Review Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1 «All That Remains»

Review Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1 «All That Remains»

Walking Dead Season2 Episode1 All THat Remains 00
Walking Dead Season2 Episode1 All THat Remains 00

Beginning of the second season of the series triumphant Telltale Game – with new characters, but old problems

At the end of the first season of little Clementine went off into the sunset with two guardians; All That Remains begins with the fact that – even before the opening titles – both sends guardians to the light: Clementine we remain alone with this cruel world.

You would think that Telltale plays conjuncture: how well the previous season was devoted to intelligent black man, and now – teenager, sort of reverence towards social trends tolerance and emancipation. In fact, this is not true: the protagonist in the game Walking Dead was never, in fact, the main character in the conventional sense to us – it is only the catalyst that triggers dramatic strings, hung around.

And All That Remains, this technique works to the fullest – largely because Clementine with the weak and defenseless of its predecessor. The whole episode with her want to do something unpleasant – that bandits robbed, the seemingly good people suddenly show teeth. Casual pronounces the idea that during a zombie apocalypse is not the most terrible zombies, and the people themselves – well, not a revelation – but here plays an important role when our eyes hurt a little child, I want to immediately break through someone’s head – and the child squeeze and quiet. Imposing on the desire to protect and save, built many strong games this year – the new Walking Dead is no exception.

But it seems that Clementine did not need back: she has changed greatly since our last meeting. Learned to lie, blackmail, steal, to enjoy their own helplessness and stick a knife in the back. Already in its once funky yellow irises and then skips wolf lights, there is a suspicion that the whole season will be based on the gradual transformation of the main character – from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde.

The Living Corpse

And, hopefully, the writers succeed – as All That Remains much slack in this regard. No, the updated Clementine fun to watch, but all the other characters – only companions: kill them quickly, they are equally hysterical scream, and generally give the impression of an artificially imposed drama. Situations in which Clementine is built on a more or less similar stenciling changing adjectives: only that everything was very good, as from above (sometimes – literally, in the form of zombies) falls global misery and all the next twenty minutes (total episode is a couple of hours) lose their minds. Of course, it does not go to any comparison with well-written script of the first season of Walking Dead, that – that’s the life of me – there was even better than the TV version.

This is doubly insulting, given that other problems are safely moved from the first to the second season, and a year later it is even more striking. Drawn animation no longer touches – the characters funny curve mouths do stupid round eyes and that is called, create an overblown drama actor. Variability in the famous dialogues and actions no more than sell out more about the deal with his own conscience, than about the actual impact on the development of the plot. Game, by the way, there was even less – 95% of the time you listen to the dialogue, the remaining 5% wander through the narrow piece locations, performing rudimentary quests.

Encouraging in this situation one – the very first episode of Walking Dead, if you remember, too, was not so hot, we hope that the writers pulled their level and eventually take the tempo of the story – the more that a couple of guns, hung on the walls of All That Remains, have subsequently powerful shot. Well, even we, of course, a cynical look at the new Clem.

Rating: 6.5

Walking Dead returns to the screens of our monitors – unfortunately, it is not so, as we would like. However, that is no reason to throw the series – it is suspected that more will be much better