Review of the tablet Bliss Pad M8040b

Review of the tablet Bliss Pad M8040b

Review of the tablet Bliss Pad M8040b

Scope of delivery

The box says that the device has an advanced equipment. Apart from the standard things like the network adapter and USB-cable in the package you will find the headset, packed individually in a plastic box, car charger with two USB-outs and charge indicator, OTG-cable and a cute cover under the skin.


  • Class: tablet
  • Materials: plastic and metal
  • Operating system: Google Android 4.2.2
  • CPU: 4 core, 1.2 GHz, MediaTek MT8389
  • Memory: 1 GB
  • Data Memory: 16 GB
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi (b / g / n /), connector miniUSB (OTG) file transfer, 3.5mm headset jack, microSD, microSIM
  • Screen: capacitive, PLS 8 ‘with a resolution of 1280×800 pixels
  • Extras: accelerometer, 3G
  • Battery: removable, Lithium Polymer (Li-Pol) capacity of 4200 mAh
  • Dimensions: mm 213h123h8.7
  • Weight: 395 g
  • Price: 6 000 – 7 000 (Q4)


The first impression of gadgets formed immediately after you take them in hand. At least, I personally always clear whether the assembled product quality. Opening the packaging with Bliss Pad M8040b, frankly, expected to see the typical budget tablet. However, there was a little surprised and quite rich set stylish appearance apparatus: dark metallic molded body, a cooling palm nicely, chrome bevel according to Kant, a wide screen. In general, from the standpoint of “facade” everything was more than fine.

Review of the tablet Bliss Pad M8040b

The technical side of worried me at least, and for good reason, since waiting for a slight disappointment: the relatively old chipset, not a lot of RAM, low screen resolution and so on. Although some things have seemed quite appropriate: two speakers, two cameras, working with Flash-drives, the availability of slots for SIM-card and a separate earpiece.

Not to look at the end of the text value of the tablet, I have to say: 6000 – 7000 rubles.

Design, size, controls

Bliss Pad M8040 tablet has the following dimensions – 213h123h8.7 mm and weighs 395 grams. With the latter option a bit overdone, because the unit is really heavy. For example, almost all Samsung’i weigh about 300 grams (yes, plastic, but light), Apple iPad mini – about 350 grams and so on.

Hold in one hand comfortably. You can clasp the hand on the back side, as a smartphone, and you can hold the gadget thumb, pushing them into the front panel. All this thanks to a narrow body.

Virtually the entire back side is made of high quality metal. In just a few weeks on the surface there is only one shallow scratches, formed as a result of what I put Bliss 8040, along with another “iron” tablet.

Build an excellent gadget feels monolithic, no squeaks, and do not play. The rear panel flexes slightly to the battery, is not critical.

Online, there are two colors: white and black. Probably 8040 white more practical in terms of fingerprints or scratches – less noticeable.

Review of the tablet Bliss Pad M8040b

Oleophobic coating is likely to have at least a finger glides well and fingerprints if there remain, then erased without any problems.

Above is the voice speaker. Its volume and intelligibility average, the interlocutor can hear clearly. Using the tablet as a telephone, of course, inconvenient, not only because of the dimensions of the device, but also due to the fact that the border little scratching the ear.

To the left of the speaker – light sensors and proximity, as well as the front camera.

At the bottom there are two stereo speakers, they are covered by a single plastic insert. On the right-hand corner – the microphone.

Review of the tablet Bliss Pad M8040b

Top – microUSB-socket, 3.5 mm audio jack, memory card slot, power button. It is nice to “clicks”, the minimum move, pressing hard. The same type of key-volume control, located on the right side. Just below – metal slot for microSIM-cards. Removable holder special clip.

The main camera is on the back of the unit.


It is equipped with a screen diagonal is 8 inches, the physical size – 108h172 mm, aspect ratio – 16:10. Oleophobic and anti-reflective coating is there, but feeble. Frames top and bottom – 20 mm, left and right – 7 mm.

Display resolution – 1280×800 pixels, density – 188 pixels per inch. It is not enough that the picture looked clear, but thanks to the PLS-matrix from Samsung in the whole image looks good: vivid colors, wide viewing angles. Under the slopes of the matrix slightly violet, otherwise no complaints.

Review of the tablet Bliss Pad M8040b

Backlight brightness matrix screen is exposed, either automatically or manually. Backlight level low, the street would be brighter.

Sensor layer capacitive fulfills up to 5 simultaneous touches, sensitivity is good.


In the tablet uses a built-in (non-removable) lithium-polymer (Li-Pol) battery capacity of 4200 mAh.

If you use the full, the battery will last about 8 hours are always on 3G and Wi-Fi, in the background working Twitter and e-mail, text editors, brightness exhibited by 30%. Videos can be watched about 5.5 hours to play – about 2.5 hours listening to music – 45-50 hours.

From USB Bliss Pad M8040b charged, it will take a little more than eight hours. From the regular AC adapter battery replenishes energy up to 100% in 2 hours.

Communication features

Bliss device works over cellular networks 2G (850/900/1800/1900) and 3G (900/2100). Available Bluetooth Version 4.0 (with stereoprofilya A2DP, EDR) for file transfer and speech.

There is a wireless Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n. The device can be operated as an access point (Wi-Fi Hotspot). To connect a device (USB-host «On-the-Go») hard drives or flash drives via a special adapter microUSB to USB (comes).

There is a GPS. Sensitivity is very weak, in one and the same place LG G3 (as a reference) shows five satellites, and Bliss only sees one.

Memory, memory card

The model Pad M8040b integrated 1 GB of RAM. On average, slightly more than 400 free MB. For data storage, the memory provided to 16 GB (in the settings indicated that the internal memory of 1 GB and flash – about 12.5 GB). There is a slot for microSDHC-card, its maximum capacity – 32 GB. Possible “hot” replacement.

Review of the tablet Bliss Pad M8040b


The tablet is equipped with two camera modules: the main 5 megapixel with autofocus and front – to 2 MP. The quality of the rear camera for such a device is quite good: accurate and fast focus, lovely background blur, minimum focusing distance. But still noticeable that tiny matrix: almost zero dynamic range, a lot of noise even in good lighting conditions. Overall, great optics, and weak unit.

The gadget is able to record video in FullHD resolution at 30 frames per second. The quality is also nothing wrong. There is a focus, with fast and accurate. Mono sound, clean.

EXIF data could be obtained.

Characteristics of the video:

  • Format: 3GP
  • Video Codec: MPEG-4, 25 kbit / sec
  • Resolution: 1920×1080, 30 frames / second
  • Audio Codec: AAC, 128 kbit / s
  • Channels: 1 channel, 48.0 KHz

28 nm, consists of quad-core Cortex-A7 (1.2 GHz) and PowerVR SGX 544 graphics card (300 MHz).

Bliss tablet running quickly, without “Frisians” shell without brakes system, relatively smoothly, even under load the CPU. Game GTS SA is at medium settings at maximum “lag”, but you can play. Modern Combat 5 game starts quickly, “brake” is, however, the settings are automatically selected.

Proprietary shell is absent, although will be repainted. Version of the system – Google Android 4.2.2.


The familiar Android-player “Music”. The headphone volume is very high, the quality is good. Speaker volume is too high (for a tablet). A radio (without the earphone is broken).

The video player is also standard, “cool” everything in all resolutions, but with audio codecs have to tinker. Or install a third-party player.

Review of the tablet Bliss Pad M8040b


Bliss M8040 tablet made a good impression: really surprised not only the complete set, but also the appearance, build quality, materials, decent camera. However, the performance is average, but it will be enough for all applications, including play simple toys. To use the device as a phone I do not recommend: quickly discharged battery, speaker voice quiet, you can hear as if from afar.

Pluses Bliss Pad M8040b:

  • Metal housing
  • Assembling
  • 3G
  • Two speakers
  • Two cameras (basic – with autofocus)
  • Options
  • Price

Cons Bliss Pad M8040b:

  • Not the most productive chipset
  • Not the most capacious battery