Review Samsung Galaxy J5 (SM-J500F): great smartphone for a good price

Review Samsung Galaxy J5 (SM-J500F): great smartphone for a good price

Review Samsung Galaxy J5 (SM-J500F): great smartphone for a good price

The main difference between low-end models of the flagships – spot setup elements with deliberately low performance. It would seem that “iron” should get cheaper over time, and why, for example, do not put the device into a modern set of flagship two-three years ago? But no – manufacturers Installs the next great graphics core and a weak processor, two cameras and sturdy screen on outdated matrix, etc. Around a set of strikes at the sight of the characteristics of Samsung Galaxy J5. Do the creators of the series have defiled Galaxy vague and weak device? Try to understand, not missing a single detail.

Exterior design Galaxy J5

Samsung’s stubborn refusal to experiment a little bit with the design of its smartphones, it seems slightly overcome. Yes, our hands still white piece with rounded edges. But at the top and bottom of the change occurred. The edges of the ends if fail from the corners to the center, creating a small cavity.

Almost 70% of the front side of a 5-inch TFT-screen that displays 16 million colors. In the upper left corner there is a small LED-flash, a narrow strip of auditory dynamics, proximity sensors / illumination module and 5MP front selfie camera. Under the screen is a mechanical button “Home” and two sensory (Back and Applications). Traditionally, the top shine vendor name, and the contour of the front of the border passes of durable metal.

On the left side there are the rounded volume control key, made in a single block with a hollow in the middle. On the right side – power button. At the top there is nothing interesting, because all the connectors are moved down – microUSB and 3.5 mm headset. Yet there is a hole-in microphone.

The back cover is made of matte plastic with a pearl tint. On the top half has a flash unit 13 megapixel camera and two narrow strips and small speaker. There is also an indication of the manufacturer’s logo and Duos, which means that we got model supports two SIM-cards.

Review Samsung Galaxy J5 (SM-J500F): great smartphone for a good price

Keep your Galaxy J5 is easy and convenient, it weighs only 149 g five inches for the screen no longer seem to be something supernatural, and manage it turns out one hand. Controls are conveniently located, you get used to the device quickly.

Some results of a pleasant surprise. This primarily refers to the operating system Android 5.1, which is installed on the Galaxy J5. Note the ppi value – the density of pixels per inch – it varies from 294 to 320, and it is a very good indicator. From built-in 8 GB of memory available is very low, so immediately will need to install a memory card. Now let’s see, what is behind the dry figures report.

Use Galaxy J5

“Out of the box” device runs on the OS Android 5.1, supplemented shell Touch Wiz, proprietary applications, Samsung, like the Galaxy Apps and a few chips from Microsoft. System optimization is good – the interface is fast and loose.

Menu, according to tradition, the intuitive, the new version of Android is not much different from their predecessors. Therefore, to know it will not cause difficulties for users who J5 will be the first Android-smartphone.

Galaxy J5 can insert two SIM-cards and memory card. Simultaneous operation of two “simok” we have not tested, but with at least one device handles the connection device keeps stable. The sound of the voice of the speaker is not perfectly clean, but the familiar companion you can always learn. Memory Card 8GB determined without any problems, the data playback speed consistently high.

With Galaxy J5 wireless networks communicate easily and freely. However, be careful – in sleep mode, Wi-Fi is often included automatically, this function simply turn off. Incidentally, the battery is the background work Wi-Fi almost no effect. In general, with respect to this type of wireless smartphone is very stable – the battery is consumed slowly, for four hours of continuous surfing charge accurately enough. Replenishment of energy even supernumerary charger is fast.

Rear speaker device rather loud, despite its size. The sound is reflected from the surface and intensified – even in the middle it will be difficult to miss the call volume.

Surfing the net on sites of any complexity does not cause difficulties – pages loaded quickly, online video is played without delay. TFT-screen is best to keep his eyes straight ahead, without tilting – with deviation from the straight line of color fade, lose color saturation and “juiciness”. The rest of the 16 million colors – it’s even more than you need a budget phone.

Review Samsung Galaxy J5 (SM-J500F): great smartphone for a good price

It remains a place for entertainment – a simple three-dimensional games are loose, if the device temperature, and rises, then only slightly. To download data from your PC, and you can – the device is detected on Windows through the dozen or so seconds and is ready to send data. All information is stored in the appropriate folders.

Review Samsung Galaxy J5 (SM-J500F): great smartphone for a good price

In short, users of primary and secondary level – a great device. Most applications from Samsung may not be needed, and staff and preset enough to spare. All the perfectly optimized and does not slow down.

Camera Galaxy J5

Smartphone has two cameras, 13 and 5 MP. Rear uniquely designed to capture the world around, and the front – mostly his person. Both cameras are equipped with a backlight, which helps in the dark or poorly lit area. Before flagship indicators to them far, but to capture the highlights of enough opportunities – judge for yourself:

Review Samsung Galaxy J5 (SM-J500F): great smartphone for a good price

Conclusions review Galaxy J5

Budget segment device differs low price combined with the characteristics that are suitable for most users. A classic representative of this segment is the model Samsung Galaxy J5. This device has many features of high-end smartphone – update OS Android 5.1, GPU Adreno 305, support for two SIM cards at the 2600 mAh battery and memory card support, combined with a good selfie camera.

What it turned out to be artificially low, so this processor, “cut” up to 1.5 GB of RAM, an old matrix display, which is not “kills” the color and not the best backcourt photomodule. In the operation of the device in standard use mode is not reflected – all operations are carried out quickly and without delay. Galaxy J5 is  a good choice for not very demanding design, hardware and hardware users.