Review the smartphone Motorola Moto G – phone for every day

Review the smartphone Motorola Moto G – phone for every day



In trying to recreate the likeness Motorola product line. Once the company has presented a very interesting but highly overrated in the value of Moto X, the following product is a relatively low cost Moto G. This unit is designed as a smartphone for every day – a minimum of changes compared to the original Android, good price / quality ratio – if not perfect, it is close to this unit. In the market you can find many models in the segment of about $ 200, but there is almost no balanced machines – those that can boast of working time, the presence of a pleasant design and quality materials of the housing. The rare exceptions are Moto G.

Package Includes:

  • Smartphone
  • USB-cable

The model is available in two versions – normal and Play Edition, that is pure Android. For Russian buyers needing a menu in Russian, fit only the second version – the first version of the Russian language menu lacks. Do not ask me why the Motorola have done so, I do not know. A noticeable number of fans left the company in the CIS countries, and they buy such devices, failure of Russian support – this is a stupid move. Unlike devices even in design – it is identical – but only in the absence of the three programs from Motorola. I have to say, is not the most important programs available, in addition to Play Market. Therefore the choice of Play Edition becomes more justified.

In my opinion, Moto G turned out good device for those looking for a smartphone with a confident second time to work one day, but plans to use it mainly for calls, SMS or social networking, when it is the second phone, not the main one. In this capacity, the unit looks great – especially since you do not overpay for its functionality nothing. Supplied meager exactly the same reason – no extra payments. Number when ordering on Amazon as a bonus you put the charging plug, but only for the U.S. market. The slogan of this model from Moto – exceptional unit at an exceptional price.

Design, size, controls

Standard housing color black, plastic mat, it can easily leave marks on the hands, this may be due to the velvety soft-touch coating. Size number – 129.9×65.9×11.6 mm, weight – 143 grams. In his hand the phone is perfectly like a glove. I like the way his back is rounded, like the feeling of plastic – in a word, it is emotionally very pleasant machine that sometimes feels better than many models of higher price segment.

The rear cover is removable, it can be detected by the battery (not removable), and also a connector for microSIM-card, it sideways. On the right side – on / off button and volume rocker. At the top end – 3.5 mm audio jack and microUSB-socket here – at the bottom.

No complaints about the build quality is not, all very reliable. Those who want to get a bright unit, will have to fork out for removable lid or cover, the price starts at $ 15, but there is guaranteed selection for every taste.


Diagonal screen size – 4.5 inches, resolution – 720h1280 pixels (326 ppi), this IPS-matrix that displays up to 16 million colors. The picture quality is very soft, pleasant colors – for its class, the screen is good – stands out for the better. It fades in the sun is not always visible, it is better to unscrew the brightness to maximum.

The screen is covered glass Corning Gorilla Glass 3, scuffs or scratches on it does not appear in the first week. Say something special about the display does not work, it is good, but only just.


Removable Li-Ion 2070 mAh battery capacity, according to the manufacturer, can provide night work using different functions on the device – the data for the individual modes are given. From my experience I can say that the night work – is to use the machine with an average load (hour of calls, about 1.5-2 hours of other functions with the included screen at full brightness and mobile network). With less active use, backlit by a quarter, this device operates quietly 2-3 days that already looks great result. Full battery charging time – a little over 1.5 hours.


Main camera 5 megapixel without autofocus. The camera interface is proprietary to Motorola. Quality is average – which is typical for this class of products, it is perhaps one of the major drawbacks of the machine. However, the pictures vote themselve

Memory, platform performance

One of the drawbacks of the machine becomes no memory card, built-in memory only 8 or 16 GB. In version 16 GB user available almost 13 GB of storage. Additionally, all buyers of this device will get 50 GB Google Drive for two years.

Chipset in this unit Snapdragon 400, this quad-core processor with a frequency of 1.2 GHz. Given that 1 GB of RAM, the phone works quickly, it contains no additional add-ins. However, you can look at the results of synthetic benchmarks.

Features of the software – version from Motorola

Originally model came on Android 4.3, but quickly got the upgrade to 4.4.2. Among the non-original programs already mentioned camera, and applications such as Migrate (Migration from one phone to another, including the iPhone to this unit), Assist (assistant turns off the sound when the events calendar – unpretentious, but handy program). In the settings you can find help from Motorola phone with advanced features – but there are almost none, count heavily redesigned interface Galleries difficult. In short, it is almost pure Android.

To play music in standard Moto G stands Play Music. The quality of the headphones is really great! Volume is very high and almost all the shakes “ears”.

Unlike Moto X, here present FM-radio, it is quite ordinary, works well. Video playback is not a problem, support additional codecs (MKV, MP4, 3GP, AVI at all resolutions).

For a description of standard functions in sending you an overview of Android 4, there are all described in detail.


Excellent device, which fully justifies its cost and has no direct disadvantages, unless you do not need a very high-quality camera. For my money very reasonable choice, but once it comes to Russia, then all is sad – inflated price from dealers, there is no guarantee, no additional sockets, self-purchase complexity. The device is not that cheap or wonderful to deal with all this.

As a second phone he was very pleasant – I extremely like this model, it is different emotionally. But the cons outweigh all the organizational plan.Will the United States – pay attention to the possibility of buying this machine. He definitely worth your attention.