Review Tablet Supra M847G: Your choice for every day!

Review Tablet Supra M847G: Your choice for every day!


Great value for money , Supra M847G tablet costs only 7990 rubles, which you get for the money ? Metal case , IPS- display, quad-core processor , support a variety of formats ” out of the box ” and even radio.


They say that all the tablets are similar, but in fact, it is not so . Have a value of at least two things: used in the manufacture of materials and build quality. As a rule, do not buy tablets a year, and at least two-three, and for my money I would like to get the thing with a capital “B”. On the example of Supra M847G try to tell you how you can make a great tablet for the money .

Almost the entire back of the device – silver aluminum panel , perforated zone speakers. A pleasure to deal with metal, especially when the quality of the assembly no claims , all parts fit well . Dimensions are 200 x 135 x 9 mm, weight – 315 grams , the tablet can even put in a jacket pocket , comfortable to hold while reading in public transport , and in the car it does not take up much space – in this case from Supra M847G make a great navigation system . Almost the entire front of the display occupies a large ( 7.85 -inch diagonal ) , and above it are the speaker and front camera lens . On the back of the – main camera lens on top – connectors mini HDMI, USB, 3,5 mm for use headphones. Do not forget , if you have audio , the tablet easy to connect to a car or home music system . For example , you can download the program for Internet radio and listen to a variety of programs , thanks to the integrated 3G- module even on the road it can be done without problems.

Appearance of the device is interesting and modern. Still , metal really matters tablet looks great.

Here it is worth to say and about the sound , the speakers at the Supra M847G very loud , you can watch a movie or listen to music without headphones , alone or with friends. Surprisingly in such a compact tablet observe such outstanding features.

Device controls are on the top and left side : the power button , volume control – all traditionally . Use convenient buttons are not tight .

Supplied with everything you need , is a microUSB cable and cable microHDMI, last Supra M847G allow use as a miniature video player , connect to a TV , watch the show on the big screen , the battery last long !


Diagonal IPS- display – 7.85 inches, this is a reasonable compromise between large and small plates , such a division is now possible to notice more and more – sometimes people do not know what to choose. The large display is convenient to watch movies at home , a little convenient to use on the road. Display Supra M847G quite capable of giving the desired experience for any user – not too small , not too large. The main thing that it uses IPS, excellent viewing angles , no problems with brightness, contrast , and black here is wonderful. Notice the icon in the left corner – there is a button to quickly create screenshots , unlike many other models, no need to press two buttons at once, or do something like that .

Wireless interfaces and memory

Everything and even a little more – Wi-Fi for use at home , in a cafe or in public places , Bluetooth to communicate with friends or download files from your computer without wires , and the module has 3G, the most valuable thing in our mobile time. Without the Internet will not stay ! Note that the SIM- card is under a removable plastic panel on top of the device , the original decision , and the panel is mounted tightly and did not even creak when pressed.

By the way, there is a slot for memory cards microSD, it’s a great way to extend the capabilities of the device . In the tablet is set about 16 GB microSD card recommend to buy at least 32 GB , so you can install the “heavy” program , taking on the road with your favorite TV shows , carry in your pocket thousands of books and music files. For one of the distinct features of the tablet include the ability to work with a variety of formats, audio and video content. How did you here such an impressive list of video : AVI, rm, rmvb, MKV, WMV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, MPG, FLV. Music player ” out of the box ” ready to work with FLAC, WAV, MP3 and even APE – many of these letter combinations will not say anything , but experienced audiophiles will appreciate the opportunities Supra M847G.

Performance and Features

We promised not to extend much about graphs , tables, and other useless information for most , our goal is simple – to explain why the Supra M847G deserves your attention and may be the best solution for every day. Tables will not , but do not say about the processor can not . It uses a quad-core MT8389 clocked at 1.2 GHz, 1 GB of RAM , Angry Birds literally fly – and this applies to many other games and programs . Angry Birds mentioned here already installed after purchase can immediately get the device out of the box and play .

Tablet love for those who prefer to get the device without any bloat inside from the manufacturer , “naked » Android 4.2, only a few pre-installed applications except Angry Birds, it does Dolphin, the file manager interface for dictionaries HedgeDict, your wallpaper ( incidentally , very good ) . Everything else you can upload yourself Play Store Market.

I almost forgot , there is another radio! As far as we know, this is demanded in Russian application , so many are accustomed to listening to music at home and work , learn the news – in the case of the tablet Supra M847G, without interrupting the radio, you can chat with your friends , or use a browser to make purchases online .

4000 mAh battery is installed , the claimed battery life of about 6 hours of video playback . Note that this mode – one of the most wasteful battery , and if you decide to listen to music with the screen off , it will be possible to do much longer.

And the price of many most concerned with price – you perfectly understand the choice of tablets based on Android right now is great, do not know where and what to look for . Supra M847G tablet worth 7990 rubles. A lot or a little? In our view, it is more than adequate price for a powerful tablet with IPS- screen, metal housing , quad-core processor and 3G- modem. During use, we have seen one , Supra M847G can be your reliable assistant in the office, at home , on a walk in the journey – everywhere! And everywhere you will be the program of Play Market , well, let alone iron here is great, not fail. Choosing a tablet based on Android, try to make an informed choice , and then you will avoid disappointment!