Review Shuttle XS 3500BB V4 – another Nettop

Review Shuttle XS 3500BB V4 – another Nettop

Review Shuttle XS 3500BB V4 - another Nettop

The era of desktop slowly coming to an end – now the share of computers from which users connect to the Internet, 15% of the total segment and reached 33% of the smartphone. Habitual us great system units go into oblivion, remaining only gamers and users who are on your computer, perform some very complex problems. All other users have switched to compact nettops, consume less power, do not emit unnecessary sounds and occupying much less space on your desktop. Device Shuttle XS 3500BB V4 is also a compact solution, perfect for the home or office, and today we’ll tell you more about all the details of the device. Still, each potential buyer wants to know the pros and minutes of a device before rendering their money. So let’s see what we offer the comrades of the Shuttle.

Shuttle XS 3500BB V4: Stuffing

Originally a manufacturer of famous computer barebone-type. Shuttle XS 3500BB V4, which is not fully assembled – have body and dress, but no memory or hard drive. This product is already a full-fledged computer, which will operate out of the box as you need. Inside installed processor Intel Celeron J1900 series of Bay Trail, based on the four processing cores. It should be noted that this new generation of processor architecture and because the product does not require active cooling. It is, in fact, reduces the body nettop and make it silent. Maintain Shuttle XS 3500BB V4 performance is RAM to 2 gigabytes of storage and built-in 32 GB SSD. To expand the memory capacity can be achieved by new dies to 8 gigabytes, and the built-in memory is extended by one more slot for a 2.5-inch SSD or the HDD.

Review Shuttle XS 3500BB V4 - another Nettop
Shuttle XS 3500BB V4: The case design

The Shuttle XS 3500BB V4 is made of black plastic with a matte finish on the front panel is the optical drive connector USB 2.0, memory card slot and power button / power off. The side faces “stitched” grille, through which air will pass through the body and cool the stuffing in a passive way. On the back side are all the slots for peripherals – HDMI, DisplayPort and D-Sub, only one port USB 3.0, three ports USB 2.0, port Ethernet. With a range of connectors, problems connecting something to the nettop you will not have.

Shuttle XS 3500BB V4: Rewards

From the factory the unit will be supplied on the operating system Windows 8.1 with Bing, but you can absolutely free upgrade to Windows 10 immediately after purchase. Due to its low weight, only 2.4 kilograms, the product can be easily installed behind the monitor to save space on the desktop. However, this requires a separate rack. The Shuttle XS 3500BB V4 also comes with a computer stand for desktop use nettop. It also has a slot for a microphone and headphones with the codec Realtek ALC269, RTL8188EE controller to work with Wi-Fi. Nothing extra.

Review Shuttle XS 3500BB V4 - another Nettop
Shuttle XS 3500BB V4: Result

When purchasing Shuttle XS 3500BB V4, you get a full-fledged desktop computer in a very easy-to-use package. You can set it for display and then it generally will not be seen, it can be put on the desktop. Productive filling allows you to run absolutely any application and work without fanfare fans. The price of the gadget Shuttle XS 3500BB V4 is 270 euro and it is quite reasonable price for a device of this type. Although, of course, with toys on it will go to work.

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