Review Sharp Softbank 302SH Aquos Phone Xx

Review Sharp Softbank 302SH Aquos Phone Xx

Review Sharp Softbank 302SH Aquos Phone Xx


Sharp – one of the few Japanese corporations, who still continues to manufacture mobile phones, smartphones and tablets, not only offering them in their native Japanese market, but also trying to instill a sense of beauty in a foreign land. How good or bad they do it, to judge only the owners or interested in the Japanese-themed gadget.

Today we will talk about the smartphone, released in June 2013 under the brand name of the Japanese mobile operator Softbank Mobile.The model has received index Softbank 302SH Aquos Phone Xx. As you know, Softbank Mobile has not adopted the fine tradition of its main competitor in the shop NTT Docomo, offering officially untied from its own network devices that are sold under the same brand name.However, in 2015, the Japanese government officially instructed all cellular companies in the country to provide services to its clients unlock their devices, be it a smartphone, tablet or a regular phone-dialer. One has only to lament the fact that the Japanese have come to this so late, when the yard very firmly entrenched era of smartphones. A time when the Japanese company back in droves to market a truly unique clamshell phones, irrevocably passed, and hope for their speedy return not. Alas.

Review Sharp Softbank 302SH Aquos Phone Xx

Returning to Softbank Mobile. Small technical reference. Of all the branded range operator program (third-party, unofficial) otvyazki from the network (SIM-free) lends itself to only a fraction of the smartphone company Sharp. By and large, is currently a keen interest among fans yaponofonov cause of this particular model of the manufacturer, as other brands (with a few exceptions) in one form or another are present in the range operator NTT Docomo.


Sharp Softbank 302SH Aquos Phone Xx – one of a number of informally unlockable smartphones Sharp, branded label Softbank. It was in 2013, Sharp has launched its new concept EDGEST. Human language it can be translated as “the maximum occupancy of the facade of the device screen.” EDGEST concept provides maximum fill useful (working) surface of the display and avoiding useless space to be filled with plastic face of the smartphone or tablet. Softbank 302SH model became one of the first swallows of the company, which last year was only available to subscribers of the Japanese operator. Now, thanks to the efforts of the Russian craftsmen like smart phones can be used in tandem with third-party SIM-cards, including Russian.

The occupancy of the facade Sharp Softbank 302SH is 80.5% of the total surface area. To date, the record is beaten repeatedly by more modern devices Sharp, but the question now is not so much about it, but the concept itself, which, in practice, by the way, is full of practical sense.

As for the operating experience EDGEST devices, there have to talk exclusively about the positives. Could there be something uncomfortable in the smartphone with a diagonal of 5 inches longer, which in this case fits comfortably in the hand and does not cause much discomfort in working with him? If you look closely, now the majority of well-known companies smartphones move in this direction.Another question is how well they do do it.

Review Sharp Softbank 302SH Aquos Phone Xx

For example, lay out a living picture, where I compare the Sony Xperia Z2 Docomo SO-03F with Sharp Aquos Zeta Docomo SH-04F. Screen size Xperia Z2 is 5.2 “diagonal screen Aquos Zeta – 5,4”. The difference in the size of smartphones is visible to the naked eye.

By the way, an interesting observation. As I recall, all of its innovations Sharp usually a trial run on the models produced in commercial diving is branded operator Softbank Mobile. It is likely that this is done for reasons of minimizing risks, as Softbank subscriber base is less than NTT Docomo. However, this is just speculation on my part.

The color line Aquos Phone Xx marketers offered four choices: blue, white, black and pink. Phone to get rid of network software, ie without mechanical intervention in the holy of holies. After reseta unlock does not fly. For the test I used the SIM-card MegaFon. By the way, Softbank among the first put into circulation card format nanoSIM, which is just used in 302-m.


Unlike NTT Docomo, which is the paucity of accompanying accessories broke all records, Softbank provides its subscribers with a weighty set of accessories. As originally designed the box with the Sharp Aquos Phone Xx find:

  • Smartphone Sharp Softbank 302SH Aquos Phone Xx
  • Mains Charger
  • USB-adapter tv
  • Desktop stand
  • The instructions in Japanese

First impressions. Design

Traditionally, all Japanese phones Sharp double-coated film. First – Shipping, the second – a dense and barely visible around the perimeter of the display. Under it – the glass manufacturer that I could not even find on the official website of Sharp.

Due to its small size (132x70x9.9 mm), though the screen size is considerable 5,2 “(1920x1080p), smart enough, which is located in the hand. Slightly pointed corners on the perimeter of the front of the” dig “in the fingers, not allowing the phone slip out of his hands. But glossy, or rather, even glazed rear surface of the smartphone was quite impractical. Throughout the time that I had to test the 302-th, I kept paying attention to what is necessary to place the phone. Chance scratch perfect flat rear surface of the smallest crumb or speck of dust infuriates me. So prospective owners seeking in whatever was to keep the status of their firstborn gadgets, we strongly recommend to use the phone is paired with a cover.

Review Sharp Softbank 302SH Aquos Phone Xx

In Sharp Softbank 302SH battery installed capacity of 2600 mAh. In my video review I somehow forgot this point. MEND. The curb weight of the device is 147 grams.


Remove foil and neatly in a box. Image quality Softbank 302SH resembles my current Aquos Zeta Docomo SH-04F. However, it uses a technology Sharp previous generation, namely the Super-CG Silicon. In comparison with the IGZO it differs lesser degree of energy saving.According to documents of the smartphone is capable of working in standby mode 550 hours (3G) or 450 hours on GSM. Continuously talk on the phone you can for 18-plus hours (3G) or 11 and a half hours on GSM. A full battery – 190 minutes.

In the display settings traditionally for all current smartphones Sharp can choose from several display modes, ranging from acidic (Dyamic) and ending with cool (Relax). In everyday life, I prefer to use the mode Standard. By the way, if you choose an acidic version of the work screen (Dynamic), charge flow slightly, but increases. About this provides power save mode (ECO-mode), which in the case of low battery offers “put out” certain sources of excessive energy consumption, to which include “dynamic” mode the screen.

The already traditional Screen edge effect. In the display settings, you can select one of three color options display the perimeter display or disable the effect altogether.

Review Sharp Softbank 302SH Aquos Phone Xx

In a side-view picture quality is not particularly changed. In sunny weather, the picture is quite readable.

Above the screen is a speaker, light sensor and proximity. Slot under the speaker barely visible on the surface.

Due to the decrease of free space above the display front camera had to be moved down. Generally, the distance between the display and the edge of the housing top and the sides is reduced to about 4 millimeters. Fingertips, when you hold the phone with one hand, gently hovering above the plane of the facade of the phone, but the screen is not touch you. Random double or triple touch excluded.

Any unpleasant memories of the display at the end of the test I did not have. Image moves smoothly and delays. Power Quad 2.2-gigahertz processor quite enough. 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory is enough to run the most advanced and demanding applications. Officially, the smart phone supports microSD cards up to 64GB. Checked for compatibility with the card 128 GB. Works.

In pursuit of parrots AnTuTu Benchmark Sharp traditionally lagging outsider. But who me stupid, explain what these numbers affect?

Under the display also been moved buttons to change the volume. They touch and do not have any bumps / pits, which, in my opinion, very uncomfortable. Often I kept poking at them with your fingers, unwittingly. Another minus buttons – no backlighting. Night is simply unrealistic to feel the desired button. In short, the solution is not the the user-friendly. Next to the lens front camera light indicator is located events.

Interestingly implemented AQUOS PHONE inscription in the lower left corner of the facade. Substrate with mirror letters and is at a distance from the glass surface, thus forming a pseudo.

Many are wondering whether it is convenient to use the camera at the bottom of the case, during a video conference. It seemed to me much of a difference between the top and bottom location of the front camera is not. Anyway, your face completely enters the lens.Especially during a video call on Skype is better to turn the phone 90 degrees to your image to be seen the other party in the usual horizontal format.

As desktop Sharp Softbank 302SH Aquos Phone Xx developers were invited to two interface options: Classic Sharp’ovsky 3-Line HOME (Feel UX) and softbankovsky SH HOME with its fine-tuning and chips. Last looks more like a traditional Google release version of the interface. He seemed uncomfortable in terms of settings. However, nothing prevents the owner to install a third-party shell to your taste.

By the way, I just noticed, it’s on a slightly different grouping of items in the General Settings menu Settings. In more detail, I will show it in the screenshots at the end of the review.

As of 09/05/2014 smartphone software has been updated to stop. Version of the operating system Android 4.4.2 has not yet been proposed by Sharp. Let me remind you that update the modern smartphones Sharp Softbank in Russia is possible only in the presence of SIM-card Softbank.

Mobile internet in action. Enough to set up an access point APN. Note that, for example, to configure the Internet Megaphone, besides the first two fields Name and APN name, you must fill in the Username and user Password (in both fields to register gdata). In the Authentication type must be selected CHAP. Reception quality depends on your network operator and the depth of the hole in which you are at any given time. Russian frequency LTE is not supported.

Review Sharp Softbank 302SH Aquos Phone Xx

At the top end are the headphone jack is not working under any pretext in Russia telescopic TV antenna and connectors for nanoSIM and microSD, protected by a waterproof flap.

The phone is protected from water (IPX7) and moisture (IPX5). Headphone jack, as well as microUSB connector on the right side, nothing covered, but protected against liquid inside.

Silicone sealant – on the inside of the cover. Before either intentionally or accidentally omit the phone in water or climb into the shower, check the plug is firmly adheres to the body of the phone. Avoid phone under warm and seawater. It is clear that too many factors can affect the future livelihoods of the phone, but a minimum of rules can not be ignored.

Do not try to find some clever TV Receivers or other applications that you think can get the Japanese to catch our television channels.Useless.

On the left side are visible contacts to connect the phone to the desk stand.

At the bottom there are a microphone and a strap hole.

On the right side are located on / off button / wake and connector microUSB.

Deep sea-green, which is painted body Aquos Phone Xx, even pluck the eyes, especially on the background of dull white, gray and black iPhone, Samsung and Nokia. But there is this paint and obvious disadvantage, which I mentioned at the beginning of the review.

When you look at the back wall of the smartphone draws focus lens 16.3-megapixel CMOS camera. Around the glass lens protrudes slightly small textured ring has a protective function. Quality photos and videos can be estimated below. Over the camera is infrared, gradually disappearing from the Japanese smartphone and at the bottom – the LED flash. Right, where is white factory sticker working brief instructions on installing the SIM-card and memory card into the appropriate slot located in microphone for recording sound during video recording.

In the center of the lid – logo Felica (analogue NFC). Module NFC phone is also present.

At the bottom of the perforated mesh hides the speaker, not bad at all sounding in his hand. But when the machine is on a table or similar surface, some of the sound is eaten by too tight fit body. Even a small ledge at the edge of technological cap does not help the situation.Select ringtone popisklyavee or add vibration, or on the street or in the subway miss an important call.

Yes, some models Sharp collected in Japan now unfriendly to China. Starting from 2014, the company decided not to advertise it so clearly, and marketers began to hide the inscription “Made in China” away from prying eyes, for example, a memory card slot and SIM-card.Experience shows that some fans of Japanese phones annoying very presence of the word China in the Japanese smartphone, let it not even sold anywhere except Japan. Nevertheless, we should not forget that even collected in China, Japanese phones have all the features Yaponisty because Output control is carried out by the Japanese quality control department (OTS). Marriage will not work well, or even if it will, it is not in droves. In any case, the manufacturer’s warranty has not been canceled.


I’m sure many have noticed that Sharp, unlike competitors in the shop, are not intended to catch up and overtake someone on the number of megapixels. Although for many the principle of “more is better” is crucial when choosing a device, Sharp attach to this issue of secondary importance. It is necessary to draw your attention that from time to time engineers or marketers Sharp – and to understand which of them determines the policy for each of the models is difficult – supply their flagship different caliber camera. If last year was Sharp’s Trending 16 MP, it is already in the average number of megapixels decreased to 13, and in some models (Softbank 305SH), and even less, up to 8 megapixels (Sharp Aquos Crystal). Sharp as if marketers want to prove to everyone that the camera – not their strong point. Indeed, Sharp has always laid emphasis on the screen and then on the camera. Although I am immediately reminded of the excellent quality CCD optics Sharp Vodafone 903SH … And it no less of 2003-2004.

Indeed, the quality of images with 1-megapixel camera on the background of today’s competitors are not the best quality. It is necessary to recognize. Photographs with panoramic views lacks clarity, such as the Sony or Fujitsu. Like color reproduction.

In a dark area in large quantities appears dark sand. To understand this in the examples, I cut sections of pictures in 100% scale.Examples below.

Maximum photo resolution – 4608×3456 pixels. Menu of the camera is the same as that of Docomo versions smartphones Sharp 2013.

Video recording is possible with a maximum resolution of 1920×1080 pixels at 30 frames / second with stereo sound and the speed of the audio stream 128 kb / sec. Video format 3gp.

A nice addition to the original charge can be considered as a desktop stand in the color of your phone. And it is not just a stand, and stand with a specific functionality. It is provided, if it can be called so, technological channel for audio output. And it really works.

Conveniently, the cradle can be connected to the network cable, so do not have time to poke each plug in microUSB-socket number.

As a conclusion

Logical question – who may appeal recently became available in Russia Sharp Softbank 302SH Aquos Phone Xx?

With its minimalist design, and indeed, if I may say so, a convenient 5.2-inch screen, the new product may appeal to fans of large displays, and long working hours. Technology Super-CG Silicon, as IGZO, able to give a real increase in the battery life of your smartphone. Battery 2600 mAh is not the largest in its class. Compared with the same Sharp Aquos Zeta SH-04F, which removable battery capacity of 3300 mAh, capable to hold on the smartphone in the minds of up to 7 days with average load, Softbank 302SH can work up to 4 days. At maximum load – 2 days.

Review Sharp Softbank 302SH Aquos Phone Xx

EDGEST compact body will not weigh the hand and is quite capable of every day to please his views.

Have the Japanese and their undisguised Cons: Camera and impractical but attractive finish of the case. In general, Aquos Phone Xx turned controversial, but I’m sure everyone will be able to see in it something of their own, appealing.