, calculator and alarm clock as needed. In this mode it will last one day calmly, perhaps up to two days. It all depends on the intensity of exploitation.

Review Samsung Galaxy J1 mini (SM-J105H): compact smartphone

“Maximum Power Saving Mode” is also partially saves the situation. When activated, it automatically reduces the brightness of the screen, optimize the running applications, and limiting their access to the network in the sleep mode.

Camera Galaxy J1 mini

The smartphone has two cameras, but here they are, most likely, for show. The basic completely lacks such basic features like autofocus and flash. As for their level of daylight shoots passable, only without the autofocus to get a more or less clear picture of the text is very difficult. Vkamere have settings and are likely to tick. Selecting “Sport” mode, the main camera turned here is a picture:

Display Galaxy J1 mini

Display size Galaxy J1 mini is only 4 inches. In recent years, it is very rare, and buyers may want to purchase a modern compact device to make calls and work, so little choice. With a modest diagonal resolution is 480 x 800 pixels, but more and is not necessary for this machine. pixel density of 240 ppi, which is very little. You can see the individual pixels. if you look closely.

The display itself is the budget, and is made by TFT technology. Viewing angles are small, so if you look not at a right angle, and a little to the side to reject, the color will be very dark.

Reserve brightness enough for comfortable indoor use, as well as in places where it is not exposed to direct sunlight.

Review Samsung Galaxy J1 mini (SM-J105H): compact smartphone

Network communications Galaxy J1 mini

Smartphone dual sim, both slots are designed for Micro-SIM card format. A Sim can work on 2G, the second – in 3G. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules are present, the device can be used as a handheld portable hotspot. Navigation shows support for GPS and GLONASS.

The manufacturer saved on the proximity sensor, but there is a software solution that locks when calling the screen (the screen remains lit when you call). To unlock the screen during a call, you need to tap on the it twice. You can accidentally, ear or cheek, unlock and open the curtain notifications, turn on Bluetooth and other functions. This in theory and by the reviews on the web, unlock the screen failed to ear in practice.

Sound Galaxy J1 mini

Main speaker sound hole is located near the rear chamber. Reserve a high volume enough to hear the call in not very noisy place. The quality and the volume of the earpiece no complaints.

Operating system Galaxy J1 mini

As an operating system used Android 5.1 Lollipop. The system is not overloaded with unnecessary elements, shell simple enough, so does not slow down. Upgrading to Android 6 is not scheduled, but this phone is sufficient Android version 5.1., And even earlier versions of the OS would be enough.

Pros and cons Samsung Galaxy J1 mini


  • compact size, thanks to the small display;
  • support flash drives up to 128 GB;


  • poor quality of the screen;
  • the camera lacks flash and autofocus;

Our review Samsung Galaxy J1 mini SM-J105H

The smartphone may be interested in those who do not need a camera, high performance and at the same time the need for phone conversations without using a headset. Considering the price, Samsung Galaxy J1 mini absolutely can not compete with the other devices of the low price segment, with the same characteristics. Yes, it is cheaper than all the other smart phones of this manufacturer, but more expensive than their competitors. So at the Samsung, in this device, the hope of the brand and is the lack of large amounts of fresh compact smartphones on the market.

Review Samsung Galaxy J1 mini (SM-J105H): compact smartphone

This device is suitable for good:

  • use instant messengers, if the user has small fingers, and he will get up to spell;
  • for people who are basically like the compact smartphones and this is the main criterion in the selection;
  • for the child, which is the first smart phone;
  • for the music lover who is not picky about sound quality. On the device, you can install the card in 128 GB, where to put a lot of tracks.

It is safe to say that all that is in this budget smartphone Galaxy J1 mini, but it works well and no brakes.