Review Sony Xperia X – first look

Review Sony Xperia X – first look

Review Sony Xperia X - first look

At MWC Sony showed in just two flagship device is Sony Xperia X and Sony Xperia X Performance, take a look at the first and figure out what innovations in store in the company for their fans.

Design, construction Sony Xperia X

So I want to write here not Sony Xperia X, and Sony Xperia Z, I was too accustomed to in recent years to such flagships of the company name (I think I’m not alone). But at some time will have to get used to the new and used X with different prefixes, at the moment is the Sony Xperia XA, Sony Xperia X and Sony Xperia X Performance. The main differences between the latter lie in the design, moisture protection, use processors, but they are very similar devices. I will try here to answer some certain questions you may have. For example, where is PHABLET? Or where smartphones with displays large diagonal? None, all devices with displays and five inches in the hand in a natural way, you can easily reach any corner of the display. You may ask, why do two versions of the conventional X. The fact that Sony Xperia X Performance will actively move to the parent (ie Japanese) market and other – for the Japanese full protection from water is very important, given the number of national characteristics . But the X – is a versatile device for all – and it will cost less Sony Xperia X Performance.

Review Sony Xperia X - first look
Review Sony Xperia X – first look

Four colors: black, white, yellow, green, pink, the back is made of aluminum, special handling, like X Performance, not here. Just a smooth and pleasant material. The slot for the SIM-card and the memory card is changed, but the version with two “SIM cards” Hybrid, you can put any two SIM-cards, or SIM-card and memory card. Apparently, it was not possible to leave and then, and more, so I had to get out. However, the version will be produced, which is set to 64 GB of memory (basic version – 32 GB).

Location of controls normal, visible on the front panel stereo speakers, front camera lens, and light / proximity sensors. On the right side – a power button, volume rocker, camera button, you can configure its behavior. In X-Series smartphones have noise reduction system, to have been heard in a variety of settings. In one photograph in the first look at Sony Xperia X Performance you can see how your smartphone looks at the head – in general, not very large apparatus, a well assembled.

The display is rounded edges, I do not quite understand what’s the practical sense – visually at Sony Xperia X and Sony Xperia X Performance is not very noticeable. Not very much, but feels good in the hand, the transition from the edge of the screen to the end of almost imperceptible. Front device like the Z5, as I wrote in the article about the XA, the apparatus middle segment I like the most, and I think they could have all series with X make similar – to deprive them of the framework, make sharper and recognizable from afar. It seems that the line X developed different teams, separated from each other.

Review Sony Xperia X - first look

And it is certainly strange. Or Sony hinted that the Sony Xperia XA – is just the beginning and the next units will be exactly like that?

The front panel of the smartphone is made in the color of the back for better harmony is very good. Wallpapers and other design elements, too, picked up by color – really liked the new wallpaper. Engraved inscription Xperia is now on the back, on the Z5, it was visible only to the owner, is now all around.

Housing smartphone is being protected from splashing into the water immersion will not survive.

Display Sony Xperia X

Display size – 5-inch FullHD resolution, the screen looks good, but you should understand that such a brightness, like some other devices (eg, Samsung), you will not achieve. Adaptive lights there, the control mode in the gloves, too, can change the white balance. Overall, just remember the Sony Xperia Z5 display.

Review Sony Xperia X - first look

Fingerprint Reader Sony Xperia X

Sony Xperia X and Sony Xperia X Performance capacitive fingerprint sensor operates the same as Z5. In the menu “Security” appears appropriate section, where you can link to the sensor up to five prints. The process itself is simple: apply the finger a few times until the scale is full, all similar to other similar systems. Then you specify that it will make the sensor well and start using. I like that unlocking takes fractions of a second, puts his finger and immediately find yourself on the desktop, without graphic keys and stuff. I note that not even need to press a button, simply swipe your finger is enough. False positives almost was not – if they were, the more my fault.

Review Sony Xperia X - first look

Note that the placement of the button in the sensor seems to me the most logical. The finger goes here itself (if you are left handed, the button will be the index finger of the left hand), elementary setting, work does not cause problems. I do not like the fingerprint scanner? Use an ordinary password – but only have to spend time on it every time you want to do something with your smartphone.

All new smartphones Xperia Tips will be installed the system, in a nutshell, is the assistant prompts based on how you use your smartphone. If you have a lot of unanswered calls, you will be prompted to activate the answering machine if you go outside in the winter, will be offered to activate the operating mode with the screen while wearing gloves. Holders of Z5 and other smartphones Xperia will also be able to use the Xperia Tips, when there will be an upgrade to Android 6.0.

Note that all new smartphones will come with Android 6.0. According to the company, in the interface of two hundred different changes, additions, simplifying life – in the camera menu you can quickly skip to the front camera, it is convenient to search, and so on, go through changes when the samples arrive.

Music and other entertainment Sony Xperia X

Sony Xperia X and Sony Xperia X performance support HiRes Music, meaning you can download FLAC files and other similar formats to listen to using the basic player, HR icon will appear near these tracks. 3.5mm pyatipinovy ​​supports headset with noise-canceling microphones and a number of other accessories. Smartphones can connect to the PS4 and used as an additional or main screen – that is, either to play games directly on the machine by connecting the joystick, or Xperia acts as a secondary display. For example, the map is displayed in MGS4 on the smartphone.

Review Sony Xperia X - first look

Supported Bluetooth-LDAC codec, if you have a Sony headphones with the support of this codec FLAC can be transferred almost original quality, which is very good.

All of these things to someone may not seem important, but in reality use the headset with a noise-canceling or listen to FLAC without installing third-party players are very, very nice.

Camera Sony Xperia X

The main camera is 23 MP, from the most interesting note autofocus, capable of real-time monitor the object. In the demos, it looks interesting. As in the Z5, the camera starts quickly, quickly switch modes, AF is also nimble. Shooting in 4K supported. It is possible shooting in low light conditions (ISO12800), if we use the five-time zoom, you can get the normal frames. At least talking about it in the company.

Wide-angle front camera, the resolution – 13 MP, has auto focus, different modes.

Performance and operating time Sony Xperia X

Used Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 650, 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of memory in a model with a SIM-card and 64 GB models with two SIM-cards. NFC module is transferred to the front part, it is located above the display. It supports memory cards with a capacity up to 200 GB. It is encouraging that at Sony stubbornly stick to their line of memory cards and do not give up.

Use a battery capacity of 2620 mAh, stated time for two days, of course, it is highly dependent on a variety of factors. The Sony started cooperation with Qnovo, more info you can read here, the technology used in a series of Sony Xperia X (v in an Sony Xperia XA included), called Qnovo Adaptive Charging technology, as I understand it, it will help extend the battery life at the expense of a more flexible process control charging. Solution software, installed the driver can recognize, put you to charge your smartphone for the night or for an hour. There are fast-charge mode, after connecting on 10 minutes the machine can work about 5.5 hours – of course, about the running time have reservations, perhaps, not 5.5 hours, but it will last a few hours. This can be very useful in some situations.

Review Sony Xperia X - first look

Note that some things are the same in Sony Xperia X and Sony Xperia X the Performance, so do not be surprised repetitions in articles.

Conclusions Sony Xperia X

The estimated price of the smartphone – 42 158 rubles, this is only my assumption, let’s see what will happen in reality. The device seems to me, it has turned out attractive – in the Sony does not want to part with lessons learned in the past and gently improve what needs improving. Instead of glass – metal, that’s a plus, autofocus works better, lasts longer than the smartphone in offline mode, did not give up on the memory card, and even made a version with a 64 GB model for DualSIM. Well it all? In my opinion, very well. You want something more? Then take a look at Sony Xperia X Performance.