Review smart pedometer FitBit Alta

Review smart pedometer FitBit Alta

Review smart pedometer FitBit Alta

The FitBit could create a market trackers and smart to become a leader on it, even Apple output in this segment with its clock could not change the position of the company, its products associated with specialized devices for counting steps and a healthy lifestyle. Such pedometers are used for digitalization lifestyle, help people get to know their habits, sleep quality, and other parameters. Became assistant to easier and more correct to change their lives. An important role is played by the fact that, in contrast to the same smart watch, the device does not look like everyday, it is necessary for those who change their lives or attempts to do so. People buying smart pedometers have the motivation and choosing the devices consciously. At the same time, there is a huge potential audience, which would also welcome such a device, but is not ready to hold them second hand. On the one hand – the usual hours, the second hand – fitness bracelet. One of the main complaints of the audience to FitBit bracelets, and so many others, was the fact that they look like specialized, sport device. They expect to see the person on the arm while jogging, at the gym, but not in the office or in everyday life. They are not always suitable for office clothes, and therefore the same FitBit loses the audience.

In 2016, the company tries to fix this moment and focuses on the design, and the task is complicated by the fact that you need to save and the old audience, dramatic changes here more harm. See how looks Charge tracker, it reflects old design concept.

And here’s what a FitBit Alta, the differences visible to the naked eye. And it is not only the differences in the pictures, they are just as striking in life.

The model is available in 4 colors, you can choose black, blue, purple or green color bracelet.

Review smart pedometer FitBit Alta

The FitBit faced with the fact that many users have complained of skin irritation, and if the first bracelets couple of years ago even stopped selling, the next generation left. I’m suspicious of it, until he collided with irritation at Surge. Silicone Strap cause redness and strong arm itched, as if it was a slight burn.

In FitBit Alta again changed the formula of the material, so that it does not cause irritation. How will this practice is unknown, but it is written in the instructions that the bracelet is washed with water only and that do not contain soap. It seems that the company has found the cause of irritation, apparently, soap or gel can interact with the strap. I do irritation appeared on Surge after I washed with soap and bracelet.

Community Charge and previous models know that the bracelet molded, while it has only protection against splashes, it is impossible to swim in, as well as diving. Unfortunately, protection from water in FitBit Alta remained at the same level, which is surprising. Most competing products have protection IP67, and FitBit not. However, in practice it turns out that FitBit Alta does not die in the water, but it is better not to do so, since no manufacturer warranty does not. As I see it, the issue is in the legal plane, in FitBit it safe and do not want to promise protection from water to avoid refunds recessed pedometers.

In FitBit Alta gone further by making removable bracelet, each part detachable from the metal casing of the pedometer. Moreover, it appears that he can use not only the pedometer on the arm, but also in his trouser pocket, similar to the same FitBit One.

The versatility of the pedometer will appeal to all, good to get two in one device that can be worn on the hand, and in the pockets of clothing. Only it must be remembered that the arm measurement accuracy higher than in the pocket of jeans, the difference may reach 5-7%.

Additionally, you can purchase various straps, classic version is available at $ 30, leather strap – 60, and the metal – for $ 100. Leather straps are even available in different versions, they are positioned as a luxury version.

On hand FitBit Alta is very convenient, you can adjust the buckle so that the bracelet was not taut. In the absence of a pulse measurement there is no need to do so that it rests against the skin. The very tight clasp, it is necessary to get used, it has become the scourge of these bracelets from FitBit, first time to fasten it – things torment, it is necessary to adapt himself.

Review smart pedometer FitBit Alta

When you first set up your offer to enter your data (height, weight, age), select the hand on which you will wear a bracelet, as well as to have an account in FitBit, to which all the data and sync.

You can also choose how the information is displayed on the screen vertically, from left to right, top to bottom, and so on.

Availability of Bluetooth-adapter included – is a tribute to the old computer, where it can not be the standard, but such devices a little bit, so most new models FitBit abandons him. You can customize your Android / iPhone smartphone to synchronize all the data, and you can do it on the PC. The choice is yours, as no significant differences in the software you will not see, except for the fact that the PC version (browser version) is more colorful, it gives a little more beautiful graphics and drawings, it nicer to use. In addition, on a large computer screen, you can immediately see a lot of sections.

Wearing the bracelet can be on either hand, and the small screen is quite comfortable to see all the information. Unfortunately, in a vertical orientation, which many deem convenient, labels do not fit entirely, for example, the number of steps on the part of the beating. This is a compromise to make a small screen, as well as the device itself.

Unlike previous models, there are no buttons, the screen can be activated motion of the hand or tapping on it twice. Scrolling through screens of information available with additional taps. On the move is not always possible to quickly scroll through the screen to the desired section in the software you can set the display order of the data, for example, do not step on the first priority, and to make something else. Let me remind you that the pedometer shows details such as time, number of steps, distance, calories burned.

In previous models, the button was needed in order to activate the training mode, for which the data is stored separately. You press a button and you can see how many have been spent calories. Now this is not, and the recognition of “training” comes automatically in the software where you can see all the data. But the tracker can not do it.

There are silent alarm, you can adjust the bracelet to vibrate, he very gently wakes you up. Disable it can by clicking on the button. All settings occur only on a computer or smartphone.

Review smart pedometer FitBit Alta

Charge the bracelet can be an hour on the computer, this will be enough for 5 days in memory stores all the data in the last 7 days (per-minute) or 30 days (of each day for each parameter), but I think that synchronization will occur more often.

charging cable again unique. This pin, which is worn on a bracelet. On the connector, connect to a PC, there is a button, it is necessary to see the charging process, otherwise the screen remains dark. Previously, when charging always show the status of it is now removed. Apparently, someone complained that the screen is lit in the dark, the other reason I can think of.

From useless options, I note that when connected to a smartphone bracelet is capable of showing the caller’s number or name (they are scrolled on the small screen, because it is small and does not fit all). As far as it is necessary, I do not know option, in my opinion, it is quite useless, and spends a lot of energy, as always on a wireless connection with your phone. 4.0 – Bluetooth version.

Sleep tracking is much more interesting, especially the bracelet on his arm does not interfere, even in a dream. No activation mode is not required, the bracelet starts automatically.

The site Fitbit you can view all the information about your activity during the day (and at other times). Of the additional features – the ability to enter data about the food, as well as your weight. Both the first and the second option is unnecessary for me, I do not use them. It is possible that someone will find them useful.

And now the most important thing is the social component. You can add other people to the friends, to see how much they have been, it motivates many to small feat, especially when they are good friends. Measurement accuracy in pedometers FitBit one of the best on the market, they can be considered the standard, almost no false positives.

A new feature in trackers FitBit in 2016 was a reminder of the need to move it hourly. If you are still for 50 minutes, then gently vibrates tracker and offers to pass 250 steps. The software takes into account how you comply with these recommendations, for the day is 9 hours. It is believed that the immobility of more than an hour a direct impact on the metabolism, the body goes into power saving mode.

Review smart pedometer FitBit Alta

The FitBit FitStar acquired a company that has created tutorials for fitness, their application can be found both yoga and the usual warm-up, plus the application allows you to receive personalized recommendations on how to deal with. application cost – about $ 40.

When applied to FitBit Alta regard it does not make sense, since no helpers you do not see, the display is too small. But in the Blaze guard at FitStar there is a section where clearly demonstrated the exercises, and you can try them. At the same time your heart rate is measured, all the exercises are counted as practice. Therefore, probably, FitStar worth watching on other devices, or try on a smartphone, but to say that FitBit Alta has some advantages when working with this software, you can not.


Last year, a regular FitBit Charge cost $ 130, and therefore, FitBit Alta comes to replace him. On the plus side it should be noted a different design, change the screen, automatic definition of “training” and walks. However, all other characteristics comparable devices on the same level. Price Charge has not changed, but it stretches the model, it is sold as is, stocks.

In my opinion, FitBit Alta was interesting for anyone who is not looking at the device with the measurement of heart rate, they are a bit more expensive, but offer great opportunities. I’d venture that will later FitBit Alta HR version with pulse measurement, but it is the role in the series carries a bracelet Charge HR or Fitbit Blaze.

Review smart pedometer FitBit Alta

One month from the beginning of sales in FitBit able to sell more than a million FitBit Alta, is a large amount for such a device, and this niche. The device is clearly popular, however, it is understandable, in class is one of the best smart pedometers.

In Russia can be found at FitBit Alta resellers at a price of 12-15 thousand rubles. The price is high, but these devices have changed in price because of course, in my opinion, it makes sense to buy directly in the United States and order delivery directly to your home. The choice between these pedometer and Blaze hours is not very easy, I like the second, and I use them for several weeks. Overview FitBit Blaze will appear separately, as well as the list of advantages of this watch before Alta. But among trackers bracelets Alta – one of the best devices, you should pay attention to it.