Review Samsung Gear Fit 2 SM-R360 smartwatch

Review Samsung Gear Fit 2 SM-R360 smartwatch

Review Samsung Gear Fit 2 SM-R360 smartwatch

The first generation of Gear Fit appeared two years ago, and I watch bracelet frankly did not like, especially when compared to their older counterparts. They had an interesting design, but functionally they lost a little more expensive watches Gear 2, it seemed to me decisive. But the market will put everything in its place, the sale of Gear Fit were higher than the older models, and young people and those who are actively involved in sports, embraced this accessory is mostly positive. It was interesting to learn the nature of this phenomenon, I talked to many users who knowingly bought Gear Fit, looked studies in different countries and issued an opinion that the target audience of this bracelet – young people, and it’s mostly between the ages of 18 and 25, the second focus is to an audience of up to 35 years. sales distribution between men and women like this – 60 to 40. Typically, the distribution of such devices is a 80 to 20, there is an abnormally high percentage of women. Cause? Design. And that design has become for many buyers decisive, and only then to the fore the rest of the device.

Bright straps, excellent screen and a variety of screen – all users attributed to the device design and voted for him pocketbooks. It turned out that the extra chips, users do not need too much, and that is, satisfied in full. And it turned into a bracelet Gear Fit-survivor, after a series of software updates, operating time increased to 3-4 days of training, children were gone sores, and many people it attracted. The Samsung does not see any reason to replace the Gear Fit, since it is well marketed and sold even today, the yield Samsung Gear Fit 2 can be called in a lot of work over small mistakes and try not to spoil what turned out to be the best in the past.

Review Samsung Gear Fit 2 SM-R360 smartwatch

Based on the foregoing, we can consider 2 Fit as a minor update of the first model, but much more on the fact of change. This accessory is perfect for those who run and does not want to run a smartphone. It is possible to download music and connect wireless headphones, which also provides freedom from the smartphone. Finally, unlike many of the trackers, where accuracy is provided by the hardware GPS, which also makes it possible to use it during different workouts – cycling, rowing, jumping, and the like, however, and for yoga it is also suitable, and another thing, that the GPS is not activated immediately. Universal accessory for those who engage in sports or fitness, let’s look at what he can do.

Gear Fit 2: Design, ergonomics, removable straps

The Samsung always try to do the work on our mistakes, and to the next generation to fix flaws that are discovered by users. The Gear Fit the drawback was the silver screen bezel, with bumps formed chips, wiping edge and the bracelet did not look very neat. It happened over time and not at all, but, nevertheless, edging structure changed completely, now it is a metal plate, painted in the color of the strap. The bracelet is blue is blue, black – black, and so on.

My impression from these materials strictly positive. That they have worn or scratched, the bracelet should be hit or rub sandpaper, in everyday use it does not happen.

Modify the strap, he design similar to the clock Gear S2, bracelet with metal latches, there are different sizes (S, L – 125-170 mm, 155-210 mm). Note that closes the bracelet on the button, and passed through the eye. Silicone is durable, and tear the ear, even over time, will be difficult, however, the wrong hands can do that, too. Another thing is that the design is such that can not fly off the bracelet, even if you close “button” loosely, you will not lose it.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Weight of 28 or 30 grams, depending on the band size. On hand is almost not felt, and the bracelet can be tightened firmly, it will not interfere. The size of the main part – 24.5h51.2 mm.

Review Samsung Gear Fit 2 SM-R360 smartwatch

The display has a bend on the shape of the hand, the diagonal reduced from 1.84 inches to 1.5 inches, but the resolution has increased from 128h432 216h432 points to points. Screen Type – SuperAMOLED, which provides high energy efficiency, and availability of Tizen on board and makes the watch does record among similar devices, however, let’s talk about this a little later.

The First Fit, you have the opportunity to choose the screen orientation, vertical or horizontal, in only 2 Fit the vertical interface, which is not bad, there is no confusion, and all uniformly.

Protection standard increased from IP67 to IP68, up to 30 minutes at a depth of one and a half meters. Swim in hours, as before, is not recommended, but on the water at the same time they are protected. In the water, however, no measurements are so meaningless hours to climb into the sea there.

On the inner side of the LED can be seen which serves for measuring pulse, such sensors are now commonplace for this purpose. Here is the latest generation of sensor, it has improved accuracy in motion, that is, when running it will give more correct results than the first Fit. You can use the Gear Fit in while jogging and other exercise.

In the first Fit I was not able to measure the pulse rate even while walking, with the release of the latest model on the market is fixed in software, there were shortcomings in the software. Today I can say that Samsung Gear Fit 2 works like when running, and when sailing, but the heart rate measurement to the wet hand is not always true. pulse measurement quality in such devices differ from kardiopoyasov for the worse, but comparable with similar models. So, comparing the Samsung Gear Fit 2 and FitBit Blaze, I have not received any variations in measurements.

Capacity Li-Pol battery – 200 mAh (in the first version 210 mAh), but the work remains the same. It was slightly better than the power consumption at the screen, optimized software, update Bluetooth version to 4.2 and, where possible, use Wi-Fi-connection. It is clear that include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other running processes, and can be planted hours a day. But for normal use them is enough for 3-4 days with daily training – for 2-3 days, depending on their duration. Also at the time the work will affect how many notifications and applications on any smartphone you hang on a bracelet. The more notifications the less time, especially if you activate the vibration and the inclusion of the screen. So, here it is necessary to rely on how much you want to watch worked.

Review Samsung Gear Fit 2 SM-R360 smartwatch

Desktop Charger is a small unit to which you put the bracelet. It has a magnetic latch, bracelet sticks to the pedestal. Charging time is about an hour. During charging, the screensaver is shown with percent charge.

Screen most of the time is off, it turns on a permanent job during training (or may not work, it all depends on you), as is the inclusion of the screen when moving hands. He raised his hand – the screen is lit up. And here we see the first drawback stemming from the dignity of a low power. For example, you put on the screen saver showing you the distance traveled. He raised his hand and see how the data is updated with a slight delay. A delay of about a second, but it is frustrating, as in most competing devices not.

The watch has a vibrating alert, and he felt perfectly well, I prefer to put it precisely, since the vibration of hours on the hand – a reminder of the best. The signal can not be heard on the street, while the vibration is always felt.

Now a few words about the hardware stuffing. Dual-socket chipset with up to 1 GHz, RAM – 512 MB internal memory of 4 GB, of which the user can use 3.5 GB. The same filling First Fit, nothing has changed. The memory can store music, it should be transferred from the phone when connecting to the Gear Manager. Samsung Gear Fit 2 can be connected to a wireless headset, it turns out that a run is sufficient to take the bracelet and headphones, the phone itself is not needed.

Version Bluetooth 4.2, which can only be welcomed. The presence of Wi-Fi – is also a big plus, especially since you can enter the network password themselves hours (there klaviaturka on the screen) and connect to it. Also, all of your Wi-Fi network, stored in the phone memory will be available for the bracelet. In fact, to synchronize data with the cloud service S Health bracelet can and without the participation of the phone, it’s not necessary.

Review Samsung Gear Fit 2 SM-R360 smartwatch

Gear Manager on the phone – setting and application

In order to use the clock, you need to associate them with your device (phone or tablet). It can be any device on Android from version 4.4 and a memory capacity of 1.5 GB. The app store is necessary to download the Gear Manager and follow the on-screen prompts or phone hours.

The Gear Manager, you can configure your preferences, select additional programs that are installed on the watch. User-friendly interface for configuration, since the clock to do it is not so simple and easy due to the small size of the screen.

From the pleasant surprises – backup all your settings, ie, zeroing the clock, you will automatically receive all the settings again, will not need to prodelyvat second time this job.

From what should I do first, is to make out the order of functions and they appear in the menu, it will be easier and faster to manage the clock. I will not describe all possible manager. It is necessary to choose a program that will be launched by double-clicking on the button. Here you can select the type of the main screen, then, what time will it be displayed, however, it can be done on the clock itself, but there is limited choice of only ten busiest hours.

Gear Fit 2: Interface hours – management and work with them

Raises his hand and the clock for 7 seconds include a screen on which the default display time, date and weather. Backlight time, you can change to a larger, then the battery consumption will be higher. Also you can select various dials or clock app icons or with a pedometer.

In the settings you can choose the font size for menu and for the messages – You can set up everything for themselves, their eyesight.

Leafing through the horizontal, you’ll see a menu of items that can be sorted according to their discretion. I will describe the main features of hours.

Return to the previous menu by pressing the side button. Access to the setup menu and additional functions by repeatedly pressing the first one, and then the second side keys.

Music – music control, which is stored on your smartphone, a kind of remote control. As far as is necessary, I can not judge – pulls up only the files that sees regular player.

Alert – the most interesting feature. You can customize most of the notification, but the greatest interest in the SMS, and instant messengers when you displayed the message text (it can be hidden). View e-mail is possible, but there is also a lot of criticism, rather, it does not work than work. The main use – with messages, and there really is comfortable – sitting in the cinema, do not take the phone and lighting all around. Well, and so on.

The watch has a countdown timer, a stopwatch.

Of the additional programs can be noted Evernote, it is limited to working hours – can comfortably watch lists, mark them, but note much cut and can not be seen. Do not rely on additional software, there are almost none for this bracelet, but they are not particularly necessary, as the experience of the owners Gear Fit, it lacks functionality out of the box.

During a call, you can beat them with the clock and send SMS-templates, it is convenient. Talk to these hours in the absence of the microphone can not be in them.

Gear Fit 2: Briefly about exercise – walking and running

You can set up your profile on the clock, indicating the date of birth, weight, height and age. And you can synchronize them with the S Health, where the data is already there. Samsung Gear Fit 2 uses S Health without some meaningless, since in this cloud service has the ability to synchronize data with various third-party programs that are often used for jogging.

During a workout, the bracelet automatically detects what you’re doing. But it is also possible to choose different types of menu workout. Because there was a new opportunity to compete, for example, you can choose a family member or friend, and send them a request to have their data has been visible to you. In the end, winning is the one who will take a greater distance or more floors. A good feature that many will drive to compete.

Review Samsung Gear Fit 2 SM-R360 smartwatch

During exercise there is no possibility to set limit values for heart rate, they are calculated on the basis of your previous workouts, and when this value is reached the clock shows it on the screen. While running to see the distance, it is necessary to raise his hand (and again the same delay). Screens in the application of training is not customizable, so you can see the distance, then the tempo, then other indicators. Scrolling the screens on the run is not very interesting, it is considered that the data you’re looking at rest. When connecting a headset data can be read out to you, if you have a smartphone (but then lost the meaning in the clock itself, because have to carry with them even the phone).

Visibility in the sun screen average, and while jogging on a sunny day to watch the outcome will be difficult, it is a minus interface. As a result of the training you will see on the bracelet is not only quantitative parameters (distance, elevation, calories and so on), but also with the route map. No separate navigation is not only a card that displays the results of your workout.


Price Gear Fit 2 is 12 990 rubles (200 euros in Europe), which is identical to the price of the previous model. In my view, select the first Gear Fit at prices equal is not necessary, the second was much more successful, here and automatic determination of training, and the best security standard, convenient strap and charging. Availability of GPS allows you to more accurately measure your workouts in the air (jogging, walking, biking), that will suit many fans of these types of loads. No need to carry a phone is not enough bracelet. And you can connect a wireless headset to listen to music, and the phone will stay at home, then it is automatically uploaded to the data about your workout.

The same design, so that consumers like, very advanced features that are unique among competitors or worse realized. In short, get a good sport device that is worth a closer look.