25.06.2016 11:04

Review Suunto Spartan Ultra: smartwatch for Athletes

If you somehow follow the world of high technology, you may have noticed – smart watch now become a real trend. The vast majority of companies have released their own versions of wearable, but the fact that users can not understand why they these devices. Actually, no one has explained why I have to put my watch classical type and take instead a clever device.

Suunto Spartan Ultra is a little different – it’s not just smart watches for everyday use, but a real tool for the athlete. Smartwatch allows you to track a lot of indicators and open up new possibilities of self-control. Today we decided to look at the smartwatch a little closer and talk not only about the benefits, but also drawbacks. Of course, to create the perfect watch does not get none, but deficiencies can be either minor or critical. Here is their something we are going to look for.

Suunto Spartan Ultra: Design

Producer allows you to select the type of watch that is needed the most, but it greatly affects the cost. As standard, the watches come in two versions – gray and white, the body is not protected either titanium or glass, which is not afraid to shock and scratches. That is, it is quite a standard chassis design, no frills. A more advanced version of the smartwatch Suunto Spartan Ultra has a protective glass, which is not afraid of drops, bumps and scratches.

Review Suunto Spartan Ultra: smartwatch for Athletes

This option is suitable for those who engage in extreme sports. In terms of the design of the shell itself, nothing changes – round dial, three control buttons on the side panel, a thick dense rubber strap. The most expensive and advanced version of the body smartwatch dial is made of titanium. It allows you do not worry about the integrity of the smartwatch, as damage titanium will not work reluctantly.

Suunto Spartan Ultra: Sensors

The most important element in any sports product is the presence sensor that can give you important information. Suunto Spartan Ultra has GPS module, which accurately calculates the distance and you can even show it in a graphic type on the map. Watch also able to capture a certain type of load, such as swimming or cycling, in order to then calculate how many calories you burned. There is a pitch count, a digital compass and barometer. Overall, nothing special, but nothing more is needed for an athlete. Is that the heartbeat sensor to add, but it is no longer the prerogative of fitness bracelets.

Review Suunto Spartan Ultra: smartwatch for Athletes

Suunto Spartan Ultra: Applications

Many manufacturers mistakenly think that the users themselves realize to whom they need the device. In developing these smart watches manufacturer immediately decided that Suunto Spartan Ultra created exclusively for athletes – swimmers, cyclists, personal sports and running, triathlon. At the time of the announcement of the smartwatch and advertised – perfect for a beginner or a professional athlete. And, actually, we fully agree with a functional body design and capabilities of the device – it is definitely a gadget for athletes.

Review Suunto Spartan Ultra: smartwatch for Athletes


Now let’s talk about the price Suunto Spartan Ultra. The gadget with a minimum configuration costs 700 dollars. It is quite expensive, both for the smartwatch, but let’s not forget the stuffing and casing, not afraid of moisture. The version with protective glass is 760 dollars, and the version with titanium in the case will cost you 800 bucks.

This is quite in any gate. Giving for smart watches $ 800 when Apple Watch has even more functionality, but cheaper, just weird. Yes, there is a strong body, but if you do not plan to drop, then there is no difference.