Review of smart watch ASUS ZenWatch: in harmony with your smartphone

Review of smart watch ASUS ZenWatch: in harmony with your smartphone

Review of smart watch ASUS ZenWatch: in harmony with your smartphone

Wearable electronics slowly but surely won the hearts of customers. Mainly thanks to innovative products and unique appearance. Still, the market is not oversaturated with wearable devices, the opportunities for experimentation are literally endless and limited only by the boundaries of imagination of engineers. So ZenWatch from ASUS got all the best achievements of the company to ensure the best possible usability and user interaction using the concept of Google Android Wear. Stylish looks, ergonomics, ease of use and advanced software functionality – just a few of the strengths of smart hours.

Design and Ergonomics

In the development of its first smart watch, ASUS has paid considerable attention is the appearance of the device. ZenWatch fairly compact, elegant, a little strict, modern, smooth, quiet and very showy. Perhaps one of the most beautiful smart hours.

Brushed metal casing looks quite expensive.

Review of smart watch ASUS ZenWatch: in harmony with your smartphone

The design complements the bracelet made of genuine leather, which also brings a substantial share of expressiveness and harmony with bronze recess around the perimeter of the housing.

Like almost minimalist curved face of the clock. No logo, extra buttons and design inserts. All official information is applied to the inside of the device.

There are also contacts for charging docking with a rubber, and a small oval button, which is responsible for the transition to the settings, as well as the unit’s power.

Thanks to a smooth forms, watches perfectly sit on a hand. However, the habit, the weight of 70 grams it seems too large. For hours to get used to correctly adjust the length of the strap.

The mechanism of attachment is very handy and convenient – off and the device can be put in a split second.

This versatile strap 22 mm, so that, if necessary, can be put on any other suitable bracelet.

Note that the housing ZenWatch protected from moisture and dust standard IP55, so that they are not afraid of swimming.


Watch received 1.63-inch AMOLED-display with a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels and a barely perceptible curve of the protective glass Gorilla Glass 3. There oleophobic coating, so that the screen can not be called brand.

Review of smart watch ASUS ZenWatch: in harmony with your smartphone

The screen is bright enough to read a notice in the sun, and the maximum viewing angles provide a correct picture, regardless of the position of the hands. A image of a very high quality for everyday use Smart hours. Note that the light sensor is not here, so you need to adjust the brightness manually.


Despite the fact that ZenWatch not suitable for the role of an independent device – is a smartphone companion, they got a good filling for a high speed. So, here set the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor with a clock frequency of 1.2 GHz, 512 MB RAM and 4 GB of internal memory. Besides, there is a microphone, Bluetooth 4.0, the vibrating motor 9 and an axial motion sensor.

The clock is very fast, the brakes are not observed podlagivany interface too. In addition, the sensor layer is also excellent – the screen quickly and accurately fulfills touch. But the motion sensor, as for me, a little too sensitive – several times I noticed that the screen is switched on without moving, “checking the time”, but simply walking or communion. It was necessary to reduce the sensitivity of the sensors in the device settings.

In the baby fit lithium polymer battery capacity 1.4 Wh. In moderately-active mode use of their charge will last for one and a half day of use, at least a resistive load – rare notifications infrequent checking the time, but with the included pedometer, they hold little more than two days.

Review of smart watch ASUS ZenWatch: in harmony with your smartphone

To charge using a small rubber with docking connector microUSB. To fill the battery will need a little more than an hour.

Interface & Software

To take full advantage of the miracle of electronics need a smartphone on Android 4.3 or later version, and the application Android Wear, preferably ASUS ZenWatch Manager.

This application will help set the clock, select the dial, run the utility on a smart clock and install additional software directly on ZenWatch.

Interface hours of bright, thoughtful and concise.

Unlike most devices on Android Wear, ZenWatch received a number of additional programs that extend their functionality. Especially interesnoprilozhenie Remote Camera, which allows you to use the clock as a viewfinder for the camera smartphone. At the same time you need to shoot only to turn the arm.

In addition, you can optionally set Welness – analogue of Google Fit.

Review of smart watch ASUS ZenWatch: in harmony with your smartphone

Incidentally, the watch is equipped with a sensor heartbeat. To measure you want to place the index and middle finger on the metal frame on the sides of the screen.

Hours perfectly understand voice commands, so you can not only perform search on Google, and run applications without touching the screen hours.

I also note that the notice are working properly, all the time, I use did not miss a single call and notice FaceBook. Vibrate well palpable, so that the clock can even wake.


ASUS ZenWatch owner will provide only positive emotions. They look cool, are easy to use, high quality, quick and thoughtful. In addition, they are universal not only functional, but also externally – you do not have to choose clothes for hours. Hours sit comfortably on the hand, not too tight and not under pressure.

I am glad that ASUS ZenWatch introduced me to Android Wear, since they are included in the list of the best smart-watches on the market. And considering that the platform and software development of the hours will be improved, it is possible in the near future to count on even more functionality and a better autonomy. With ZenWatch you forget about usual hours who only know how that show the time.