Review smartphone Acer Liquid Z530

Review smartphone Acer Liquid Z530

Review smartphone Acer Liquid Z530

At the end of last year, Acer started selling more low-cost smartphones, including models Liquid Acer Liquid Z530.

The gadget is remarkable in that it is equipped with a 5-inch IPS screen and its resolution is 720h1280 points, that is HD. Unfortunately, at the moment almost all A-brands offer a lower resolution for the same amount. Even at Acer Liquid Z530 has 2 gigabytes of RAM, which is very good for such a device. As chips – facing camera with wide-angle optics and music DTS Studio Sound Effects.

Design, size, controls Acer Liquid Z530

The smartphone is made in the traditional for Acer design: the rounded shape of the hull, main speaker, camera and polyphonic speaker furnished in the form of rings, the speaker on the back of the camera and have the same diameter.

Review smartphone Acer Liquid Z530

The screen is protected by glass. The manufacturer does not specify any particular glass. Oleophobic coating is, it is relatively effective. During the tests on the screen there was not a single scratch.

The side faces decorated with fine chrome insert, which is slightly bent towards the edges: a bit like some phones Sony Xperia type Arc.

In the apparatus just two colors: white and black. We have a review of the Acer Liquid Z530 was in the dark. All elements of the plastic housing. The back cover is a metal with tiny longitudinal grooves, but the touch socket is still smooth and slippery.

Phone as a whole compact 144 x 70.3 x 8.9 mm and lightweight, 145 grams, but if the developers have reduced the distance from the bottom of the device to the screen, it would be wonderful. In his hand is good due to the sloping edges and oval body.

On top of the front side are: missed event indicator, speaker voice (loud, interlocutor can hear perfectly, clarity on the “five”), light and proximity sensors, a camera for the “selfie”.

Under the screen – the inscription «ACER», touch-sensitive buttons.

Review smartphone Acer Liquid Z530

MicroUSB connector and the microphone – from below, above are 3.5 mm audio jack and the power button phone (slightly protrudes from the body, mild depression, stroke a little).

Right – the key, the volume rocker on the left there are no elements.

On the reverse side: camera lens, flash, microphone for noise cancellation, handsfree speaker, covered with black mesh.

The cover is removable, under it you will find two slots for simkarty micro format and slot for microSD memory cards. The battery is removable, too.

Display Acer Liquid Z530

This device uses a screen diagonal is 5 inches. The physical size – 62h111 mm top frame – 14 mm, bottom – 18 mm, left and right – of approximately 3.5 mm. There is anti-reflective coating.

Display resolution Acer Liquid Z530 – HD, ie 720h1280 points, density – 293 pixels per inch. IPS OGS Matrix. For a diagonal of 5 inches is a normal resolution, pixelation is almost invisible, clear picture.

Review smartphone Acer Liquid Z530

The maximum brightness of white color – 285 cd / m2, the minimum brightness white – 35 cd / m2 maximum brightness black – 0.46 cd / m2, a minimum brightness of black – 0.06 cd / m2. Contrast Ratio – 640: 1.

The viewing angles are maximum, but tilted screen strongly violet and yellow.

Battery Acer Liquid Z530

This model uses a removable Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery capacity of 2420 mAh. The manufacturer does not result in data autonomy.

Gadget time is exactly the same as any other budget of Android-smartphone with the same battery that is He “lives” about 7-8 hours in a relatively active mode with a connection to a 3G or 4G: 20-30 minutes of calls, about an hour using the camera, the same content, for 3-4 hours on Twitter and email. If you want to play, then expect about an hour at full brightness and full volume with the output to the speaker.

From the regular AC adapter is charging the battery for 3 hours from the USB PC – for 4-4.5 hours.

Review smartphone Acer Liquid Z530

Communications Acer Liquid Z530

This section could be and miss. It does not have anything interesting: two sim-cards, Wi-Fi b / g / n, Bluetooth, GPS (works well, good sensitivity). The only thing – the unit realizes the fourth generation 4G LTE network with frequencies 800/1800/2100/2600 MHz. With over 9 000 – 10 000 rubles very welcome.

Memory and memory card Acer Liquid Z530

Inside is 2 GB of RAM. For low-cost device that amount of RAM – a good result.

The internal memory of 16 GB. Available about 9 GB. Apparently, a lot of “eat” the installed programs and the shell. Of course, it supports microSD memory cards, the maximum amount – 32 GB.

Camera Acer Liquid Z530

There are two modules, in fact, like almost any other similar smartphone: the main (with auto focus, F2.0 aperture), and front (F2.4 aperture, wide angle) to 8 MP.

I do not remember to cameras installed in devices from Acer, when a decent shot. Alas, in this case the module is not used pleases stunning results: good pictures are obtained from case to case. Acer Liquid Z530 is best to remove the macro and portrait photos, worse – landscape. The main problem – not sharp pictures. By the way, a similar phenomenon in smartphones meet is not the first time. The impression is that the lens can not focus on distant objects.

Review smartphone Acer Liquid Z530

The device writes FullHD video at 30 f / s in the daytime and 16 to / from the evening. The quality is so-so, tachem focus there.

The front facing camera, as I said, has the same number of megapixels as the main. Auto Focus is not, but a wide angle: at arm’s length in the frame can fit a set of objects. The quality of the average, objects far worked poorly. Clips recorded in the resolution FullHD.

The camera interface is supplied with separate focus and exposure point of choice. In the settings you can choose one of the effects: HDR, panorama, smile shot, a photo with sound, presentation and others. Selecting a pleasant surprise. However, when the camera shoots bad sense of the effect is lost. For video there is a slowdown. For the front camera has a light, it is the same as in the apparatus of LG and other gadgets: in the center of the window is a preview of your face, and all the rest of the field is filled with white.

Performance and software platform Acer Liquid Z530

The device operates in the Taiwan chipset MediaTek MT6735. This 64-bit of SoC, which contains 4 ARM Cortex-53 core, 28-nm process technology, the clock frequency of each – up to 1.5 GHz. As used graphics Mali T-720 with support for Open GL ES 3.0 and Open CL 1.2 API. At the same gland function Philips V526, Blackview Alife P1 Pro, Highscreen Power Five and many others.

When the CPU load is practically not heated enclosure.

The interface works very fast, without any lags and brakes. With games typical situation: run all, but some complex games can slow down. With simple no problems.

Benchmarks Acer Liquid Z530

Smartphone Acer Liquid Z530 runs on Google Android 5.1 operating system. Updates to the “Six” should not wait. There is a proprietary shell.

Multimedia Acer Liquid Z530

Established standard music player from Google (there are brand abMusic). The headphone volume is very high, the sound quality I liked. The gadget supports DTS Studio Sound technology.

The speaker volume is slightly above average: MP3-tunes played softly, the standard “Tweeters” – a relatively loud. At some frequencies the speaker is making strange noises.

The smartphone is equipped with FM-radio. Videos Acer Liquid Z530 «turns» in all resolutions and bitrates. To support different codecs and video formats you need to install a separate app.


The quality of communication does not result in complaints, everything works like clockwork. Vibrate medium strength and in the pockets of warm jackets hardly gives himself.

Smartphone Acer Liquid Z530 – a typical inexpensive gadget from the B-brand with all the consequences: despite some good characteristics, they all look good only “on paper”. For example: IPS screen, but at angles much violet and yellow; Camera “selfie” wide-angle, but average quality. On the other hand, Acer and do not shout at each corner “buy our unique gadget.”

The main positive points:

  • The high brightness of the screen matrix, can be clearly seen in the light
  • High speed interface
  • Indicator missed events
  • Wide angle from the front camera
  • Operation in 4G LTE networks
  • A large amount of RAM for the machine in this price range

As such, deficiencies in the Acer Liquid Z530 I have not found. I think this is an excellent price. If you are considering buying as Chinese smartphones (I mean to the bone – Oukitel, Homtom, UMI, Elephone, Smartisan, etc.), then the Acer worth a closer look.