Review WP-smartphone Nokia Lumia 630/630 Dual SIM (RM-976/RM-978)

Review WP-smartphone Nokia Lumia 630/630 Dual SIM (RM-976/RM-978)



Model 600 series in 2013 belonged to the middle segment in understanding Nokia, price trends started from 12 000 (Nokia 625).

In the reality of the market is relatively low cost devices were lower cost, but which were presented as a particular class of devices. In 2014, virtually nothing has changed, but the prices have been adjusted for all product lines, including the 630 model was sold from the start to 4000 rubles cheaper – the reason is that the market of Android-smartphone has evolved this year and went even further with In terms of functionality. It turned out that try to sell Nokia Lumia 630 costs at least 10,000 rubles (20 percent discount to 2013), and the model would not have any chance – its value would have been higher by 45-50 percent analogues. Price decline – a necessary step, and for this we have to thank the market of Android-smartphone. On the other hand, the price is inadequate, and below we’ll talk about why. Inside this Nokia model was named MoneyPenny, that hints at a good price / quality ratio. But this is only dreams of developers, the reality is not so.

Package Includes:

  • Phone
  • Battery Li-Ion 1830 mAh
  • Charger
  • Removable panel black
  • Instruction

Based on the functionality of this decision, we can say that this is a purely budget smartphone – very poor delivery, inexpensive components. To begin with, that this device is not USB-cable in the kit, one-piece charger. No headphones. In the unit there is no front camera as well as an indicator light – you can adjust the backlight only three divisions (low, medium, high brightness). But there is an extra panel, which is unusual for such devices. It’s kind of a trick, which went to Nokia. Ordinary consumers suggest that bundled with the phone has it all – in particular, headphones and cable, the device has other trifles. And then the additional toolbar appears as fat plus.Why do they expect that the phone has a standard function? It’s obvious – because 99% of all smartphones in this segment possess them. Obtained informed calculation errors on people – sell panel as a virtue, but not talking about other shortcomings.

Exit Lumia 630 highlights the crisis that occurred in Nokia, – a model designed for fans Windows Phone, the device, which should show the benefits of the updated system Windows Phone 8.1. That is, the first to give a boost version of WP, on the other hand, anyone can put it on the current model – there is no problem. Second and significant moment for the first time on Windows Phone appears model with two SIM-cards, this Lumia 630 Dual SIM. Not sure about Windows Phone owners need to have two SIM-cards, since such devices are usually not used for the Internet and other advanced features, it’s more for phone calls and SMS. Nevertheless, the presence of a second card caused some discussion – after all the other advantages of the model is not so much.

In Nokia entire campaign to promote this device is built for people who do not understand phones, ready to make an emotional purchase.That’s right, because people who have little knowledge and a desire to understand the issue, immediately see that the Lumia 630 is very expensive to play many models already on the market, and offers absolutely nothing interesting, except perhaps design. But does it make sense to overpay for design 3000 rubles at a cost unit to 8-8.5 thousand? On this question I have no answer, then everyone must decide for themselves.

Before us is the rare case when the model has not been created, based on the positive sales and to sell it to random people. It is possible that some of them will remain in the confidence that it has acquired standalone unit, especially if you will not listen to others, scoffed at such a choice and a waste of money.

Design, size, controls

The phone – 129.5h66.7h9.2 mm, weight – 134 grams. It fits the hand, middle, pleasant to the touch plastic. Includes two lids, put them on, you can easily deal with that and the child, while the construction itself is not intended to play or something like that. The right side has a volume rocker and a power button.

The company offers a variety of color schemes – there is always a complete cover is black. So if you do not like acid colors additional cover, you can choose a neutral black.

At the bottom there is a connector microUSB, but at the top end – Stereo 3.5 Headset.

Hidden inside the housing connector for microSD-card and SIM-card or cards, depending on the version. To install them, you must remove the battery. Build quality no complaints with this unit, no, he is pretty good in that capacity.


Screen apparatus IPS, diagonal – 4.5 inches, resolution – 854×480 pixels (221 pixels per inch, 16:9). Given that the WP 8.1 steel button always displayed on the screen, a small strip always eaten them. Resolution and diagonal screen this unit relates to cheaper devices, it is perhaps obvious – for 8000 rubles, you can buy machines with as well as higher resolution – 1280×720 pixels. Question your choice and how much you want to use the best.

In terms of quality of the screen we see the magic words IPS, which should explain its superiority. It uses ClearBlack, technology, familiar since the time of Nokia N8, but it does not save the situation. In fact, an additional layer improves readability in the sun, and her no claims. Screen is covered with glass Gorilla Glass 3.

My first complaint arose to what the default splash of orange color, I have long puzzled over why this is so, until I realized that the screen is a little yellow image and thus this lack hid. On the menu are not visible at all, but when viewing pictures on it pay attention. The second claim to the viewing angles – they are great, the text is read, but any deviation from a right angle distorted colors, and pretty much – it is a merit ClearBlack-filter.

Lack of automatic backlight adjustment – it does a cheap savings such meet today only extra-devices or models of the past. Backlight can be set to three levels of brightness! Three fixed level – no fine tuning. Want to put up 35 percent or 70 – you will not be able to do it.Why? Manufacturer has already given three levels, and the point! That in all the devices on Android can do it another way, few people care about.

The bottom line – cheap and not the best matrix, which corresponds to low-end phones, but not the price of the device in 8000 rubles.Image resolution graphics because it looks worse than HD-screens. The interface is not so noticeable, but in games and other applications is evident.

Expected that the operation mode screen gloves missing here.


Battery capacity of 1830 mAh, it is able, according to the manufacturer, to provide up to 16 hours of talk time in 2G, 13 hours in 3G, as well as the time in standby mode up to 25 days. Maximum music playback time – up to 58 hours video – up to 7 hours on the network via 3G – up to 8.8 hours, via Wi-Fi – up to 9.4 hours.

Manufacturer’s specs are quite real, and what’s more, for those who have little use for data transmission, but only calls, this device would be nice. For example, it is quite achievable with three days of mail synchronization (some mail every hour), minimal use of other functions – 15 minutes of calls, dozens of SMS.

With a very active use of the device will last only one day, from morning till evening. In terms of energy consumption is quite a good result, achieved performance screen, limiting the performance of the processor. If you need a device for calls and SMS, then this model would be quite good for the time of work, but at a cost. Full charging time – about 2 hours (standard charge of sets).

Video playback – a weak spot device, as in this case, the processor frequency is maximized (the game with good graphics also affect the operation). Usually Android-smartphone with the same parameters lose about 10 hours of video. Although it all depends on the manufacturer and applied in practice decisions.

Given that users Lumia, tend to use their phones not to the fullest, and it is not possible, then we should expect good reviews about working time, and they will be true. This is a very moderate use of opportunities.

Memory, memory cards, hardware platform and performance

Let’s start with a simple – the internal memory of 8 GB of them available to you initially about 5 GB. In the cloud, you are invited to OneDrive 7 GB of storage for your data. But interesting to see the amount of RAM, then it only 512 MB. As we know, Windows Phone into force convoluted memory management is not enough, you can not run a lot of three games, however, the manufacturer will not even show them to you in the app store. What prevented install 1 GB of memory to bypass a known limitation? Greed and the desire to earn as much as possible. Other reasons for this. I recall that in Android-smartphones 512 MB of RAM is not considered a large volume, but it is possible to run any application, including heavy games (subject to speed, but to play them out). This is another disadvantage of generic Windows Phone.

The device supports memory cards up to 128 GB, which can be considered a plus. But this plus flawed, as even the fastest microSD-card 64 GB and above work on this phone is not very good quality. Make sure it is easy – insert the card, run the camera from standby mode.Believe – one, two, three, four, five. The fifth second camera starts. Change the storage of images on the internal memory and the camera starts up in seconds. Put the card in 16 GB, the same two seconds. In this video it can be clearly seen, the device without a large memory card starts the camera quickly. What will come out this limitation, I do not know, minus the obvious – is to run content from the card, it takes extra time. Checked for video recording – twitching as Lumia in 1520, no, well at least this problem for large maps are not transferred to this unit.

Now let’s focus on the platform – a device uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, the frequency of 4-core processor – up to 1.2GHz (MSM8926).For the system is more than enough – however, and dual-core processors this family are quite comfortable, the difference in speed, you will not see. Even with a stopwatch.

For fans of the virtual parrots bring data from synthetic benchmarks, here the machine can not boast of something special.

Communication features

A standard set of protocols – Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, USB 2.0, Bluetooth 4.0 (no support for LE) – full set of standard profiles, WCDMA – 900/2100 MHz. As you can see, the device can not boast of something special or unusual.


As in previous models, is worth 5-megapixel digital camera module with autofocus, no flash. Unlike the previous model, refused to record video in 1080p, only 720p – what has caused such a restriction is not very clear. Impression of the camera average – typical budget solution that does not produce a particularly high-quality pictures. Comparable to low-end lower class. With all the ensuing consequences. Application is used for shooting Nokia Camera.

Version Dual SIM – as implemented to work

Since this is the first device on WP with two SIM-cards, then was wondering how the work with them. On the main screen when the second SIM-card shows a second tile number, there infest all calls from the second card. That is, it turns out that you have two lists, they are separate and not combined. You can discuss long, if this is convenient, perhaps, a single list with an indication of what that card would be much more convenient – it is familiar by weight of other phones with two SIM-cards. Another point, which is a flaw, it is the absence of signs of SIM-cards, first and second – that’s so ascetic. In my opinion, it’s terribly inconvenient.

Another thing that we must remember one radio in your phone, so simultaneous operation of SIM-card is not provided. In the settings you can choose SIM-card that can be used for data transmission.

In Nokia advertise “technology» x-divert, which allows you to receive calls from the second map, even if it is the first call, that is, you are talking to. After reading several reviews, I can say that everything is very neatly sidesteps this issue party, saying that it is “unique scheme: second SIM-card remains active even when you call on the main card, thanks to technology X-divert. So in this segment for the implementation of functional two SIM-cards at the Nokia Lumia 630 has no competitors, if you is critical to be always connected. “

To begin with, that such a device as Galaxy S3 Dual SIM has exactly the same forwarding as many latest models from Samsung single-radio. Not so important as the authors are guided advertising opus about Lumia 630 when the head is turned off and talk about the impossible. Physically, the presence of one of the radio module is not able to receive a second call – this is the real world limitations. All marketing “technology” – is banal call forwarding with a SIM-card to another, which can be more convenient to put the menu, the phone does not make you enter the second room, he knows (a sort of cross-forwarding). What manufacturers do not talk about is that such forwarding is usually worth some money and you have to pay them to the operator. No economy will not work. On the contrary, you will spend more money on bond. Here is a simple arithmetic.

Now I would like to dwell on one point, which shows how in recent years, Nokia has destroyed its market position and become a producer of second and even third tier. Although in some minds is another brand than the company in Russia and is actively selling its products at a breakneck surcharge.

In Lumia 630 Dual SIM factory has a problem, namely, the second SIM-card calls after several stops working, which also affects the first – off microphone and speaker. It looks like this – call passes, and then you do not hear as well as you do not hear the conversation. This software error occurs under certain conditions, but it is not rare, and affects all units, without exception! This reason, too, could not be read in other reviews of this device, although the mass error, comes out almost immediately when you use two SIM-cards.

For example, here is one of the themes created by Nokia site regarding this problem .

Related topics are on the mass of resources, the problem is widespread and well-known company. No timetable for its decision is not known, furthermore, Nokia has traditionally ignored in recent years for this question. However, it is understandable, because none of the books does not attract attention to it, and people who bought the machine, do not realize that the alleged functionality of two SIM-card has limitations and is not working. Funny? In my opinion, absolutely not. This shows the crisis of journalism that serves the interests of companies, rather than on the side of the consumer, showing real and serious shortcomings products.

Software – Windows Phone 8.1

Since this is the first device on the Windows Phone 8.1, it is of some interest. Unfortunately, the selection changes as compared with 8-Coy quite insignificant, they are cosmetic in nature and globally do not affect the perception of the platform. This work on the mistakes and shortcomings, which, moreover, was done poorly. For example, the drop-down shutter can not be closed, as in Android, tapom at any place. It should definitely pull the disclosure icon – it’s terribly inconvenient. Nowhere, except Windows Phone, it is not realized so crooked. Innovation system are described in detail in the review Windows Phone 8.1, I see no reason to repeat – everything is standard.

It’s also the first phone with Service Nokia Cyan, which has a number of chips than the standard version of WP 8.1, as a rule, pre-installed programs from Nokia, modified gallery and similar stuff. Once heavily on the perception of the device and its convenience they are not affected. Given that these changes on Android thousands each manufacturer, curious to look at dozens of Nokia. Scale visible to the naked eye.

Price comparison with competitors, the cost of components

Buy Windows Phone smartphones from Nokia and Microsoft, you can be sure that overpay for their “uniqueness” of at least 25-35 percent of the actual cost of the iron that you purchase. In the line of Lumia save on everything, and is clearly visible on each model. Let’s look at what to save in the Lumia 630 in the package.

Let’s start with the fact that the charger does not have a separate USB-cable, it made a non-separable. Save a cheap, but the obvious inconvenience to the user – all manufacturers today create a separate charging USB-cable, so you can transfer data from the computer to charge the device. In Lumia 630 you will have to find this cable separately. As, however, and many other updates range Lumia. Another option – it’s charging current (5V, 750mA), usually from the 1500 mAh battery in the package put chargers at 1A. So here, too, saved a penny.

Going further – do not look for the earphones. They were never good quality affordable Lumia, but now they are rejected. That’s a savings that absolutely prohibitive – even the most inexpensive smartphones in the market always have a headset included – this rule of etiquette. Exactly as they have an LED flash, which can be used as a flashlight, as well as a front camera for calls – all of this in the Lumia 630 saves.

Usually manufacturers release updated versions of their devices with improved performance, increase the screen resolution, improve the camera and so on. Let’s see how things have changed model Lumia 630 compared to the Lumia 625.

Lumia 625Lumia 630
Processor2x core Snapdragon, 1.2 GHz4-core Snapdragon, 1.2 GHz
Screen4.7 inch, 480×800 pixels4.5 inches, 480×800 pixels
Random access memory512 MB512 MB
Built-in Memory8 GB8 GB
Camera5 megapixels, autofocus5 megapixels, autofocus
Battery2000 mAh1830 mAh
Price11 990 rubles7990 rubles

In fact, we have a plus / minus is the same model as last year, there is almost nothing has changed, other than the cost. Many may say that this is true and the price lower by 4 000 lives and supplied, and that no new features, except for the updated version of the OS, this phone is not. But Windows Phone does not live in a vacuum? So it is possible and necessary to compare the platform with the most popular on the planet, namely Android. Compare specific devices, not to raise any controversial issues, especially as they may use the same or similar chipsets.

For reasons of clarity, I turned to the online store liaison, as the network is represented in all cities of Russia repelled costs from its price (as well as the cost of Lumia 630 is shown to be connected, and the other major networks). Given that the market has a lot of small players find better prices on Android-smartphone will not be difficult. At my request – 4.5 inch screen with a resolution of 800×480 pixels, 5 megapixel camera – has fallen out more than 50 proposals from different manufacturers. Typical Android smartphone functionality with these parameters is approximately – 4.5 inch touch screen, 800×480 pixels or higher, about 2000 mAh battery, two SIM-card, 512 MB of RAM or more, 4 GB of internal memory, or more quad-core processors from MediaTek. The typical price range of 4 to 5.5 thousand rubles.Here is just a few models – Highscreen Alpha Rage, Lenovo A516, Fly IQ4405 Evo Chic 1. For those who want to see a “brand”, we can recommend HTC Desire 310 – the machine 4-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 4GB of internal, 2000 mAh battery. Price at time of writing – 6490 rubles, which is 1500 rubles cheaper than Lumia 630.

The market for such devices is presented dozens of models, each of them may not play a big role, but together they create a completely conscious buyers expectations. You can buy quite certain features for its price, while the Lumia 630 offers exactly the same thing, but much more expensive.

In Russia, there is still a persistent myth that Nokia – it’s quality as well as brand. If Lumia 630 savings has affected not only the accessories on the screen exactly the same saved, and the model is made in China, for that matter, and developed her there. Any differences from obscure Chinese almost there. Nokia brand has long been synonymous with quality does not serve, as well as a strong brand. It’s just a fact. Since it does not need to argue, as it is a reality of our world.

Of the benefits of Lumia 630, only one – a design that is different bright colors, but additional socket set. Is it worth the overpayment of 25-35 percent? ‘m Sure not. Also, there is another huge minus represented Windows Phone 8.1. This system is far behind Android, and it is noticeable especially in the segment to 10 000 – buyers will not be able to play for free in a lot of games, install the application without paying for them. And some can not be found, but for all applications have to pay. On the other hand, buyers Lumia very rich and can afford to throw money away, so spending on applications that are similar to the standard in Android, there will not be perceived as something special. For their choice to pay. This rule.


Communication quality odnosimochnom apparatus does not cause problems, good sound system with two microphones copes with both wind and noisy rooms – you can hear well. About dvuhsimochny apparatus described above, at the moment he just can not work with any SIM-card, you will have to do a factory reset and wait for the next failure. The ringer volume is good, it can be heard in different conditions. Vibrating alert is average, here depends on what you’re used to.

Priced at 7990 and 8490 rubles for one-and dual-sim version this budget unit was very expensive. The presence of the second panel for the CIS does not compensate for such price, in fact, bright body colors – this is the only advantage of this machine. Everything else can be written in the negative – it’s purely a budget solution in which there is nothing for the amount that he asked for. Amazingly, this model has many competitors in the market of Android-devices, they can count more than fifty, each of them has the best performance at the same cost or the same features, but the price is less than 2-3 thousand rubles. While virtually every model initially has support for two SIM-cards, exceptions only emphasize this rule. Therefore, the price difference is even higher!

If a close eye on the price, the Nokia has turned out good budget phone for the youth – bright, with minimal functionality, mediocre camera. That is something that should cost about 5000 rubles. But there is already a Nokia X, which is striking in its absurdity and an even greater number of drawbacks. By the way, is the most popular Nokia smartphone on the market, sold in the largest quantities, however, he is a leader in the number of dissatisfied users.

Lumia 630 prospects are clear and understandable – this model will be sold in small quantities, it will impose sellers those who are not sure what to buy. This unfavorable buy when budget iron sold at double the cost.

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