Review Sony Xperia E5: affordable smartphone of new line

Review Sony Xperia E5: affordable smartphone of new line

Review Sony Xperia E5: affordable smartphone of new line

To our great regret, it is very difficult to release a smartphone manufacturer so order it before it does not booed on the Internet. Almost every second flagship enters the network before release, though much earlier, and at the time of the announcement he had no interest, as already seen enough.

For example, now there is a HYIP around the new iPhone and the Internet already have photo storage, photo camera, photo design housing and so on. The same thing happened with Sony with regard to gadget Xperia E5. Though he refers to the initial class, but insiders still leaked to the network a lot of photos, all the technical specifications and the manufacturer was no reason to keep the product in secret. If we all know about it, then why continue to drag out. So Xperia E5 and announced – quietly, modestly and without unnecessary pathos. However, it is the most affordable on the market a new line of smartphone Sony products and you are sure to enjoy it.

Specifications Xperia E5

Traditionally, we start with a review of specifications smartphone. Xperia E5 is not a flagship, and entry-level smartphone, so hope for some powerful stuffing is not necessary here. Inside works professor called Mediatek MTK6735, it runs on four processing cores with low clock speed of 1.3 gigahertz. Of course, the clock frequency of today is not an indicator, but also expect from a Xperia E5 something unreal, too powerful not worth it, you do not get it.

Review Sony Xperia E5: affordable smartphone of new line

Support mobile phone performance is memory capacity of 1.5 GB. It’s not enough to be honest, because to date, the optimal amount of RAM is 2 GB, but if you do not be lazy to close the application in the background, then no problem. Keep personal content can be on the internal storage capacity of 16 gigabytes. If you this is not enough, you can put a memory card of up to 200 gigabytes. Never mind that it is more expensive smartphone, the opportunity is there.

Design Xperia E5

Most of all we liked Xperia E5 for body design and colors. Supply equipment will be in two versions – in black and white. The front panel display is located and the manufacturer does not bother much with respect to the framework. Above the display is the Sony logo, camera with flash, and a set of sensors. It was all very stylish, fun and modern. On the back side of the same is a main camera with flash, the Xperia line logo, and on the side faces a very neat volume keys and lock screen.

Bonuses Xperia E5

You can call the front camera the main advantage of the smartphone Xperia E5. It is a 5-megapixel, perfectly removes photos and videos, there is a LED flash in the event that if you decide to take self-portraits in the dark. The main camera is 13 megapixels also removes bad, it has a fast autofocus and flash, but that today few people are surprised. The display is 5 inches, it has a resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels, the matrix is based on IPS technology. To say that it is mine, we cannot, because grit images will not. We should also praise the device for the presence of Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system that only transforms the smartphone.

Review Sony Xperia E5: affordable smartphone of new line


Price Xperia E5 cost 199 euros in Europe. That is, we can safely transfer the cost in rubles and approximately know how much the gadget will take away your blood money. The result is not very expensive, but taking into account what you want to imagine a well-known brand and a flash camera. If these indicators are not very important to you, it is possible for the same money even FullHD get from other companies.