Review Vernee Mars: size does matter

Review Vernee Mars: size does matter

Review Vernee Mars: size does matter

We continue to study in detail Vernee Mars. Today let’s talk about quite not obvious at first glance parameters – dimensions of the device. Few of us are guided by this when choosing a smartphone, but in vain, because of the size depends usability.

I think it is not necessary to further explain that the big screen is much more convenient to their miniature counterparts in almost all situations. Internet surfing, photo viewing, the Instagram and so on. At 5.5 inches and can hold more information, and it looks bigger. That is to say, look at the digital world through a window in the floor with wide open shutters, rather than peering through the window that there are coming from.

I remember his delight after I spent the night close contact with the iPhone 7 and returned to his smartphone with a 5.5-inch display. How convenient it is!

a whole bunch of large-screen smartphones have long been present in the market. At the time, I put the beginning of this line of Samsung Galaxy Note, making a long diagonal to truly mass. Then, the game joined the rest of the producers.

Review Vernee Mars: size does matter

We can not say that everyone got to keep the balance between the big screen and dimensions of the device. Apple iPhone 6S Plus (now 7 Plus) – an excellent example of this. Negative.

It is strange that Apple’s, so much attention is given to the user experience, we created a burglar. And this despite the fact that the market is vehicles with the best ratio of body size and screen. Of course, we are talking about Vernee Mars.

Compare Vernee Mars with competitors

To illustrate the situation, I made a sign, where our hero compared with a couple of popular devices.

Developers “Mars” could be placed with a narrow and slim body (in relation to the Redmi Pro and iPhone 6S Plus) 5,5-inch screen. Furthermore. Look at the side frames – they are almost there!

Review Vernee Mars: size does matter

Slightly bevelled back edge and 2.5D-glass front panel only add pluses to the ergonomics of a smartphone.

I think, Vernee Mars can be considered an excellent example of how you can create a smartphone with a view of all the competitors and errors that users really need. But they still need a powerful stuffing, but more about that you can read here.

Source: phonearena