Review smartphone Huawei P9 (EVA-L09)

Review smartphone Huawei P9 (EVA-L09)

Review smartphone Huawei P9 (EVA-L09)

Huawei P9 for sale in a pretty white perforated carton. On the front side adorn the Leica logo and inscription DUAL CAMERA. Accessories decomposed into separate little boxes of the same material as the main box. The kit also includes a metal remover SIM tray, USB cable type C, Headset (almost complete copy of the “ears» EarPods from Apple) and AC adapter.

Introduction Huawei P9

Smartphone Huawei P9 was shown at the beginning in London this April. Interestingly, the famous insider Evan Blass shortly before the announcement Huawei P9 revealed some data about the machine, in fact, called the date of the presentation.

Review smartphone Huawei P9 (EVA-L09)

On our site has already reached two articles about the flagship gadget from Huawei. Artem first got acquainted with the device, and Sergey wrote a short but informative text “Day-to-use.” I can only give you a little more information, and to summarize my colleagues said.

From my point of view, Huawei P9 has one major unique feature – the presence of two cameras. And, unlike, for example, LG G5 (there is one regular unit, the other wide angle), at a point Huawei P9: Additional camera features a black and white sensor, it collects all the light, thereby increasing the dynamic range and sensitivity. Moreover, thanks to the second module can be produced from the aperture F0.95 to F16. Of course, this is achieved by software, but it works better than competing models with a single camera.

The rest of the chips, it seems to me, is not it interesting to the end user: a powerful chipset, sufficient RAM for all applications, a good screen, and so on. In general, all as in all.

Design, size, controls Huawei P9

New Huawei’s hardly differs from their previous flagship smartphone: the same shape, the same materials, the feeling in use. But really, why do something radically change, if many users who decide to replace their P8 to Huawei P9 is, will remain with the same operating experience. For example, my friend is so accustomed to the old Apple iPhone 4S, that she decided to buy the iPhone SE, in spite of my entreaties to take “six” (the friend does not need superkamerah and megaproizvoditelnosti apparatus), since there is display a little more and more comfortable, “consume” content.

Review smartphone Huawei P9 (EVA-L09)

Huawei P9 has a smooth shape body, fashionable at the moment 2.5D glass, ergonomic design. Excellent in the hand by the best, in my opinion, the size – 145×70.9×6.95 mm and due to the rounded edges.

So I remember in P8 padded front panel was pure white, in Huawei P9 it has subtle cross the line. The screen protects the glass from Corning – Gorilla Glass fourth generation. Visually, it seems that in the framework of the gadget is not at all, however, the activation of the display everything falls into place: the right and left frame 3 mm, which is also very good.

Oleophobic coating is naturally present. The finger glides across the screen perfectly, fingerprints erased easily.

The side edges and a large part of the back surface are made of aluminum. Some items are polished. Frankly, this appearance is now no surprise: every second Chinese smartphone is made of “iron” in the design similar to Huawei P9.

This model EVA-L09 is available in three colors: gold, silver and gray. There are even pink gold, white ceramics, smoky gold. It is unlikely that they will go on sale in Russia.

Review smartphone Huawei P9 (EVA-L09)

On the reverse side there is a plastic insert with the word Leica Summarit ASPH. insert decoration design elements similar to the front panel.

With the assembly of all excellent. However, the device has no removable parts (except simkarty tray), which could play or squeak.

On top of the front side are the front camera, sensors, missed event indicator and the voice speaker. The speaker is loud, the stock is, the interlocutor is heard clearly and legibly.

At the bottom end – 3.5 mm connector for headphones, the main microphone, USB Type-C and speaker.

On the left there is a metal tray for inserting a memory card and simkarty nano format.

There are models with two sim-cards – EVA-L19 and EVA-L29. Right – the power button scored to make it easier to find, and key-rocker volume control.

At the top there is a lone microphone for noise cancellation.

On the back side of the device: two cameras, two LED flashes different colors glow, laser guidance system on the focus and just below – the fingerprint sensor (works fast, I think, similar to Samsung Galaxy S6).

Display Huawei P9

This device uses a screen diagonal is 5.2 inches. The physical size – 64h114 mm top frame – 14 mm, bottom – 16 mm left and right – of about 3 mm. There is anti-reflective coating, quite effective.

Review smartphone Huawei P9 (EVA-L09)

Display resolution Huawei P9 – FullHD, ie 1920×1080 pixels, aspect ratio – 16: 9, the density – 423 pixels per inch. IPS matrix with no air gap.

The maximum brightness of white color – 432 cd / m2 maximum brightness black – 0.55 cd / m2, contrast ratio – 820: 1.

Matrix has the highest brightness, and the brightness of a tall black number, but leaves ample contrast to the screen is not too “blind” to the sun.

Schedule brightness in the normal range, excellent range in the vicinity of 2.13, according to the levels of color, there is a clear failure of the red, the temperature does not float and is about 8000 K. The data exceeds the sRGB values ​​of the triangle. This means that the colors will be very bright and saturated.

Battery Huawei P9

This model uses a non-removable lithium-polymer (Li-Pol) battery capacity of 3000 mAh.

In my mode gadget operated 1.5 days: an hour of calls, the constant synchronization with Wi-Fi (every day from 9.00 to 01.00, Twitter, e-mail, Skype, Votsapp), 4-6 hours of LTE. Glow screen in this mode – 4 h.

With games the situation is slightly worse: battery lasts 3-4 hours continuous “battle.” Video device “cool” about 7:00 (HD).

Review smartphone Huawei P9 (EVA-L09)

Included you will find the AC adapter 2 A. Of the original: the device supports the fast charging, so from 0 to 100% the battery is filled with energy for 1 hour and 10 minutes.

The Huawei P9 implemented original function «Signal + 2.0» – a virtual triple antenna. The idea is that multiple antennas are integrated inside the device. Depending on how you hold the phone, antenna switches to provide better communication quality. It is on the “paper”, but in practice not much difference noticed, especially when compared to the Samsung Galaxy S6, Meizu Pro 5/6 and other devices.

Another feature – «Wi-Fi + 2.0». Gadget automatically connected to the most stable and robust network (bandwidth) Wi-Fi.

There is also NFC (in models L19 and L29 is absent), the rest is standard for any expensive of Android-smartphone: GPS and GLONASS, Wi-Fi b / g / n / ac, Bluetooth 4.2, USB 2.0 with OTG support.

Memory and memory card Huawei P9

The official website says that is available in three versions:

  • EVA-L09. It is equipped with only one simkarty within 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory
  • EVA-L19. The device is equipped with two sim-cards, inside and 3 + 32
  • EVA-L29. This gadget is the most feature-rich. It has two slots for sim-cards, RAM and 4 GB Flash-memory 64 GB.

As far as I understand, in versions with two sim-cards slot shared with the memory card.

Cams Huawei P9

Finally we got to the most important and the right section of the review. At least, I would be interested to receive information specifically about cameras, as the rest of the parameters and functions of the same plus or minus on the background of modern flagship smartphones.

As Huawei has invented a revolutionary and used in Huawei  P9?

In this model we established two chambers. At this time, not to create a stereo image, or not fully implemented correctly background blur (so to say, not only that), but for the very real things.

Review smartphone Huawei P9 (EVA-L09)

Let’s start with the fact that both modules have the same resolution of 12 MP (matrix BSI CMOS Sony IMX286), f2.2 aperture, angle of view of 27 mm, pixel size 1.25 μm. If you look at the camera, the right module is designed for shooting in color, and the left – in monochrome. The fact that the module uses a black and white sensor. This is necessary to obtain the maximum amount of light. Thus, the sensor receives more information about the dynamic range and high sensitivity is achieved. The second module fixes the color. Further data are combined with the two matrices.

Two cameras are also needed for more precise focus, despite the fact that there is a laser autofocus and slow standard contrast.

Another application of the second module – receiving frames with F0.95 aperture! Yes, it is a hole in the lens mimics Huawei P9. In fact, here again comes into the fight software. However, we must pay tribute to programmers Huawei: this time the function is much adequate, than any other device with the software blurring the background.

I think with the cameras is partially understood. And what about the inscriptions Leica?

As it so happened, that Huawei quite vaguely explain the appearance of the rating plate of the famous German company specializing in the production of optical systems and devices of precise mechanics. It got to the absurd: Huawei accused of is that it is pure marketing and Leica are quite innocent. The answer did not wait long – a few days ago was published a joint statement on Huawei P9 and Leica camera:

“The joint development is an integral part of the product, and Leica’s contribution includes:

  • joint development, evaluation and optimization of the optical design of the lens in accordance with Leica standards;
  • joint development of the design of the camera module to reduce the effects of scattered light ( “halos and glare effect”);
  • evaluation of image quality in terms of color / accuracy of color reproduction, white balance, reduce the effect of stray light ( “glare and ghosting effect”), the impact accuracy, dynamic range, sharpness and noise characteristics;
  • image processing using a long-term examination of Leica in signal processing and the optical system;
  • determining compliance with the strictest standards for Huawei series production ensuring consistently high quality products. “

Now it became clear that not just Huawei mentions Leica in his product, that is, everything turned out as in the joke about the spoon that were found, but the deposit has remained …

And now about the quality of the photos.

Happy footage obtained of excellent quality: accurate white balance, no artifacts, good detail. By reducing the lighting level quality begins to decline sharply. Appears monochrome noticeable noise, especially in the lighter areas, details worsening.

Overall, I can not say that the Huawei P9 shoots better than the G8 or P8. In the afternoon all the lads, Merrie Men, and at night is clearly losing the main flagships such as Samsung Galaxy S7 or Apple iPhone 6S.

We should also mention a very fast autofocus: afternoon at Galaxy S7 level – instantly, in the evening a little slower. In addition, the focus is not only fast, but also very precise: the camera zooms to the sharpness, even when placed next to several objects.

To control the diaphragm need to click on the corresponding icon. Tip indicates that the object is to shoot at a distance of no more than two meters. Then specify the focus point and select the aperture value from 0.95 to 16. Naturally, all this is implemented in software. About the effect I have already said – frame looks good, but often enough in the picture seen obvious “shoals”: the blur in the wrong place, the part of the subject is out of focus and so on. Indulge yourself is possible, but is often used – is unlikely.

In the settings (swipe from left to right) can be seen corporate font Leica. Frankly, if I had not read about it in the network, I would not even understand what, in fact, a joke: Well, all the words capitalized, well, drawing the font.

Present manual settings: Focus on a point in the center and across the frame; ISO range of 50 to 3200, shutter speed from 1/4000 to 30 seconds; adjusts exposure, focus selected AF-S / AF-C or manual (just like the SLR cameras – offset), specifies the white balance.

Huawei P9 Smartphone knows how to make frames in RAW format (DNG). Writes frames only to the internal memory. Files “weighs” about 15 MB to 30 MB.

As for the front camera, it photographs well. Wide angle.

Video unit wrote in FullHD resolution and 60 frames per second. normal quality. Focus is accurate and fast. But the sound is really like: clean, enhanced stereo base that is heard every detail of the right or left.

Performance Huawei P9

As the “heart” of the device acts as a chipset of its own production – HUAWEI Kirin 955: 64-bit, 8 cores (4h2,5 GHz A72 + A53 4h1,8 GHz), graphics Mali-T880. I think we should not talk about what Huawei P9 is very fast and bug free. No problems with games and other applications on the phone no. When you load metal casing heats up a bit, but the stove is not converted.

Software platform Huawei P9

Huawei P9 runs on Google Android 6.0 operating system. There is a proprietary shell EMUI 4.1, so by “six” almost nothing left.


This model uses its own music player. The sound quality of the headphones I liked: lacking and bass, and high, medium well designed.

Speaker sound is clean and loud, surprisingly loudly. In this regard, he has few rivals.


After a long test Huawei P9 smartphone, I can say that the gadget has made a positive impression when you create a device-quality materials, a top “iron”, one of the best screen IPS-matrix was used, a good camera and decent battery life. In fact, the carp is almost to nothing, except that the price would like to slightly lower.

I think, Huawei P9 should be considered as a substitute for P8 or other weaker device. And I recommend it to those who, for whatever reason, not looking away cheapened up to 35 000 Samsung Galaxy S6, the original Xiaomi Mi5 or unusual Meizu Pro 6.

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