Review Ulefone U007: smartphone in style of Bond

Review Ulefone U007: smartphone in style of Bond

Review Ulefone U007: smartphone in style of Bond

When we talk about the cost of mobile phones, we mean something that can be bought with a wage of an average person. That is, all of these pseudo-cost smartphones for $ 300 at the bdel not refer to the budget segment, simply because their manufacturer advertises. What applies to the budget smartphone layer, so it Ulefone U007. And it is not an advertisement of some sort, not love for the brand, and even more so nobody pays us.

Just at the moment the smartphone is sold for pre-order for $ 60. No 600, namely, 60. Note this number and keep in mind until the end of the review – this will help you to evaluate the potential of the mobile phone to the fullest. In addition, we compare the device with virtually anything, since among smartphone to $ 100 there are only a couple of decent options, but they are terribly Chinese and their names you just do not talk.

Ulefone U007: Specifications

The basis of the performance Ulefone U007 taken SoC MediaTek MT6580A, built on 64-bit architecture. This means that the smartphone can be considered modern, it has four processing cores clocked at 1.3 GHz and a great potential in casual toys. Yes, of course, be called a very powerful processor I do not dare, but if you want to play the coolest mobile games with good graphics, then look smart phones just is not worth 60 bucks.

Review Ulefone U007: smartphone in style of Bond

Support mobile phone performance is RAM of 1 GB, to store personal content and you’re on the internal storage of 8 GB. Yes, 1 gigabyte of RAM is very small for a modern product, but for the comfort of the smartphone that is enough. A problem with the space for personal content easily solve the memory card up to 32 gigabytes.

Ulefone U007: Design

The smartphone Ulefone U007 is available in two colors – gray and white, but the manufacturer may well release and other colors, as the rear panel is completely made of plastic, and repaint it is not difficult. The front panel display is placed around his glossy black frame, three touch-sensitive keys smartphone, speaker, camera and sensor set. Rear panel with side edges are one, plastic with a textured coating is excellent in hand. Smartphone camera sticks out because of the body that we did not like it a bit, but nothing wrong with that.

Review Ulefone U007: smartphone in style of Bond

Ulefone U007: Features

We liked the smartphone display Ulefone U007– its diagonal of 5 inches and a resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels. Yes, this is not FullHD display, but the diagonal is not very big and the graininess you do not notice it. But watching movies and TV shows on the display this is a very nice and comfortable, the eyes do not hurt. Like the main camera is 8 megapixels – it makes great pictures in good light. No, of course, we will not flagships dub, but remove the photographs on vacation you’ll have. Mark is just two slots for SIM cards, and support for 3G. It is now a very popular feature.


To be honest, for a long time we could not believe that the smartphone Ulefone U007 with the price $ 60 can have four processor cores, memory card slot up to 32 GB, a great camera for its class and HD display of 5 inches. This is ideal for those who do not want to give a lot of money for a cell phone, but wants to get away from it all functions of a modern product.