Review Ulefone Vienna smartphone

Review Ulefone Vienna smartphone

Review Ulefone Vienna smartphone
Review Ulefone Vienna smartphone

I have not dealt with Ulefone Vienna products before, but occasionally heard about them. I have the impression in advance that it is the manufacturer level slightly lower than the Meizu and Xiaomi, on a par with UMI. More interesting was to see one of their live models to make your own opinion about it.

Testing inexpensive device, never expect something special on the equipment, put the charger cable, and the glory of God. But in the case Ulefone you will appreciate a couple of little things. For example, the same ribbon cable, so it will not be confused, the charger immediately placed under our forks, and even complete with a smartphone put a simple silicone case and a protective film.

An important fact to complete the clip – it is longer than the conventional counterparts, so try not to lose it as a clip from the iPhone you tray with SIM-cards do not open.

Appearance, materials, controls, assembly Ulefone Vienna

When you first look at the device, I had absolutely no association with anything, just an ordinary candy bar, not scary, and that’s good. But when you take Ulefone Vienna in his hand, then immediately remember LG K10: the same rounded edges, the same 2.5D display, even the shape of a similar body. In my opinion, a copying machine was good for, anyway, in his hand is very user-friendly as possible for a large PHABLET.

Review Ulefone Vienna smartphone

The main material used – plastic with matte soft-touch coating. Because it is made all the back, the ends and a fingerprint scanner. Material though looks practical at first glance, but after a couple of days you will begin to notice that it stick to all sorts of motes.

The device is sold in four different colors: black, white, gray and pink.

Review Ulefone Vienna smartphone

Go to the control elements.

The front side, the area above the screen. Fishnet earpiece, front camera eye, light and proximity sensors

The front side, below the screen. Touch the button “Menu” (yes, it is the “Menu” is not a mistake), “Home” and “Back”. Highlights have no

The right side. Volume control buttons and activate. The keys have a short mild stroke, and they are quite thin, using them is not very convenient

Review Ulefone Vienna smartphone

The left side. Tray for two nanoSIM-card and microSD-card (one of the slots is aligned). There is also a function key. Her double-click launches the camera and holding the button causes the recorder. Ask your actions on the key can not be a pity

The bottom end. Hole microphone and microUSB port

The upper end. 3.5 mm headphone jack and infrared port

Back cover. The fingerprint scanner, and the main camera mesh Main speaker

I do not really like the fact that if there is a single key to start the camera you can not set the action on pressing it. Especially as long press employs useless for most microphone. The fingerprint scanner is fast, but about 10% of cases it is required to determine the re-pressing of a finger. Another important point: because of the fact that the scanner we interact very often, this element rather rapidly polluted, and the fact that it is made of plastic with a soft-touch coating, only exacerbates the problem, because the scrub prints it is very problematic . As for the touch keys, it’s a frank anachronism, and only use the left button as the “Menu” – and does a reference to the days of Android 2.x.

As for the assembly, do not have problems with the device, no backlash, the gaps and scratches in it, I have no use for 10 days.

Review Ulefone Vienna smartphone

Who drove into a table the size of its competitors, and realized that on their background Ulefone Vienna  looks so-so, but for the time use I never had thought about what a smartphone thick or heavy. On the contrary, thanks to the sloping edges and a good distribution of weight he seemed relatively thin and light. And it is very pleasant to hold in your hand, it is due to the rounded corners.

Just in case, let me remind you that this is a machine for 10-11 thousand rubles, so even if a cursory look at the characteristics of the screen, they look impressive. Live the experience of using only confirms this. Excellent oleophobic coating (which is really cool, did not expect this from a budget device), excellent color reproduction, good viewing angles and 2.5D glass. In the sun the picture fades, but still readable. Automatic brightness adjustment too, however, it is only activated in the settings in the notification curtain next to the slider of brightness it is not.

Important clarification on the scale, the default unit used in 480 DPI, because of this, all the elements look too small. Without the root problem is partially solved by increasing the font size, but it does not work for third-party applications. I was not too bothered, after all, we have a 5.5-inch PHABLET, and it just got to put more information.

Operating system Ulefone Vienna

The device runs on Android 5.1 with minimal changes from the manufacturer. I really like that Ulefone did not spoil the drain firmware scary icons or a ton of preinstalled stuff. By June, the smartphone promises to upgrade to 6.0.

Among the shortcomings highlight a couple of times gets out error 504 when you try to install some applications (Roketbank and NFC Checker, for example).

Review Ulefone Vienna smartphone

MT6753 chipset I meet already as an old friend, too many devices it has been tested! In Ulefone Vienna he fared quite well when it comes to normal runoff and third-party applications. In games, the situation is not so joyful. Same Asphalt 8 though runs at maximum settings, but awful slow, keep this in mind before you buy.

During games or update device applications significantly heated, and the heated precisely its upper part, at the level of fingerprint scanner, so when you hold the device in an upright position is not really there.

There is average, by modern standards, the battery capacity, but for everyday use, you can count on three to four hours of screen activity while the mobile Internet.

Smartphone makes good shots in direct sunlight, artificial light photo quality is reduced, and if it has a bad light and does mediocre. Below you can see examples of pictures and videos on the device.

Given that this is a low-cost device, it is not surprising the lack of Wi-Fi .ac, Bluetooth 4.2 LE and NFC. But there are two slots for nanoSIM and excellent working GPS. By the way, the smartphone has a compass that determines the direction of movement, and even infrared.

Sound Ulefone Vienna

Some readers complain that I rarely write about the sound, so I will be corrected. But once again, I note that this is a very subjective parameter for the assessment, plus a musical ear, I do not possess.

In Ulefone positioning Ulefone Vienna as a music smartphone, so to test it, I took a colleague headphones Meizu HD50. My impression is that it sounds Ulefone Vienna on iPhone level, it is equally good at and contemporary tracks, and instrumental classics. However, this is the usual level of flagship models, that is, I can not say I was shocked by the quality of the sound model.

At an external speaker for a good supply of the volume, but the sound quality is very pumped up, the speaker sounds flat and wheeze at the maximum level.

Review Ulefone Vienna smartphone
Camera example Ulefone Vienna
Review Ulefone Vienna smartphone
Photo example Ulefone Vienna

Conclusion Ulefone Vienna

For voice quality during use does not raise any claims: both you and your partner each other perfectly hear.

The Chinese online stores for Ulefone Vienna asking for $ 150-170. For the money you get PHABLET with an excellent display, high-volume operations and internal memory, well-bundled, mediocre camera and sound.

For the same money, you can take the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 ($ 159 for 32 GB) to more productive chipset. But in my subjective view, Ulefone Vienna has turned out much more successful, and the like MIUI is not all.

Of the major shortcomings can be identified unless the camera and the heating in the games, but the latter is not really there because of the successful location of the processor, and the smartphone with a good camera for 10 000 rubles is not so much. As a result of the money came from Ulefone excellent smartphone recommend.